Спасение новорожденного котенка | Saving the newborn kitten / SANI vlog
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Спасение новорожденного котенка | Saving the newborn kitten / SANI vlog

There is a small one left, every one has died. We have to save him! You are so small Let’s take him? What if his mother come? I think he is all by himseelf now… He stopped making noise! He was so noisy! What’s with your eye? His eye probobly hasn’t open just yet! Let’s take him? Kitten: YES!
Kitten: TAKE ME! Take him with us? What if his mother comes? Kitten: PLEASE! Okay, let’s for now go and get milk, if he still here while we back we take him. In moment’s like this you fear the the most to make a wrong move. We had to be sure, that his mother won’t come back. So we made a decision to go home to get some milk, it’s about 15 minutes away , and leave the kitten We cover some grass for him and left… I’ll warm the grass by my hand, let’s put him down. 15 minutes later… I don’t hear him. We have to check. I don’t know, if he still there. He’s here! – Here?
– Yes! He’s asleep. – He fell asleep in the grass?
– He fell asleep in the grass! Little one! He fell asleep. But he is cold, very cold… Well yeah he is cold, bring him here… Let’s go small one. Yes, yes, don’t cry, don’t cry. You drink? You sweety! he is sucking Well I don’t know… Let’s brring him home then. We will take care of him. That’s how our story began. Only thing is that our home cat wasn’t particulary happy, at least for some time. (Pshhhh) Dunya! He is small. Mother instincts should awake. Dunya, stop it, he is so small. In the morning we went to a shop, bought cat milk replecant. Only thing is that special soother we found a bit later. Because of that for the first time we fed him from different bottles, washed them first. Fed little by little, about every two hours. Right after food, toilet, imitating cat’s tounge with wet towelee. We need to wash his eyes. Like a cat washes you, so we do the same. We brought him to a veteranary in a travel bag, he really liked it. And now someone will be eating. Someone will be eating. Don’t close. By the way, veteranary has said that this kitten is perfectly safe. It was the best news. “Friends” Late in the clothet we found this part of winter jacket. Our kitten loved it much. Let’s name this kitten together. Write down it the comment’s your suggestions, for a boy name, and for female. This miracle lives with us by now for about two months. He is fine now. Eats well, very happy and nice. Plays with his toys. Loves to watch movies with us And play games on a smartphone. Now it’s our family member. When we took that kitten, we feared the most that he won’t survive. We feared that we won’t be able to take care of him, because we didn’t have an expirience in things like this. But we made it. I want to use the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who ever and in any way helps or helped homeless animals. Do good and world will be a better place. Help homeless animals Belarus; Bobruisk; 2018


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