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– Happy birthday, daddy! (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] You got it! – Hi. – [Kendra] We are starting
the day off with bacon, because it is Jeremy’s birthday, and he loves bacon. How old are you? – [Child] I want a drink of water. – 36 years old. – [Kendra] So for Jeremy’s
birthday breakfast, he wanted cinnamon rolls, which is awesome, we got some. But, we didn’t have any
gluten-free cinnamon rolls. We couldn’t find any, so I
came up with this other option. I’m really excited about it. We got gluten-free waffles, and then I melted butter,
with cinnamon and brown sugar, and put some of the frosting on it. I think that’s gonna totally work. It’s a gluten-free win for me right here. Alright Caleb. (angelic choir) Here it is. Today we’re finishing up
the awesome Mud Kitchen. The last step is staining it. Kids are gettin’ their paint shirts on. Off you go. (twanging guitar) The first step is to get the sawdust off. Here’s the stain. (upbeat music) And we’re protecting Lisi’s shoes with grocery bags. This thing is so awesome. I love the knobs, that they turn. – [Boy] But someone (mumbles)
– [Kendra] And it’s all, sanded so nicely.
– [Boy] It’s a real sink. We decided that this
would go more smoothly, as a one-on-one experience with Papa. So the kids are gonna take turns. – You’ll put about that much on it okay? – Okay – [Papa] Go back to the
beginning of the board. – [Kendra] Do you need some help? – Mhmm – [Kendra] Janey is trying so hard to get her little foot into the shoe. Oh you gonna go get your other one? – (cooing) – [Kendra] She wants to go. She wants to be with all the big kids. That’s so pretty. So Lora, the stain,
helps protect the wood. – How? – [Papa] It’s like an oil,
that gets into the wood, and makes it a little bit waterproof. And water is the main
thing that hurts wood. – We’re putting on a coat of paint. – [Kendra] Is that so funny? – [Lora] Yeah (laughs) – Lora was cracking up that we’re putting, a “coat of paint” on it, like how we put “coats” on our bodies. She really thought that one was funny. – There, I go till it’s completely out. – Brush, brush, brush. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Just about finished. It looks awesome guys. (somber tuba) Well somebody didn’t nap. You did not take a nap. You are so grumpy. – Out, out. – [Kendra] You wanna go outside? Toddlers are really adorable and fun, and when they don’t nap, It’s not my favorite. (door creaking) Let’s go. – [Papa] Hey. – [Kendra] How’s it
going working with Papa? – Good. – [Papa] Yeah he’s doing
a great job actually. – [Kendra] It’s nice talk time, huh? – Yeah
– [Papa] Yeah – [Kendra] And a chance to visit. – He told me, he likes statistics. (laughs) – [Kendra] What? – [Papa] What, that’s–
– [Kendra] Isaac? – [Papa] Ground breaking news. (orchestral melody) – [Kendra] Did you guys find some things? – [Grandmother] We’re
gonna have the sticks be the noodles right? – [Laura] Yeah – [Kendra] What’re you guys making? – [Grandmother] She’s
making gluten-free pasta. – [Kendra] That’s nice that way Caleb can have some.
– (mumbles) Mac n’ cheese. (stirring in the pot) – [Kendra] They’re cooking up something. Laura what did you say you were making? – Some, smashed… Potatoes for Papa. I’ve got some. – Here’s some more leaves for yours. – Thanks – [Kendra] So the boys built this hut. Is it still a work in
progress or are you guys done? – [Boy] Um, it’s still a work in progress. – Do you guys have enough
for me to live in it? – [Boy] Yeah, we’ll share that with you. – [Kendra] The kids made a fire pit. Isaac is working on, an ax? – Yup, Elise is helping. – [Kendra] So I thought
that was a rubber band, but it’s not. Is that a pine straw? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Isaac is hunting
the Red-tailed squirrel. There it goes. – (cheers) – [Jeremy] Do you see it? (intense electric guitar) You got it. – Yeah – [Jeremy] Should we try
to fling it with the sling? – [Isaac] Yeah, can you? (electronic ding) – (claps and laughs) – [Isaac] That was wow. – That was awesome. – [Kendra] Janey is loving this kitchen. Oh, and she’s got her cellphone. She knows how it’s done. Talk on your cellphone
while you cook the meal. Oh yeah, turn it on, crank it up. Was Elise making this one? – No – [Kendra] No? – Elise – [Kendra] Where did Elise go? – Hello – [Kendra] Hello (laughs) She got distracted. Must have been an important phone call. – Doh, Hi – [Kendra] Hi (upbeat guitar rifts) Papa’s busting out the big ATVs. Who is that? (roaring engine) So Janey loves the ATV. She’s super interested in it, but she is terrified of it. She would not go anywhere near Jeremy when it was on. She’s not ready for a ride yet. – (cooing) – Driving, he’s driving. – Dada – Dada, he’s driving. – Caleb thought I was going too fast. – [Kendra] Ready? – Mhmm – [Kendra] She loves
