24 Hours With Our Baby Sister!
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24 Hours With Our Baby Sister!

Hey guys, it’s Karina. It’s Ronald, and we are from… Sis versus bro
Bro! And today we’re going to be spending 24 hours with our baby sister! (simultaneously scream) I’m so excited because we love our baby sister so much, she’s the cutest little munchkin ever and you will squish her cheeks but she probably wouldn’t like that, so I’m not going to do that. But today we’re going to be spending 24 hours with her. So, that means we’re going to be with her the entire day. (Gasps) That’s awesome. So, I think she just woke up and we’re going to go check on her. Maybe, see what she wants to wear for the day. What? Do babies have outfits for the day? We’re going to put her in the cutest little outfit ever. Okay. All right, let’s go. Meow. So guys, Arya is in her little crib, and now we’re gonna say good morning. (baby cooing) Hi Arya, good morning! You’re especially cute this morning, Arya. Arya, what do you wanna wear? What’s your outfit gonna be? You get to choose your outfit this time. Does she really care? I think she’s gonna look super cute in her outfit. Arya, did you do a poopsie oopsie in your doopsie? (both laugh) In the noopsie. (giggling) (mumbling) All right Arya, I think it’s time for you to get ready in your cute little outfit. Right, Arya? Yeah. Look how excited she is, she’s like, “yeah I’m going to look super cute”! She’s doing karate chops, she lost her pacifier, she’s going (Ronald makes crying noises) All right Arya, I’m going to take you. (baby cooing) Come on. What’s happening? What’s happening? Hi Arya. What’s happening? (gentle guitar strumming) We’re going to put you here. All right Arya, we got a couple different outfits for you right here. All right, we have these two little frilly pants here, there’s frillies on them. Arya, do you like these? Do you want these pants? (crickets chirping) No, I don’t really care. She’s not even looking. We also have this to go with it, this cute little top with flowers. Karina! She’s not a fashion model. She is my fashion model. And also to go with that, we have a cute little headband! The headband can be with any outfit, but I love this headband, so cute. Of course, we have some more outfits. We’ve got this outfit with some flowers and here I think she just farted. Like a very light one. Arya, did you do a poopsie-oopsie in your doopsie? (Karina laughing) Did you? Okay. Your doopsie-hoopsie. And here we’ve got a matching hat and some pink little pants. Arya, do you like this outfit? Nah, I don’t really care. Okay, Arya, next outfit, this is my favorite outfit. This one is just a dress. She already has a shirt on and we could put this little dress on and she’s gonna look super cute. And with the little bow, she’s gonna be so adorable. Okay, we have that. We have this little jean dress, I think it’s super cute, she’s gonna look super adorable. Do you like this one? Oh, you think it’s boring? She was yawning, she was like yawn. You think it’s boring Arya? Okay fine, I’m going to put it all the way over here. Okay Arya, I don’t think you really have an opinion on what you want to wear. So, I’m just gonna put you in the cutest one. Which is this one, it’s so cute and with a cute little bow headband. (Ronald screams) It’s gonna be so cute. Okay Arya, let’s get your little feetsies in. (punching noises) No, no, Arya your feetsies have to go in. All right, other foots goes in. No, Arya, don’t take your feet out. Arya, Arya, Arya, Arya. Now you have to lift your little booty. It’s so little. (giggling) Okay, one, Arya. Okay, Arya, I think it’s a strap so- She’s like “what’s happening? What’s happening? What’s happening?” We’ve got, I’m