✂️ TWINS get a CUTE First Haircut! 😍
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✂️ TWINS get a CUTE First Haircut! 😍

– [Tim] This gonna be
your very first haircut? Yeah? Never, they’re almost two years old, and never had their hair cut before. Our whole family is going. All– How many are there in our family again? Eight of us. – There’s nine of us. There is nine of us, – [Tim] Oh yeah. we just can’t see one. – [Tim] There’s baby
number nine, right there. – [Dana] Well, baby seven. – [Tim] Yeah, nine for our family. – Family member number nine. Somebody hold Toby and Halle’s hands. – [Tim] All right, come on. Let’s go and get our hair cuts. (bright music) We have never gone, as a
family, to get hair cuts before, because I’ve always just been nervous. It’s just like, all those
kids, how crazy is it gonna be, but Supercuts invited
us to come check it out, and we’re like, alright, let’s do it. – And, I don’t think any of our kids were really all that nervous. – Hi! – [Dana] Hi. – [Tim] Hi. Do you know what kind
of hair cut you want? You don’t? There’s a lot of cool
haircuts in there, huh? You gonna pick one that you like? Your hair is so long. Look at that. – I was shy when we first
went to the hair salon, because I never gone to one,
and I just was really shy. – [Tim] Yeah, I don’t
know what they’re gonna do to your hair. – Daddy! – [Tim] What? – Hi. – [Tim] Yeah, the cat’s
still saying hi over there. Right there. Girls are looking through
different hair styles. – You want that one? – They turn it into here? – [Tim] You like that one Halle? Is that the haircut you want? – I got it last time, I want it again. – [Tim] Okay. – [Dana] They’ve got a
sidesweep right there. – [Tim] What are you gonna go with Hannah? Which one? Aww, that’s cute. – And I will cut your hair today okay? Your beautiful hair, make a nice style. It’s so beautiful. Yeah, I love it. Okay, let’s do it. – [Tim] I was thinking that
the twins would go first, when we first got there, but they were very, like we
had never been here before, what are we doing, you’re
gonna do what to me? They’ve never had their hair cut before, so they don’t know. We’re going to do the
older four kids first, ’cause the twins are
feeling uncomfortable. So hopefully after watching
their older siblings go, now they’re gonna feel
more comfortable to go. Usually we just take a number
two guard and just go bzzzz. All over. – No it’s too short and for holiday, they’re gonna have a nice haircut. – Nice, this is gonna be the best hair cut you ever had Zeke. Monkey. Are you excited Halle? What are you looking forward to? Aww, ooh. How many times have you had hair cuts? – Well I remember two times, this time will be my third. – [Tim] This will be your third? Exciting. – That’s all I can remember though. I was thinking when she started to cut my hair, wow, I’m gonna look really cute after this. (bright music) – [Tim] Wow Zeke, that is looking sharp. You’re up next girl, right? You and your sister Caris? You’re not too sure. You gonna try after you see your brothers and sisters going? Yeah, what do you think Caris? Are you gonna do yours next? Oh he’s very ticklish. – Oh okay. (bright music) – Hair’s soft. – [Tim] Is it soft? – It’s still wet. – [Tim] Yeah. – Zeke that’s looking good. I don’t know any girl that doesn’t like coming and getting their hair done. – [Tim] Spin, say spin. Spin. – I was glad that Caris
and Chloe at one point, I was able to convince
them to sit in the chair, to get them a little bit more comfortable for whenever their hair time was to come. And they enjoyed the– spinning.
– Spinning. – Yeah. Like these are awesome. – Wee.
– Spin, wee. – Wee wee wee. (laughing) (lively music) – [Tim] That’s looking
cool Zeke, I like it. Whoa, Toby, I left for a
second and then I come back and you look like a different little guy. – You think it looks good? – [Tim] You look cool Toby. These are pretty fun, aren’t they? – Woo. – [Tim] Look at all that hair. – All that hair, look at that. That was all on your head. (lively music) – [Tim] Halle your hair is so cute. You look all grown up. (blow dryer whirring) – [Dana] She even put an
accessory in your hair? – [Hannah] Yeah I really
like that clip Halle. – [Dana] A cute little flower. – Halle’s just staring at you. It was weird. And like one of the persons kept on doing my hair like, it just felt really weird. – [Tim] Zeke, you look so fancy. You look all grown up now. How old are you? – Seven. – [Tim] Seven? I don’t think so. You must be at least 14. Man.
– I got you smiling. – [Tim] Looking good Zeke. (gentle music) You know what, haircuts, it’s not actually just about cutting hair. I could see in my kids faces that this was actually about
giving someone a sense of, I don’t know what the right word is, pride, dignity, confidence, something like that, it’s
not just about hair though. And I could see how it made them feel about themselves and how much, I don’t know they, I don’t really know how to explain it. – I would say confidence is a good word. Just make them feel better. Make them feel– – Different, you know? Like a little bit of a hair cut can make you look completely different. And I saw that happening with my kids. Whoa, Zeke that is so cool. I love it. Oh yeah, give me a high five. Yeah, you lookin’ cool. – She knows what she’s doing.
