10 Newborn Must Haves | Jaimie from Millennial Moms
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10 Newborn Must Haves | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

– Hey everyone, welcome back to the Millennial Moms. My name is Jaimie and I upload to Millennial
Moms every Monday. (introductory music) – Today we are talking about the top ten newborn must-haves. If you guys are not already subscribed to Millennial Moms then definitely do so down below. We got a new mom uploading every day of the week. So you don’t want to miss any of our future uploads and if you like videos like this definitely let us know by giving us a big thumbs up. So like I said today I
am going to be sharing with you guys my top
ten newborn must-haves. Now this list is obviously
just going to be my favorites that I’ve really liked using with my kids. So if there are any that I missed that are definitely your favorites, comment down below and let us know so we can get a converstation started and we can all get ideas from each other. (cheerful music) – My first newborn must-have would be a baby carrier. Now this is a ring sling but there are lots of
different baby carriers. I personally really like a ring sling, especially when they’re newborns They’re so used to being close to you for the nine months
they were in your womb. It’s kind of like an invisible boundary. Sometimes people don’t
know manners or boundaries when it comes to little babies. They want to be breathing on them. They want to be touching them and you’re like, “Get away
from my child and your sneeze.” (cheerful music) – Speaking of sneezes, this next favorite is something that I only started
using with my third baby. I’ve heard about it before and I was a little bit weirded out. But now that I’ve been
using it, I’m a believer. And it is the NoseFrida,
little booger, sucker thing. I don’t even know the
proper term for that. I’m not going to go in
detail about how it works. I’m just going to say,
no you don’t get boogers in your mouth. No it’s not gross. It’s so much better than the aspirator. Those things get really nasty. So if you have one, make
sure you change it often. (cheerful music) – Going along with that, this saline spray is so
huge for newborn babies. This is awesome to kind
of spray in their nose and then use this to get
out any gook in there. It’s so scary when your
baby is really little and they can’t breathe
or they got a lot of stuffy, yucky, stuff in there. This is perfect. (cheerful music) – This next newborn must-have
is a little sound maker. Now this one is by the company CloudB. I like these because they come inside of this little stuffed animal. So they’re nice and soft, but then they have all the options for the sounds right here on the side. (cheerful music) – So the next must-have would
be muslin swaddle blanket and honestly I just love
these because they’re so soft. (cheerful music) – Going off of blankets, receiving blankets or really big burp bibs are seriously a newborn must-have. Lots of newborns spit
up and it’s really nice just to be able to throw
something over your shoulder and then you catch it so you’re not constantly wearing all of their throw-up all the time. Hashtag mom life. (cheerful music) With each of my kids, especially
when they’re newborns, having some kind of little
caddy like this was a lifesaver. I feel like you’re going
in and out of your bedroom, to the couch consistently
during those first few weeks. So it’s really convenient
to be able to have all of their diapers
and wipes and ointments. Being able to keep all of
that stuff in one place that’s portable is super convenient. (cheerful music) Next would be some sort of nursing cover. Now if you are not breastfeeding, this specific nursing cover
I’m going to share with you is amazing and you can use it too. This specific nursing cover is by Covered Goods and it is genius because not only is it a nursing cover, which you wear like this, but you can also put
this over your car seat. So it can give you a little bit of privacy when you’re out and about. It will shield the sun
away from your baby’s eyes and it also doubles as
a really cute scarf. (cheerful music) – This next must-have is
going to apply more so if you’re having a newborn or an infant in the colder season and this is some sort of carseat cover that’s fleece-lined. Now I really like the JJCole Bundle Me. I’ve used the same one
for all three of my kids. It’s really nice because it goes right inside of the carseat,
so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of blankets. You don’t have to put them in those huge abominable snowman outfits. You know, like those huge fleece outfits that every kid is probably
terrified when they see. (cheerful music) – My last newborn must-have is actually more of a newborn favorite and it is the Rock ‘N’
Play by Fisher-Price. I absolutely love this product. you guys. The ones they have out now vibrate. They’re super easy and compact to put away and they’re just really convenient. Alright guys, so those are my
top ten new-born must-haves. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re not already
subscribed to Millennial Moms, don’t forget to do so down below. Make sure you tune in
tomorrow for Tay’s DIY video and if you want to see
more videos from me, my personal channel, Jaimie
Kight, will be linked below for you guys. I will see you next
Monday on Millennial Moms. Have a good day! Bye Guys.

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