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Hi, guys. So I’ve just done a four minute
HIIT routine and I’m actually dying. Hence the top.
Hi, guys and welcome back to my pregnancy update. Today is my 20 week update and this
week has been quite exciting because I had my 20 week scan, which is always a really
nice point to get to because the scan is so in depth and it’s so reassuring because they’ve
seen everything now. They’ve seen the heart, kidneys, stomach, absolutely everything that
even zoomed in on the face and they could see that his lips were good, like there was
no cleft lip or anything like that, so they checked him over. I did worry a tiny bit because
at one stage they couldn’t see part of the heart that they needed to check, so I had
to go away, have something sweet to eat, they said walk around for a bit, jiggle around
and use the toilet and all this stuff. I came back and he had moved into the right position
so that they could check his heart, but in that half hour while I was waiting, I was
like, what’s wrong with his heart? But he was absolutely fine.
So anyway, this is him and he’s looking so much chunkier. It is definitely a boy. They
zoomed in and I have seen it for my own eyes. I am definitely feeling and looking pregnant
now. I love when you get to the stage and you have an actual bump. I’ll show you what
it looks like but yes, I’m wearing all maternity clothes now. I can’t squeeze into any of my
trousers or anything like that unless they’re below my bump and I’ve just ordered a pair
of over the bump leggings because it’s definitely got to that stage and they feel so good. I
got them on ASOS. I’m still taking my Pregnacare supplements
that I’ve been taking the whole way through. That’s really become a habit for me. So just
really started taking seriously using my stretch mark cream and belly cream. Up until this
point I have moisturizing but now I think I’m going to take it a bit more seriously.
I do have a few stretchmarks, but really they’re not bad at all. And all of the stretch marks
that I have, I actually got once I went overdue, so when I was over 42 weeks, then I’ve got
my stretch marks, which is totally unfair because I made it right to the end and then
I got some. But in the past I’ve used bio oil, cocoa butter, and just coconut oil. So
I’m going to use all of those things again and I don’t just smothered it on my bump.
I do my bump, my sides, my thighs, my boobs. I do everywhere.
Although I’ve got some great maternity bits, I am really struggling to find any nice maternity
swimwear. Both of my other children are winter babies and we never went on holiday when I
was pregnant, so I didn’t have to worry about it, but we’re off on holiday soon and I really
was going to buy some maternity swimwear, but it’s all so ugly. I’m thinking about just
wearing the bikinis that I have and just letting it all hang out. But I don’t know. Put in
the comments if you know anywhere that I can get some really nice maternity swimwear because
I’m really struggling. Recently for our bed I’ve got a new duvet
and some pillows. They were super expensive because I got goose down feathers, but it’s
just helping me sleep a bit because I’m finding it so hard to sleep when I’m pregnant. I’m
still sometimes using the loo, it’s now getting a bit harder to roll over in bed and I’m getting
a few pulls and things on my side and if I roll over too quickly it hurts. I don’t know
if the baby is in a funny position or if that’s just like my body, but I’ve invested in some
better like comforters and things to help me sleep. I’ve never actually bought a pregnancy
pillow before and I don’t think I will this time. I just have like extra pillows around
me and blankets. Lots and lots of baby movement, which has
been really, really lovely. He’s the size of a mango now, which is about 16 and a half
centimeters. Is that right? God, that sounds quite big. I’ve been trying to think of what
other products I’ve been using a lot of. I’ve been having lots of decaf tea, decaf coffee.
I have lots of herbal teas with no caffeine in them and things because I am a bit of a
coffee drinker. That’s one thing that I’ve had to completely change while I’ve been pregnant
and in the first trimester I’ve already went off of tea coffee but now I’m really enjoying
those things and also still my hot lemon because this baby loves lemon juice for some reason.
As I mentioned earlier, just a few aches and pains and pulls, like I’m guessing where my
stomach is growing or the baby is moving and stretching me, but other than that I’ve been
feeling not that tired. I’m feeling quite good. My skin’s really improved. I have had
a few headaches but there is definitely a correlation with me not drinking enough water
and me having a headache, so I’m just really trying to keep up with my water intake while
I’m pregnant. But yes, I think that is it for this week, thank you so much for watching.
And I’ll be back next week for my 21 week update, and I will see you very soon. Bye.
And a little bit of dizziness lately, but apparently that can be hormones as well. So
if I-


