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– She’s our teenager. – [Kendra] You ready
for your next present? Why do you look like you’re 18? – Baking? Yay! Sprite? – [Jeremy] That’s right. – [Kendra] We found one more present. We forgot about it. (upbeat music) (piano music) – [Jeremy] It’s your birthday. – Happy birthday! How old are you? – Four. – Stand up tall, come over here. – [Jeremy] With her hands up. – Oh yeah, you definitely grew last night. – [Jeremy] Grew a couple feet. (piano music) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (applause) So Laura, what did you choose
for your birthday breakfast? – Monkey bread and strawberries. – [Jeremy] Yep and she
wanted some apple juice. Your picture turned out great. Alright, we’re gonna go around the room saying things we love about Laura. We would love in the comments to hear what you love about Laura. – I love how thoughtful
and aware Laura is. When someone in our
family is sad or upset, she often goes to them
and gives them a hug. And just is so kind. – I love that whenever someone is like doing something kind of scary, she always is like, I don’t
think you should do that. – I love that Laura’s really
cute and is always nice too. – It’s always been funny
to me that even though Laura is on the younger
side of the family, she has a take charge personality. She’s like, hey guys, let’s do this. I’m like, do you realize
you’re smaller than most everybody here. She’s an organizer. – I love how Laura has such big hugs every time she sees me. – I love that she’s so thoughtful of like if someone was feeling sad, she would go up to them and sit by them. – Laura comes up with the
funniest stories and songs. It brings so much joy to our life. Her little Grandma stories. Which could be like a TV series I think of just your stories of
being a little Grandma. We love our Laura. What do you love about Laura? – [Kendra] Laura I have some good news. – What? – [Kendra] You now are old enough to get two vitamins everyday. (cheers) She has been waiting and
waiting for this moment because the instructions
say that you only get one vitamin if you’re
two or three years old, but if you’re four years old, you get two. – Vitamin dance. – [Kendra] Vitamin dance,
do the vitamin dance. – [Jeremy] What do we do after breakfast? – Open my presents. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Are you ready? – [Jeremy] Who’s first
to give Laura a present? Nana-banana. (cheers) – I new Cinderella cup. Yes, my own band aids. – When you give someone a
gift, but you actually want it. (laughter) (upbeat music) – My own earrings. – We’re gonna be matching. – [Jeremy] If you wanna stand up, you can look in the mirror
once she gets it on. – [Kendra] Oh, it’s so sparkly. – Pull on this. You’re own gum and this is lip gloss. – Yay! Thank you. – [Jeremy] Laura’s
testing out the lip gloss. (upbeat music) – Did you wrap this one? – Yeah. You throw the ball back and forth. It catches on this. – Thank you! – [Kendra] You ready
for your next present? Why do you look like you’re 18? – [Jeremy] It’s the lip
gloss and the earrings. – [Kendra] There you go,
this one’s from Granny Jo. (upbeat music) – I’ve always wanted one of these. It’s a mermaid dress. – [Kendra] It’s a mermaid tail blanket. Watch, you put your legs in there. Now you’re a little mermaid. You can snuggle up on the couch. Watch, see how cozy it is. – And sleep? – [Kendra] Sure, you can sleep in that. – [Jeremy] Our little mermaid. – [Kendra] You could probably disappear inside of that thing. (laughter) – Thank you. – [Jeremy] Alright, here’s
Poppy Rod’s present. – Happy birthday to a real all star. ♪ We will, we will rock you ♪ From your loyal cheering
section, you are number one. Happy birthday Laura, I love you. – Laura, I love you, I
love your hugs and smiles. Have a wonderful birthday,
I love you, Muga. – Thank you. My own puzzle. My own books. – From Mommy and Daddy. – What is this? – [Kendra] They are activities. This one’s a scissors and
this one’s a tape activity. – Cards? – That one’s a game. It’s an I Spy game. – For just one person? – It’s actually for all
of us to play together. So these are all activities for you to do. – Thank you! – There we go. – Who is it from? – [Kendra] It’s from Daddy and I. – What is this? Baking? – [Kendra] It’s Play-doh. – Baking Play-doh? – [Kendra] Baking Play-doh. – Thank you. – While Laura is getting
her clothes on for the day, we have one final present that we’re setting up for her. – [Kendra] We found one more present. We forgot about it. – What is it? – [Jeremy] You wanna come see? – Yeah. (piano music) – [Jeremy] What do you think? – I love it! I can sleep in my own tent. – [Jeremy] With your mermaid blanket. – [Laura] Well yeah. – [Jeremy] Well yeah. (laughter) Just chilling? – Here’s your royal cup. – [Elise] Princess Laura. And here’s your money. – [Isaac] And here’s all your
activity puzzles and games. – [Jeremy] Alright
Princess Laura have fun. – [Elise] Have a good day.
– [Laura] Thank you! – [Jeremy] Okay, let’s go to the beach. Just kidding. – She’s happy. – [Jeremy] She’s liking this. – I’m in my tent. Come in here. Yay! – Laura got out the Play-doh. What are you going to cook? – Some waffles. – [Kendra] So it comes with some cards that show you how to make some creations. (upbeat music) And look, you made a waffle. Whoa, now wrap up this whipped cream. – Fancy. – [Jeremy] You got your
whipped cream on there. – [Kendra] That looks so yummy. – Thank you. – [Kendra] Oh, is that a bagel sandwich? This is adorable. A fun part of birthdays is
playing with all the new toys. – Good job. (indiscernible singing) – [Jeremy] Did you build a tent? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Awesome. – [Kendra] There’s a lot of giggling coming from inside this tent. – We’re playing ball. – She’s our teenager. – So for lunch today we’re having a bunch of Laura favorites which
means it’s a weird lunch. We’re having macaroni and
cheese, chips, apples, a vegetable and a secret treat. That looks like macaroni and cheese. – Kind of a weird combination. – [Kendra] Mac and cheese, peas, potato chips, strawberries and apples. – Sprite? – [Jeremy] That’s right. – Yum! – So we almost never
do soda with the kids, so she’s very excited. She was hoping to have some soda today. (techno music) – [Kendra] This is quite the project. – I was wrong. – I’m just sitting here smiling. – A ice cream cone. (laughter) – One more visitor coming
to stay with us tonight. – He’s waiting for us at the house. (techno music)

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