1 Week Pregnant | What To Expect
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1 Week Pregnant | What To Expect

(upbeat music) – Welcome to your miraculous, amazing and incredible journey through pregnancy, which believe it or not officially begins this week even though you are
still about two weeks out from actually becoming pregnant. Say what? Wondering why it’s called week one even though it’s T minus two
weeks before conception? It’s because your body’s already busy prepping for your
soon-to-be pregnancy. Right now all hands are on
deck gearing up for ovulation. The first step toward making a baby, but before you ovulate
your uterus has to shed its endometrium, the
lining that was built up from last month’s menstrual cycle. That’s why you’re having your period now. Woo-hoo! Your last one
for at least nine months. Now that’s something to look forward to. It may seem pretty strange
that your pregnancy is dated from the first day of your period but it really isn’t that strange at all. After all it’s pretty hard to pinpoint the exact day when egg and sperm meet. So your doctor sets the
starting line of your 40 week pregnancy on your LMP, or the first day of
the last period you had before you conceived. The benefit to this dating system? You get a pregnancy head start clocking in a full two of your 40 weeks before you’re even expecting and before you’re nauseous and gassy and bloated and swollen. Buckle up you’re in for a
wild and wonderful ride. It’s called pregnancy.


  • zara mattt

    iv been feeling nauseus every morning since we had unprotected sex. its been happening after about 3 days and its been 2 weeks now. im married and not sure if we can afford a baby…..tho its exciting

  • Dianlyn Martin

    Thank you Ma'am for the info.. I'm Dianlyn from the philippines..I just wanted to ask my last period was 10-14 till 10-19 this year,my husband and I trying to conceive our second baby,so we did unprotected sex 10-20 and 10-22… can I get pregnant? thank you so much in advance for your reply

  • Pallavi Reddy

    mam, I missed my periods nd now iam getting back pain, lower abdomen (left),and some times breast pain, actually iam trying to conceive


    hi madam, my last period is 03/07/17.. now 04/11/17. I missed periods. but my stomach, legs painning and I got fever. feeling like periods happing but not happing… please let me know I'm pregnant or not please reply thanks

  • asahhsha

    i have gotten my period , on april 28th – may 3rd . and ive gotten my period on May 13th. after 1 week almost 2 , after unprotected sex . does this mean anything . ? ive ahd REGULAR periods for 3 years straight, #1pregnant or not ? #2 when should i take a test?…

  • Bisso Rasheed

    Thanks for did am seeing but wot I observed in my body system d last period is black after DAT I stated seeing DAT my tommy is big and i notice that under my tommy I notice that am having serious pains which I went to my doctor and told me that my womb is swell up and dos that mean DAT am pregnant?

  • Tobie Seibes

    Hi…I got my period from 4-7 August 17 nd 28- 31August twice in one month,September nothing till today nd have lots cramp,back pains is it possible that am pregnant.

  • Jae Belladonna

    I gotta say that she makes me feel so happy, even though I feel absolutely horrible right now. 6 weeks along and feeling bloated, crampy, nauseous, and all of those spectacular things.

  • lobir

    I've followed your videos. I'm week 16. I like them, but I wish you'd include the metric system, as currently I am looking elsewhere because the inch system isn't used many other places. Perhaps just add it in writing in the video? Good videos otherwise, but I think I am going to find someone who uses the metric.

  • Afsana afsana Kzrgod

    Mam i have a doubt… i have no babies …am waiting for pregnancy… my periods date is 12th ..but i hv little pain on vagina's hole!!!am I pregnant pls rply me!!!!