  • Chanelle Kirkpatrick

    Hi Emily! So happy I found your channel! Congratulations on baby #3 😊 I'm pregnant with my first baby at the moment, I'm a few days behind you 😊 it's so lovely to follow your pregnancy and compare it with mine… We are experiencing many of the same symptoms and cravings! Although my main craving is milk at the moment. I wonder if this means I'm having a little boy too 😉 we find out later @ 22 weeks. Xx

  • It's Our Wonderful Life

    It is super hard to find cute swimming suits for pregnant ladies LOL I'm struggling too. if I find anything I'll let you know.

  • Kasia Gostynska

    Try seafolly one piece swimsuits, they aren't maternity but have rouching so your bump will fit! I had one when on holiday pregnant, was perfect! Xx Kasia

  • Policosmetics82

    Yay congratulation on the good news that everything is ok with the baby! Another boy – you will have an army, girl, so fun! 🙂

  • Sasha Rose

    Glad your scan went well! had mine Wednesday and all went well, werr also team blue this time tound! So now to sort all my daughters old bits and sell and get boys stuff (were only planning on 2 children) 😅 I never got a pregnancy pillow with my daughter but argos had one last month for £6.99 so i couldn't resist and it definitely is helping! 😀 xx

  • My Happy Ever After

    Hey beautiful lady! You look gorgeous in pink 😍. You go for it and wear a bikini, you always look fabulous xx

  • Emma-Jane Saunt

    I'd definitely go for a bikini – you look beautiful as a pregnant woman, it really suits you! Be proud of your bump & have a lovely holiday 🙂 xx

  • Cookie Fleming

    I'm with you on the ugly swimwear! I managed to find a pair of maternity bikini bottoms in the sale in New Look when I was pregnant with my last baby a couple of years ago in the hopes that I'd go swimming a lot. That never happened but I'm now struggling to find a bikini/tanking top to match to take on holiday. You'll have to let us know if you find anything x

  • Christine Keys

    I didn't have a pregnancy pillow last time around (I had about 10 pillows in bed, ha!), but I got one this time, and I'm SO glad I did! I'm only 12 weeks, but I love that thing to bits! My husband is a little jealous. 😛 Hehe

  • Summerfall-27

    Congratulations on your new baby boy!!! You will do just fine. You are doing very well with your two boys. Congratulations again!!

  • Love Dolly

    awwww sooo cute i know that baby will be just as beautiful as the ones you already have ..i have one girl i want a boy now …and i think im being capricious i just want a little man sooo badly

  • blumammu

    I got stretchmarks the last month of the pregnancy with my first. Makes me so angry to think I almost made it! You look great ^.^

  • Amal Jabara

    you look so gorgeous
    I'm got my 20 week's altrasound on Tuesday I can't wait to figure out if it's a boy or girl

  • Amber's Beauty Chair

    I'm currently 24 weeks and I love having my bump actually show! You look adorable! Congrats on the boy! I have two boys and now I'm expecting a girl!! 💕

  • Amanda Clark

    I just wanted to let you know I absolutely adore your pregnancy videos! We're expecting our first in Feb 2018 and my hubby stumbled upon your videos when looking for "how to be a dad" videos. I love how cheerful and positive you are and still very real (the body image chat during week 13 video totally hit home with me!). Following along on your journey (a year later lol!) has been fantastic – I'm a quilter so I love watching a few videos while I'm at my sewing machine…it makes for a perfectly relaxing morning! I'm looking forward to checking out your videos on other topics as I give this motherhood thing a shot 🙂 xo

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