riding the ATV, let’s go. (roaring engine) (energetic music) (cheering) – I’m not used to ATVs already. – [Kendra] You still warming up to em’? That’s okay, you can go
on a ride another day. – I just wanna go on, one each day. – [Kendra] One each day
to kinda get used to it? – Yeah. – I’m breathing hard cause I just hiked up the hill with Janey. But I was thinking, so today is Jeremy’s 36th year birthday. I’m curious what you guys think. Is 36 years old, or still young? I feel like it’s not super old, but I think we’re definitely getting closer to being old. At least he is, I’m just 35. – Yeah, soon you’re gonna be 36. – [Kendra] I’ll be 36 too? – Yes – [Kendra] Oh no, we’re in trouble. – So what the kids have built here, reminds me of our very first family reunion here at the cabin. We came out and built a similar fort. Caleb was a baby, Isaac was super little. You weren’t even around yet. Laura wasn’t even around yet. My how time flies. (creaking swings) So big question for the day. If you’re under 36, what do you hope to have accomplished by the time you are 36? Or if you are older than 36, what is the thing you are
most proud of accomplishing by the time you were 36? What I’m most proud of is, my family. (roaring engine) – [Kendra] Isaac’s turn. There they go. Were you riding the zip line? – Yeah – [Kendra] Just a guess, how many times do you think you’ve
ridden the zip line today? – 20 – [Kendra] 20? It’s been a ton. – Wanna see me go down? – [Kendra] Yes The zip line has been used all day long. Every time I look out here,
some kid is whizzing by. (samba music) (zipping cord) – See, I almost broke my record. (screams) – [Kendra] So what do
you think is the most fun thing you do at the cabin? – Everything. – [Kendra] Everything? – Uh huh, especially riding the ATVs – Janey, you wanna come? – No, no – [Kendra] No – She likes it when it’s not on. It’s a little too loud for her I think. Do you? She’s raising her hand.
– (laughter) – [Jeremy] Who’s next? – I wish Youtube had
“Smell-o-vision” because it smells amazing over here. My dad is barbequing up
some Tri-tip for Jeremy for his birthday, and I love it. Oooh, that’s a lot of meat. And the kids are still zip lining. (calm acoustic music) – [Jeremy] (sighs) Well, I’ll take a sweet
sunset on my birthday. It’s interesting with birthdays, how as people get older, they
don’t like their birthdays. Cause it’s just a sign that they’re getting older and older, but, I’m gonna choose to look at it as a sign that I’m
grateful I’m still alive. So Kendra’s parents know my love language. They got me some Queso
sauce for my birthday. (children panting) – So when you’re old, sometimes your birthday presents aren’t surprises. And for Jeremy’s birthday, he got himself tickets to go to a concert next month with his brother. – And the concert I got tickets
to, is “twenty one pilots”. – So I just had like a few
little things for him today. I got him a fun card game, and I got him one of
his favorite candy bars. A Snickers. It’s actually a new variety of a Snickers. It’s called Hazelnut. Anyway, I bought it. I brought it to the cabin. And now I can’t find it,
anywhere, I have no idea. The mystery of the Snickers at the cabin. – Dun, dun dun. – [Kendra] If we find it, It’s yours. If not, it’s yours. (laughs) – I like Snickers too so (laughs) (children mumbling) – [Jeremy] Did you find it? – I found it. I hid it in the inside
pocket of the diaper bag, which we’re not using while
we’re here at the cabin. That’s why I put it in there. Here it is, Snickers. – [Jeremy] Yes – [Kendra] It’s all yours. Happy Birthday. – Happy Birthday Daddy. – [Jeremy] So I’m actually
super excited that Janey, is loving the nacho cheese. I thought it would be
too spicy for her but she’s like “give me more”. She can’t get enough. That’s my girl. We’re checking to see if the
nacho cheese is gluten-free. – And the letters are so
tiny I can hardly see it. – [Jeremy] Get the magnifying glass. – I have one here. – [Jeremy] (laughs) – I keep one here – It’s gluten-free.
– It’s gluten-free. – (claps) (all cheering) (singing) – So the kids haven’t seen this yet, we’re gonna watch it
tonight for my birthday. (cheering) (kid screaming) (singing) – [Kendra] The kids are each
putting their own mix-ins. Uh-oh, you’re supposed to be
mixing it into the ice cream. ♪ Happy Birthday to you. ♪ – [Jeremy] Uh-oh, we’re
having technical difficulties. ♪ Happy Birthday to you. ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday dear Daddy ♪
– ♪ Jeremy ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you. ♪ (laughter) (cheering) – [Kendra] He shook it out. – [Child] KSL (screaming) (energetic music) – Sup’ yo. – [Jeremy] Is that what, the cowboy says?

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