  • Teresa Kerr

    I'm about to be a surrogate for a couple in San Francisco! I have a 5.5 year old boy…. he was 10.75 pounds 22 inches long. I was so nervous but really The only hard part was the food at aversions in the first trimester and my ribs hurting at the very end and sore and swollen feet. Walking up and down stairs got tiring too wooohhhh

  • Neelo Khan

    Mam my last periods comes 13/10/17..this month my periods not come… I already done two times pregnancy test at home but both results are negative 🙁 I m so disappointed… some times I feel pain in my lower part and back bone also pain in my belly… I m so confused…tell me please about this matter… Still I not test my urine…just test in home pregnancy test…

  • Cindy Sosa

    I have pcos and i badly want to get pregnat, but my dr. told me that i'm not releasing a mature eggs. How can i get pregnant please help…

  • Emily Dado

    I was 10 days delayed when I first tried to do a pregnancy test, the result was kinda positive I can say because it was a faint line. The next day I went to an OB, she asked me if when was the last day of my period as she calculated she told me I should be 7 weeks pregnant already. She set me for a trans vaginal ultrasound on that same week, however there was no evidence of neither intra nor extra-uterine pregnancy. The OB said me that it might be too early to check my pregnancy. Next advised she gave is to have a beta HCG, which she would then correlate the result from my sonology scan. At home, I tried do some series of pregnancy test at home, there were two instances that I got a vague/shadow line and the other two (using a different brand of pregnancy kit) were two clear/prominent lines. Now I kept asking myself, if I'm really pregnant why I didn't feel the classic symptoms, such as: (food aversions and cravings, fatigue, nausea, etc.) what I only experience I think is some light cramps, tender and fuller breast (which is also present if you're going to have a period). Now, I would like to know as to why I'm having a small amount of dark brown discharge, does that mean my period just came too late? and the based on my pregnancy tests that came positive, were they just a chemical pregnancy due to my hypothyroidism? Please enlighten me, thank you so much in advance.

  • Boitumelo Flora

    Mam i miss my menstruation last month i tested positive but now i get my menstruation what do u think it's wrong

  • Surja Sanyal

    Me and my gf had unprotected sex on her 3rd day of her periods. And now 10 days later shes feeling symptoms like morning sickness constipation and a bit bleeding too. Does that mean shes pregnant?

  • Bell Corcet

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant it’s crazy to look back and see how far I have come I’ve been watching every single episode I’m getting induced at 39 weeks 🥰 I can’t wait to meet my son

  • Vanessa Carillo

    My last period was December 25 of 2018 and had sex on Jan 8, on my ovulating day. It’s the 17th now and I have yet to get my period for this month which should be sometime around the 22nd. Am I still considered to be pregnant or not be? I’m really confused

  • ananthi h

    Mam I am 35days periods cycle. i am going to treatment for pregnancy. 14days scan my egg is ruptured. What time I am conform my pregnancy test?

  • Bias Wrecker98

    The last time I had sex was last week. My last period was Feb. 3rd it JUST became the 3rd of March like…30 min ago lol….but so far my period hasn't come yet. I've been having cramps for the past 3-4 days as usual, and with each passing day the cramps get heavier, longer and more constant like yesterday they were almost every hour. During the first 2 days of my period I get heavy cramps every 10- 30 min. And they last for 2-3 minutes. And I've been having tender breasts also. I was getting ready to worry yesterday if I was possibly pregnant but I had to remember that February is a sheet month and I have to recalculate the days a bit. Can u help me out. Should I worry now or just wait it out for another couple days? Please help.

  • What To Expect

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  • Eden Macabodbod

    I have an menstruation last August 8-15, 2019 then after 3 days.. My Puson is Aching until now.. It has a spotting also.. Im a pregnant?

  • samfaith Catingub

    Maam im wonder why my period not coming this month but i do take birth control continiously and withdrawal at the same time..and i feel like im pregnant how it happen?pls want to know why this happen..thnks

  • liberacion7

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  • Maryann Doherty-king

    Can some one help me I had sex 3 days after my period it’s been about 2 nearly 3 week but my period isn’t for a while but my nipples are sore and I’m abit nausea and get really sleepy and my mood swings are bad and my lower back hurts and I get tiny cramps witch I don’t normally get and I’m really bloated idk if it’s just me or I’m pregnant

  • SyberP

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