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Aww. You love them? Aww. You love the babies?
I’m gonna cry. You guys are the sweetest. Harrison, do you want a brother or sister?
Sister. Sister, he said. Winnie, do you want a brother or sister? Baba. Brother? You want
more brothers? You want a sister? You want a sister? You want a brother. I want brother.
You want a brother? Brother or sister? Sister. Sister. Hi everyone. Welcome to my 19 week
pregnancy update with twins. Ahhh. So this week has been really good for me so far. Not
a lot of like horrible symptoms. The side pain has completely gone away. I think they
were in a growth spurt or something and now it has subsided completely. So, it’s been
amazing. Another symptom of mine has been almost fainting. Like fainting, so like I
took a shower and dried my hair and I literally almost fainted. I had to like sit on the floor.
It was crazy. I asked my doctor about it and she said it’s completely normal. I did ask
my doctor about it and she said it’s low blood pressure, which I have. That it’s
completely normal. I didn’t have it with my last two. I think it must just be that
there’s twins. Clap your feet. Clap your feet. Clap clap clap clap clap your feet.
So, I did have a doctor’s appointment. Just a check up. I actually saw my doctor this
week. She’s had two sets of identical twins. So she knows what she’s doing with twins.
The only real information that I got new was that if one baby is head down when I go to
deliver and the second one is breach they’re still gonna deliver me vaginally. So that’s
really cool. They said the longest they want me to go is 38 weeks. We’ll see about that.
I think that I have this sneaking suspicion that I’m going to be the rarity that makes
it all the way. We will see though. I have no idea. I hope not. I heard it’s really
hard at the end. I’m still super super out of breath. Going up the stairs, walking fast,
I just lose my breath. Again I asked my doctor and she said it’s completely normal. Nothing
to be worried about or concerned. Mommy, mommy, mommy, mom. Yep yep yep. I have my next doctors
appointment in 4 weeks. And after that I’ll be going every 2 weeks. And I will be getting
checked. y cervix will be getting checked every time I go after that. It’s just to
see if I’m dilating at all. And if I am dilating they’re going to want to put me
on a medication so it makes the baby’s lungs develop faster. So if there is an early delivery
the babies have a better chance of survival. I did ask about the babies not, I have not
been feeling the babies at all and she said that’s normal too. She said that it’s
just that they’re so small still and it’s just a matter of time and then I’ll be feeling
them like crazy. So, yay. I can’t imagine when I can feel them both and they’re both
going at the same time. And it’s like a whirlwind in there. Is that a baby belly?
Is that a baby belly? Is that a baby belly? It’s saturday and I ain’t got nobody.
I did see a woman at my doctors office who is pregnant with twins who was almost full
term. And her stomach looked crazy. It looked like it was another part of herself. So again.
Whoo. Things to look forward to. I’m a little nervous. I know that like this shirt would
get me to full term with my other two children. And it’s already tight on me. So I already
know that I’m gonna be wearing moo moos and extra giant shirts. I don’t know where
I’m gonna get them from. But yes, it’s gonna be insane. I’m kinda nervous about
it. But it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen. We do have our 20 week ultrasound
scheduled. We get to find out the genders. On the 28th I think, is when it is. And we
will have our gender reveal the next week after that. We’re very excited about it.
It’s gonna be awesome. If you saw our wives tale video they say two girls but we don’t
know. So we’re just super super super excited. Cravings this week. The soda and the pretzels
have subsided a little bit. The last two days I’ve wanted, no joke, bacon and like quesadillas
together. So I have to have bacon in my quesadillas. I know. Super healthy right here. I’m gonna
sneeze. Bless you. Thank you. Maple ice cream. Like maple syrup ice cream. That sounds weird
but they really make that. My husband bought it a couple weeks ago. Brought it home and
I found it. Maple walnut. Maple walnut ice cream. Excuse me. It’s the bomb and I crave
it. i literally wanted it for lunch and I stopped myself. I said I’m not eating ice
cream for lunch. Because that would be wrong. It wouldn’t be healthy. That’s all I gotta
say if I’m eating cheesy quesadillas and bacon all the time too. Watch out people.
Watch out. My ladies have gotten bigger. Even more. Which is a newer thing. Which is great
you know, I guess. I will be upgrading a new bra soon. Hormones the last few days have
been pretty good. The beginning of the week I was having a couple nervous break downs
about everything and anything. And it was really bad. It was super bad. I find if I’ve
had a lot of sugar it makes it worse. I don’t know why. So I’ve been trying to cut down
on my sugar intake. For sure. I keep saying for sure. Oh my god. What’s wrong with me?
Am I tired? For sure. For sure. Ok so now we’re going to look at my bump shot. Oh
my gosh my feet are falling asleep. Ahhh. Pregnant people shouldn’t sit on their feet.
Oh, I sat too long. Ok so here’s my belly shot from the front. Here’s it from the
side at 19 weeks. It’s gettin’ big. I can’t believe it. It’s gonna be out to
here one day very soon. Well I wanted to thank you guys for watching. Please like and subscribe.
And I want all of you to have a wonderful day and a wonderful life. Thanks guys. Bye.

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