gonna put this on and you’re gonna be super cute. And now gonna put your little headband on. Your headband is especially cute, Arya. Arya! You’re so cute! It’s a bit too big but whatever! Arya, do you like your new dress?! I think you’re so cute, Arya. She looks like a cook. Do you think you like it? So guys, after Arya is dressed, we usually put her in the swing for a little bit. We have her swing right here. She loves the swing, she’s gonna swing on it, and it’s gonna be super awesome. Are we excited? We’re gonna go on the swing. You love the swing, Arya. Oop, don’t take the thing with you. Okay, Arya, we’re going to go to your swing. Arya, I’m going to strap you in, to make sure you don’t run away from us. There we go! Okay, we’re gonna turn it on. Wait, where’s on button? There it is. (toy noises) Arya, it’s swinging now. Arya! Arya! You’re swingy-swingy. And you’re on the swing. Are you having fun on your swing? Yay, having so much fun! (baby noise) Arya! Look at her karate kicks! Arya, you’re doing like mega kicks here? All right, so after we leave her in the swing, usually someone’s watching her while she’s swinging to make sure no one’s gonna like, jump on top of her. Ronald might do that. Or a (mumbles). So now, we’re gonna eat breakfast and she’s just gonna chill here until she wants her breakfast. Yes. (gentle upbeat music) So guys, we just finished our breakfast and Arya’s still swinging on her swing. So she is not hungry. She isn’t hungry yet, soon she’ll be I think. I think we have to wait six more hours. (Karina laughing) Maybe. So guys, I think Arya’s falling asleep soon so I got her blanket. Yes. Arya, want to go to sleep? Are you going to go to sleep, Arya? Yes. A little nap before breakfast? Okay Arya, you can go to sleep. Bye outside world, conk-shoo. Guys, look, Arya’s sleeping. So peaceful. How does she fall asleep so fast? I wish I could have her sleeping powers. So guys, Arya just ate, she ate a lot and now she’s super cute. Are you ready for the next thing we’re gonna do? She was always cute, Karina. Well now she’s especially cute. Right now I think she’s ready to go in her stroller and have, and go for a walk you know? Just walk around. Arya are you excited? Do you like your stroller? Yeah. Are you excited? Yeah. So excited, the face of excitement. All right Arya, we’re going to go to your stroller now. Let’s go. Okay, so, Arya is in her stroller and she’s ready to go for a walk! Arya, are you ready? All right, let’s go, come on. Arya, we’re outside now, are you excited? We’re gonna go on a walk. I’m gonna open up your little looking hole so you can look around. Aren’t you a little excited munchkin? Arya are you having fun? In your little walk? You’re looking around, you can see so many things! But, so far, you’re just kinda looking up. (baby crying) Here’s your pacifier, it’s okay Arya, you don’t have to cry. You’re so cute, you don’t need to cry. She loves her pacifier cause it has hearts on it. Yes, two hearts. All right, let’s continue our walk. It might get a little sunny out, yeah? She’s just, now she’s just relaxing. She has something to suck on.
She’s just chilling, like I’m gonna get a nice tan. I’m gonna look so nice for back to school season. I go to school, totally. So guys, we’re back from our walk and Arya is really excited to go to her bouncer. Arya, are you excited to go to your bouncer? Yes you are, yeah! We’re going to your bouncer, Arya. Here’s her bouncer. Welcome to the magical land. You want me to help? Yes. Okay Arya, stick your feetsies in. (baby cries) Arya, it’s okay, we have to get her pacifier! Arya, it’s okay. Good now? We have to fix your bow. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Yes you are. Cutest baby ever, cutest baby.
