3 Newborn Nursery Essentials
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3 Newborn Nursery Essentials

and then you’ll be taken right
on over to the page that will
tell you all the details When you get there just enter
your name and your
email address Now all you have to do is click
the link below me in this video
to learn all about FLYA so that it’s easy for you to
get results. and to snag your seat. Instead, I will show you
what to do, why we’re doing
it and how to do it properly And No, I will not tell you
to close the door and let
your baby cry it out. to get them to sleep through
the night. I show you how to understand
your little one’s personality
and use it your advantage and what makes FLYA different
than all those other methods
out there is that you need to follow to easily
teach your baby to sleep
longer stretches through the night Now, FLYA is my proven step
by step system where I will
walk you through the six steps I want to introduce you the
Feel Like Yourself Again Baby
Sleep Solution or FLYA as the cool kids call it. Well girl, I hear you and
good news is, I can help. and you may find yourself asking
how the heck do I get this
baby to sleep through the night. and then when you wake up
in the morning, you’re super
tired, exhausted and frustrated Now, here’s the bigger question,
what did you have to do to
get your baby back to sleep? That you have to rock her,
bounce her or feed her
all night long how many times were you up
last night with your baby? Once?
Twice? Three times or more? Hey girl, Tamiko here. And
let me ask you a question, if they wanna buy buttons to
buy them for when your baby is 6 months or older for
your registry list. older and if you’re creating
a list for you know, a request for your shower,
I would definitely tell, reserve these types of clothes
for when your baby’s a little bit like this, it’s going to prove to
be a challenge. So I would a lot and trying to do the
buttons in addition to snaps These things are cute and
great, however when you’re trying to dress a newborn they
are super squishy. They move You wanna stay away
from things with buttons. brand new baby, any baby
4 months or younger, stay warm as well. So, one of the things you wanna
stay away from are onesies that have buttons. If you have a
brand new baby, so I consider have a cold room in your
house, your baby’s feet can favorites too. They also have
footies on the bottom so if you go back together. Isn’t that
cool? This is one of my done, you just match the
magnets back up and they all Slip your baby in, get them
dress and then when you’re all you do, is you open each
magnet here, like so. all of these that you see here,
all these are magnets. So, they have smaller as well.
And these are great because This is through the 6 months
but they make, with magnets. This is by a
company called Magnetic Me. And then another option for
you here is also the pajamas buttons in the back because it
will make it super easy for you. what I would say to do is try
to find one that does not have Now, this particular one has
buttons in the back, like, was it I can get here, when
it’s just a sleeve, which is great. when you put it over their hand
and then this is what it looks So, this is the one hand,
this is what the mitten looks like you can turn and put their
hand inside of here. so if you have a newborn that is
prone to scratching their face, and go back to sleep. These are
great, they also have mittens, you just pull this up, change
the diaper, tuck them back in your baby in here and at night
when you do a diaper change, bottom here, they don’t have
legs. So simply you just slip newborn nightgowns. Now,
newborn nightgowns at the Another thing I think is critical
for you to have are change but doesn’t require you
to put on multiple pieces. your baby spits up. So that you
can have an easy wardrobe easy and they are also great to
have in your diaper bag in case registry list because these
make diaper changes super get them all the way to 12
months if you are making a get these in 0 to 3 months,
3 to 6 months. I would even go on about your way. So these
are definitely critical. I would so you can really quickly stick
them back in, put them up and and you could just take their
foot out, take the other foot out baby’s foot in here, the zipper
is down here at the bottom changes in the middle of the
night. All you do is to put a because they make it super
easy for you to do diaper zippered onesies. These
zippered onesies are critical So one thing I think is
essential for you to have are So let’s dive in. need so I don’t have too much
stuff that I will never use?” “…what should I be buying
for my newborn? What do I Welcome to
#convoswithtamiko And the question I get from
parents all the time is “Tamiko, God bless you and
sweet Dreams. you need to know about FLYA
and I will see you on
the other side.

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