🎂Happy Birthday Caleb🎁
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🎂Happy Birthday Caleb🎁

(cheering) (upbeat music) – [Dad] That was a big, bold bite. Whoa! – [Mom] Good morning, birthday boy! My baby boy. – [Caleb] Our baby’s gonna be born soon. – Yeah. She’s in there, getting ready to be born. – She looks like a basketball. – She does look like a basketball. – [Laura] But she isn’t! – She isn’t a basketball, good point. – But she’s a baby! – She’s a baby. (beatboxing) – So for Caleb’s birthday, he requested an eggs and
hash brown casserole, monkey bread, and fruit. But he specifically wanted strawberries, watermelon, and grapes,
so that’s what he has. I’m gonna turn the monkey bread over now, we’ll see how that goes. (soft music) Yes! – [Dad] Success. – [Mom] We did it! It worked! – [Laura] You did it, mom! Momma, you already did it! – [Mom] I did it, you’re right! Alright, let’s put some
candles in this thing. – It’s so funny that
she says literally now. – [Dad] Yeah. ♫ Happy birthday dear Caleb, ♫ Happy birthday to you! – [Mom] The cubby and I have
been sitting here snuggling, I’ve been telling him stories. One of my favorite stories to tell him is about the year that I found out I was pregnant with him. ‘Cause I found out that
I was pregnant with you on my birthday! – Whoa. – And it made for the best birthday, ever. We were pretty excited. – How do you do pregnancy tests? – Honestly, you pee on a stick. And after you pee on a stick, it says you’re pregnant! Or it says that you’re not pregnant. – How does that make it so that… – Cause it measures how much
hormones are in your body. – What does that mean? – These are really good questions. – This one’s from Laura to Caleb. You may go sit beside him. – A new LEGO set! – Yeah! – I can make it so they’re changed. – [Mom] Yeah, you get to
make lots of different ones. – [Caleb] Whoa! Look at that! Thank you, Laura. – You’re welcome. – A new hammer, just my size! Thank you, grandma and poppa! – [Mom] Let’s see, oh! This is gonna make a bank! This is gonna build a bank
– My own bank!? – And when poppa comes to help with our baby sister, he’s
gonna build it with you! – I have my own bank! Account. (laughing) (gasps) A new tape measure, yes! And fix-it gloves. I don’t know if they’ll fit me. They’re a little big on me, but I’ll grow into them. – Tools! (laughing) – You can put your tools in it. Like it’s a… – A belt! – [Dad] A tool belt. – A tool belt. – Yeah. – [Caleb] I’m getting
lots of building stuff. – Yeah. ‘Cause we all know that you love building. – What is this? What is it? (laughing) A frisbee? (laughing) – [Mom] It’s not a frisbee. – [Analise] It’s when you jump on it and do, like… – Oh you balance on it. – [Mom] Yeah you have to balance on it. Here come stand right by mom. (dramatic music) – Whoa! – You’re gonna learn how to balance on it, and jump on it! – It’s called a pogo ball.
– Thank you mommy and daddy! Oh, that was easy. – So cubby, see all those screws? – Mmhmm. – This is something you
can use your drill with. And you’re gonna get to
build this dump truck. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Thank you! – You’re welcome. (yells) – Do you know what this is? – It’s a bow and arrow shooter. (laughing) – Oh that was so close! Thank you! – [Mom] You’re welcome. (laughter) – Analise. – [Dad] You’re sharing your gum? – Laura. Analise. – Thank you. – Most of them are
actually building stuff. Like, these are building stuff, this is. And this is something
relatable to building. This is something relatable to building. Everything is. – [Dad] Why do you think
everyone got you building stuff? – ‘Cause I loves it! – He’s gonna try to shoot
while he’s standing. – Whoa! (laughing) – That sounded much harder. – Ah! (laughing) – [Dad] So how do you like your tool belt? – Good. What should I do? – [Dad] What should you build? – Mmhmm. (gum pops) What should I? I’m gonna get my gloves. – [Mom] So for Caleb’s birthday outing, we are headed to a foam factory. Like where you shoot the foam balls around and I don’t know, it should be fun. (upbeat music) (children laughing) – [Caleb] Come on you guys! Up here. See, we can do a war. – [Dad] Yep, we can have a battle. Whoa! Alright, we’re doing a war. Me and Elise against Caleb and Isaac. (dramatic music) – I’m filling it up. (jazz music) – [Dad] Alright, we’ve
filled it up, go ahead Cub! Whoaa! It’s still going! That was awesome! – I’m gonna do it again. – [Dad] Yeah. Whoa. – Well we took a quick break
from playing to refuel. Pizza and salad, and then I think we’re gonna play some more. – [Dad] There ya go! – This sure is a workout. – Well this has probably been my favorite moment of the day so far. I just sat here beside Caleb and answered questions
when he had questions, but he built it all by himself. And it’s fun to watch him enjoy it. Getting really into it. So this cake, Caleb made yesterday. Do you remember what kind it is? – Blue velvet! – Blue velvet, so now he’s getting to decorate it today. He wanted blue frosting. That looks pretty blue. I need a little taste tester to see if any of this
blue frosting is good. – Okay, whoa! Happy birthday Caleb, you like it? – It’s not all the way done. – Okay, what do you wanna do to finish it? – Now. – What does it need? – It’s gonna have this on the outside. – Alright. Can you be in charge of that part, Caleb? – Mmhmm. – [Dad] Cubby got something
in the mail from Granny Jo! – 20 dollars! (laughing) – I’m gonna buy tools. – [Dad] Tools? – So I’m saving up. – [Dad] What tools do you wanna get next? – I’m gonna get a saw. – So we do a date night with
the kids on their birthday. It feels kinda like déjà vu since we just had Laura’s birthday and Elise’s birthday, but Caleb wanted to come to Red Robin. – We’re playing some serious tic-tac-toe. Caleb beat me, but then Dad beat Caleb. – No! (laughing) – Caleb wins. – [Waitress] Happy birthday, buddy. – Let me get this here for ya. – What do you say? – Thank you. – How’s the ice cream? – Awesome. This is a real ice cream. – [Dad] That was a big, bold bite. Now you have to actually eat that. – Do you need a napkin? – [Dad] Brain freeze. – You okay? – Well that was a good freeze. (laughing) – It was a good freeze? – Yeah and it was a yummy freeze. Can I get a balloon? (laughing) – [Dad] This is how Caleb is
saying hello to his cousins. With a gun. Don’t shoot ’em! – [Mom] Alright, guys Caleb designed, baked, and decorated this cake. (applause) – [Mom] Except for the letters, I did help write ‘Happy Birthday, Caleb’. – Dang! – [Caleb] I did all of this stuff on the outside all by myself. – Caleb, watch out. ♫ Happy birthday dear Caleb, ♫ Happy birthday to you! (applause) – Good night, J-House out. (soft music)

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