– Distract her with a sucker. – [Tim] Yeah, if you
put that in your mouth. And you’ll forget about
everything else hopefully. You are very talented hair stylist to have two kids in
the same seat together. So one cut at a time, this is the very first time
your hair’s ever been cut. The suckers are doing wonders. That was a really good idea. When that lady busted out the lollypops, the suckers, I was like, oh wow, she knows what she’s doing. And it worked liked instantly. They were like cut my
hair, do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter, I got
this lollypop in my mouth. You’re doing so good Caris. Chloe are you waiting your turn? You’re gonna go to
another chair, okay Chloe? Say bye bye Caris, say bye bye
to your sister for a second. And you’ll see her again. – For five minutes. – [Tim] Five minutes, I think as long as she’s got that lollypop in her mouth. – [Stylist] Just for five minutes. – [Tim] She doesn’t care. Are you ready for yours Chloe? (gentle music) There’s her first hair cut. There it goes. – Dad, she has little bangs. – [Tim] Yeah, isn’t it cute? – Animal. – Animals.
– Giraffe? (blow dryer whirring) – [Tim] Maybe we’ll finally be able to tell them apart a little bit. With some different hair cuts. (blow dryer whirring) – [Dana] Oh we don’t like that, it’s okay. It’s okay. You are looking like Toby
with that frown there. (Dana laughs) Now you’re smilin’. – [Stylist] Good job. – [Dana] Okay, all done? Good girl. Say thank you. – You’re so good, it’s a good girl. Good job. – [Tim] Ooh pretty and pink. The way we tell them apart is that usually she’s in pink, she’s wearing pink and the other one wears purple. So Caris is wearing purple over there. – [Stylist] Wow. – So that’s how we tell them apart, so that’s a pink bow in your hair, that’s kind of helpful. – Yeah, I have one too. – Oh cool.
– So does Halle. – [Tim] Oh pretty. (baby vocalizing) – [Dana] Oh you got a pretty hair clip. Oh Caris you gonna get one? Chloe I love your bangs. – I’m just used to their hair
going all over the place. Or a big antenna, Dana just puts on top, but they– – The problem is that won’t happen again. – Sure but they looked so cute. She looks so grown up now. You look older. Kids are all done, and I think Dana and I got a hair cut going, my hair is– yeah, just winging it for a little while. – I might get a trim. But I want to still be able
to put my hair in a pony tail. – My hair is not that cool. – [Dana] Who’s hair looks
better, Daddy’s or yours? – Mine. – [Tim] Yeah.
(laughing) – Daddy get Zeke’s hair cut. – I don’t know if they
can do it with my hair. I haven’t had a hair
person do my hair in like– – Too long. – It’s been 10 years. I usually just do it
myself or let Dana do it, so this is like a treat for me also. – [Dana] I just wanted a
little trim for my hair, because I still want to be able
to put it up in a ponytail. Especially with having
a newborn coming soon and recovery time and everything, and just get it as simple as possible, but make it healthy. (lively music) I wish I was able to watch
and see what they did, so I could maybe try
to do it myself, but– – You’re just gonna have
the whole thing on video. – There we go. (laughs) Your hair looks really nice. – Thank you. Yours looks nice too. Do we look all new and older now. The kids look older with good haircuts, do I look older with a haircut? – I think you look maybe a
little younger with yours. – Oh a little younger? Well that’s good. – Because they know what
they’re doing and I don’t, when I’m cutting your hair. – I just do one like shoop. – [Dana] All over – Just all over one, ’cause I
don’t really know what to do, but this is like fancy. – It looks good. – [Tim] You look good. – Thank you. – [Tim] I think you look younger. I think that’s the right
answer I’m supposed– – That’s the right– – But, you look good. Ever since I was a teenager, I just always wore a hat. And now I think I might go without the hat for a little bit, I mean– – It looks nice. – [Tim] I like it, I got it, but– – You don’t need it. – [Tim] Yeah, I might let
it go for a little while. Should I wear my hat Zeke? I don’t think so either. – It looks better without it.
– I think I’ll put it – [Tim] in the diaper bag. Maybe get it out at home, maybe not get it out for a few weeks. – Yeah. – [Tim] Do I need a hat right now? – No. – [Tim] No, I don’t. – That’s why you’ve never really
cared about your hair cut, because you were just gonna
put a hat on it anyway. – It’s like whatever, mess it up, doesn’t matter, I’m
gonna bury it in a hat, but now I’m like, I
might keep the hat off. What? Surprises? What? What do you guys say? – Thank you. – Thank you. – [Tim] Cool. Take one for Toby. – When my haircut was all finished, I was happy because we got
a whole bag of suckers. – My favorite part about
getting my haircut was, probably how nice the salon people were. They were really nice. – I want to go back,
because I love that place and I love the girl who
made my hair like this. My new haircut makes me happy. – We never really go out for haircuts, because one it’s just crazy to get all the kids out the door, and all of us to go do this thing, but these guys here at
Supercuts in Rookwood, have been awesome. So if you have any kids, and if you’re in the Rookwood area, Cincinnati, northern Cincinnati area, come check these guys out, and it’s at Supercuts up at Rookwood. Thank you guys so much, we really do appreciate it. You guys are awesome. I wasn’t sure how the
haircuts were gonna go with these little kids,
especially the little twins. – But they are so cute. – [Tim] They handled
them very very very well. And you girls are looking sharp. I’m really thankful that
the Rookwood Supercuts invited us to come out and check it out and bless our family in this way and if you guys ever
want to check them out, there’s a link down in
the description below. You can go over there and
see how awesome they are with your kids. We have a lot going on
in our family story. We would love to invite you to join us. We have baby number seven
due here pretty soon. And that’s gonna be an exciting story, so we got new videos for you guys every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, just all about becoming a family team, growing together as a family and just hopefully encouraging you guys in your family relationships, as well. Thank you for letting us
be a small part of that, and we’ll see you guys again on Monday. Have a great weekend, bye.
– Bye.

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