🎁One Last Present! Caleb’s 4th BIRTHDAY!
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🎁One Last Present! Caleb’s 4th BIRTHDAY!

– We have one last present for Caleb. (calm guitar music) – [Kendra] What day is it? – My birthday. – [Kendra] Happy birthday, buddy. How old are you? Four? What’s all this stuff? – Presents. – [Kendra] Are you gonna open them? Let’s do it. Sit right there right by him. That present is from you. – Oh. That’s mine. – [Kendra] That one’s for Caleb. Look he’s opening the present, watch. Wow, Laura, you did a great
job wrapping this thing. (Laura gasps) LEGOs! (Laura laughs) LEGOs. – Can I have this please? – [Kendra] Laura, it’s for
Caleb, it’s Caleb’s birthday. – That’s mine. – No, it’s Caleb’s birthday. Can you give him a hug? Say, “I love you, Caleb.” – Say, “I love you.” – I open my presents. – It’s not your birthday today, sweetie. Who’s birthday is it? – Mine. – No, it’s Caleb’s birthday. – Laura definitely thinks
it’s her birthday today and she has since she woke
up, it’s pretty funny. – I triple wrapped it,
Caleb. (Caleb grunts) – Happy birthday, Caleb. Who gave me (Laura mumbles) presents. (laughs) – New pants. – [Isaac] Caleb, something fell out. – Gum! I could eat it right now. Thank you, Lisey. – You’re welcome. – [Kendra] This present
is from Papa and Mugga. (Caleb gasps) They wrapped what I made for Papa. Me and Elise made it. – [Kendra] Yeah, and guess what? Papa gave it to you. (Caleb cheers) Okay, open your other present from Papa. (Kendra gasps) (Caleb laughs) What is it? – A hammer. – This hammer is really special. It comes from my great-grandfather,
so that’s Caleb’s great-great-grandfather who
owned this little hammer. And yes, we’re gonna keep this
hammer under lock and key. (Caleb gasps) – A race car, you don’t
even have to control it. – [Kendra] It’s called Hot Wheels, you get to build the track. – I’m so excited to play
with Caleb on the Hot Wheels. I’ve always wanted some Hot Wheels. – [Jeremy] What’s really
cool about this set is you can build the track
in a bunch of different ways. – Thank you, Daddy. – No problem, I love
you bud, happy birthday. – Happy birthday me! – Happy birthday, it’s Caleb. Say, “Happy birthday, Caleb.” – Happy birthday, Caleb. – There you go. – So Laura’s been singing Happy Birthday to herself all morning. We’re trying to teach her to
sing, “Happy birthday, Caleb.” (Laura sings) All right, Caleb, you ready
for some cinnamon rolls? – [Caleb] Yeah. – Caleb asked for cinnamon
rolls and strawberries for his breakfast and I’m
so excited because I got a special happy birthday plate for him. It’s not a paper plate, it’s a plastic one so we can use it through the years. I found it in the Target dollar section. – All right, you ready to
put this thing together? – Yeah. (Caleb gasps) – [Isaac] Ready? (Caleb laughs) (Elise cheers) – [Jeremy] Ready for church? – Yes. – [Jeremy] Laura, we need
to get one more shoe on you. – We are officially on time to church. I think this is the first
time this has happened in a long, long time. – [Jeremy] It’s embarrassing. – It’s embarrassing, but
it is good that we are on-time today and we’ve got
our birthday boy back there. Anyway, I got on Facebook this morning and you know how Facebook
like shares your memories from a couple years ago with you? So it showed me this picture
and it was baby Caleb, like his newborn baby, the
day he was born picture, and my heart just like skipped a beat. Anyways, so I shared over on Facebook pictures of Caleb, like
the day he was born, and then his first birthday
and his second birthday and his third birthday
and it’s just so sweet to see how he’s grown
and I just like teared up thinking about how much
he’s brought to our life, like how much we’ve learned from him and how much joy he’s brought to our life. (Caleb roars) – [Jeremy] And we’re
happy that he survived. – And we are happy that he survived. – We weren’t sure.
– He’s the most adventurous kid and so there
were times when I was like, “Just help him stay alive.” So we’re glad he’s lived to be four and it’s just so sweet. Oh, I just love him. – So I love how convenient left-overs are after our date nights. I don’t have to make a big mess, I just throw it in the microwave, it’s different and yummy food, and it’s easy to clean up. – I look forward to it. It’s nice to come home and eat this. Caleb, how’s yours? – Good. If you can’t get a nail
out, there’s a new way. – Is that how you get it out, like that? Well, we’ve got a content little boy here. He’s eating a big wad
of gum and he’s playing with his hammer and nails. – [Elise] Oh, you got it out. – That’s how you do it. There, now let’s do it. (tranquil piano music) (groans) It’s too hard. – So Jeremy and the kids
decided to have some fun with the new Hot Wheels set. (Jeremy laughs) All right, well we have
friends over for dinner tonight and Caleb got to choose
his birthday dinner. He chose spaghetti and boring salad. He told Mugga he didn’t
want anything yucky in it, so that just means the bagged
salad with ranch on it. And then he wanted mandarin
oranges and garlic bread. Who’s hungry? – Me! – So Caleb wanted a cookies
and cream ice cream cake and I found this awesome
Hershey’s cookies and cream pie at the grocery store so
that is what he is having with a number four in it. (gasps) Are you licking it? – [Isaac] Yeah. – You little sneaker.
– It’s just too yummy. – [Kendra] Okay, well let’s sing. Should we sing Happy
Birthday in slow motion or in fast motion? – Fast! (children laugh) – [Jeremy] Did you blow it out? – He blew it out before we
had a chance to sing to him. – [Jeremy] Stinker. – Ready? – [Isaac] No blowing it out. ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday dear Caleb ♫ Happy birthday to you (children laugh) – Oh, you got it!
– You got it! You’re officially four. – All right, we have one
last present for Caleb. (Caleb gasps) (laughs) (Laura mumbles) – [phone] Hi, Laura. I love you. (Laura speaks gibberish) You’re four? I thought you were two.
– I four. – [phone] Oh, you’re so cute. – YOu’re actually two. – I actually two. – We just wanted to say–
– I actually two. (laughs) – [phone] We just wanted to
say happy birthday, Caleb. We love you so much, we wish we were there to give you a big hug. – Goodnight, J House out. (upbeat music) (children scream)

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