Bouncy, bouncy. Yeah, big yawn. So you guys, we had to change Arya into a new outfit because she did the biggest poopsie in her life. Poopsie-doopsie. So big it went everywhere, and I don’t know how something so big can come out of something so cute and small. Now she is in her new swing, well not her new, but this other swinger, and hopefully she will fall asleep. Arya, it’s time to go to sleep. Go to sleep. (both make wooing noises) Arya, go to sleep. (soft children’s music) Okay guys, it’s been a few minutes and Arya’s already asleep. Hi. So cute. So then she’s just going to sleep here until she’s hungry again or when she wants to do something else. So, we’ll see you guys when she wakes up. So guys, Arya woke up from her nap. She had some milk and now she’s full. Right, Arya? Yeah. And we’re gonna hang out with her for a little bit and later she’s gonna have a bath. Are you excited for your bath Arya? Are you excited? (baby cooing) You’re so cute, Arya, I love you so much. (kissing noise) So guys, now it’s time for bath time! Woo! For Arya, our dad prepared the water and we’ve got a little rubber ducky. It’s all perfect. 37 degrees. We’re gonna have an oatmeal bath. Apparently oatmeal is good for babies, I don’t know why, but we’re gonna have an oatmeal bath, so. Yes. Arya, are you ready? We’re gonna go see if Arya is ready. Arya are you ready for bathtime? You’ve been preparing for this moment. Arya, is it bath-time? Is it time for you to have a bath? Yeah! Yeah, Arya, you’re so excited. Arya, are you a cutie? Cute little baby? She’s like “yeah”. (soft instrumental music) (mumbling) Look, she loves it. She’s like oh yes, the head scrubs. Oh yeah. That’s the best part, the head scrubs. The head scrubs. Oh Arya, you’re so cute. Arya. Look, she’s looking at you like, “hello”! I will find you, step one complete. Arya, what are you looking at? She loves it here. She’s like, “oh yes, more head scrubs”! More head scrubs! Okay, Arya has finished bath time. We’re gonna wrap her up in her blanket, and then we’re gonna brush her hair and then we’re gonna put her in her pajamas. We have to brush her hair? Yeah, I’ve brushed her hair once before. Oh. You have to brush it. Arya! (mumbling) Arya, you’re a little queen, look at you. She’s, like, looking across the walls. Like, ooh interesting walls, interesting camera, ooh. Looking at everything she so interested, she’s like “what? Why are you guys (mumbles)”. Oh she smiled! She smiled! Arya smiled! Oh now she’s not smiling anymore. She’s looking everywhere! She’s looking at me, stop looking at me! (laughing) She’s always looking at me what am I gonna do? She’s staring at you, she’s like, “Ronald, why are you watching me take a bath?” Okay guys, now it’s time to brush Arya’s hair. Arya has a weird brush, it’s not even a brush. It’s like these little soft things. But, that makes sense because she is only a baby. She doesn’t have a lot of hair, but we’re gonna brush her. I don’t even brush my hair and she has way less hair than me and she’s getting brushed hair? Well, you don’t want it to be knotted. Arya, what kind of noises are you making? She’s like “I am karate chopping even in this blanket, I karate chop all the time!” Arya, you’re gonna look so cute with brushed hair. (baby cooing) All right, you have to lift your head now. Arya, it’s time to put on your pajamas. Is it time? We picked out these pajamas, do you like these ones? Do you approve? They have flowers! Are these Arya approved? Yes. She’s looking at them, I think she likes them. All right, I think it’s time to put on your pajamas. Arya, you’ve gotta stick every single toesie in. Every single one, you can’t leave a toesie behind. Okay, you sorta got your upper foot in. Do not move okay, do not move. Now you gotta get one arm in. And now, you just have to zip. Arya, you’re fully dressed now and ready to go to sleep! Yay! Yay! She’s in her pajamas! Okay guys, now Arya is ready for bed. She didn’t have to brush her teeth, ’cause, well, she doesn’t have any teeth. So, we’re gonna put her straight into her bed. All right Arya, I’m gonna grab you. All right Arya, I’m gonna go to bed now. It’s time to go to sleep in your little crib. Arya, and your little (mumbles). She has no pillow?! No pillow. There you go Arya. So guys, now we’re going to have to wait for Arya to go to sleep in her little crib, her little onesie, and her cute little face. And her pacifier, penguin pacifier this time. Arya is so cute, she sleeps all the way through the night and we just love her so much and we hope you like this video of us spending 24 hours with her. I definitely had fun just taking care of little baby Arya. Arya did you have fun with us taking care of you? Yeah, especially my penguin pacifier. (giggling) We hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button,
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