नवजात शिशु के मल से जानें, शिशु का स्वास्थ्य | Get to Know Newborn Baby’s Health Through Poop Colour
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नवजात शिशु के मल से जानें, शिशु का स्वास्थ्य | Get to Know Newborn Baby’s Health Through Poop Colour

Hello friends! Today we have brought you in this video, newbornto 1-2 year baby’s stool colours and its relation to baby’s health. Friends, when newborn baby gets born and introduced to the new environment, then his body starts getting influenced by the environment. Newborn babies start having breast milk for the first time. During this time, babies generally depend on mother’s milk only. After birth, during few days, your babies’ stool will look in very different color. Greenish black, oily and sticking stool. The stool is called meconium. On birth of the baby, from mother’s womb, some amniotic fluid, mucus, get released. That’s why the stool is of this color. After 4-6 days of child’s birth, mother should watch whether the baby gets greenish, less sticky, potty or not. Sometime, while having breastmilk, or after feed, babies get small amount of potty. The baby is normally having his breast feed. And keeps developing healthily. It may due to changes in digestion process. This gets normalised in few days. There is no need to get scared or worried. Breastfeeding babies. Friends, babies have their breastmilk feed regularly. He doesnt face any problems. Its normal and generally babies pass yellow, brown or green stools. Sometimes potty gets stick near the babies’ thighs. Generally babies who are fully dependent on mother’s breastmilk, they dont get smelly potties. Formula milk fed babies. Generally formula milk fed babies get yellowish, brown, pasty peanut butter like potty. Formula fed babies get less potty as compared to breast milk fed babies. Formula fed babies generally get more smelly potties than breast fed babies. Stools due to undigested food. Friends, 4 to 6 months babies, generally cannot digest all the food given to them. It may be that babies don’t like the food given to them. Or babies might be getting different color potties. Babies potty, alias stool colors. Generally 6 month babies might get any color of stools, nothing to worry. During digestion in babies, the chemicals in the food might influence the potty color. Babies getting green potty stool. If after 6 months, if we give solid green peas, beans, spinach, green fruits, or iron rich foods to babies, they might get green color stools normally. Orange, yellow, or brown potty stools. Friends, babies having breastmilk or bottle might get orange, yellow or brown potty. Babies getting bloody black potty. If babies get blood black potty, it may be caused due to biting of breast tits or other reasons. Please consult doctor for it. If babies are getting diarrhea frequently or are getting different color potties regularly, and if they are getting greenish yellow or brown color diarrhea then there might be some allergy. Please consult doctor. If treatment is not done, then it may lead to dehydration or diarrhea in babies. Please consult doctor. If babies are getting solid potty or tight potty, then friends, babies nearing 9 months or 1 year, might be getting solid stools due to solid food intake. Due to which babies get tight stools causing constipation. And it might cause change in stool color. It is due to less liquid food intake. Please give babies semi liquid foods, and give more breastmilk feeds. Babies getting red colored stools. Friends, if babies are getting red colored stools, then please check if you have fed red color foods like tomato, beetroot, fruits or fruit juices. If in normal potty, red color is present then, check if youhave not gin any juice due to which your baby got red potty. If in normal potty there is red color then it could be due to milk protein allergy or bacteria. If it happens in this manner, then immediately consult doctor. If baby gets mucus potty in which greenish steaks are seen, or if cough is accumulated in the baby’s chest, then its a sign of bacterial infection. Babis getting white potty. Friends if babies get white potty then, its sign of bacterial infection. Baby is not able to digest food. Please consult doctor immediately. Friends, after birth of baby uptil 2 years of age, if there is any problem with the baby’s health, then please get treatment from the pediatrician. Make your baby healthy. Friends if you like our video, like it, subscribe to it and share it. Please don’t forget to give your valuable comments. Thank you.


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