34 WEEKS Pregnant | Third Pregnancy | BRITTANY BRINSON
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34 WEEKS Pregnant | Third Pregnancy | BRITTANY BRINSON

okay okay let’s try this again
okay so 34 weeks yeah Lets get to business background change I’ve just about got the nursery done hallelujah I can hear
the angels singing because if you seen all my snap story or you seen my insta
story what this room looked like before it needed an act of Jesus to come and
help me put this thing together it’s taking a while taking like a good three
weeks I would say that I’ve been working on here and there and when I can you go
sit right here anyways let’s get this thing rolling Brittany: please put that back Brantley: I just thought
you might use it in the picture Brittany: this is a video oh this is my 24 week video
Brantley: I thought you were gonna hold it in your hands and talk to it Brittany: oh no hey you can
tell them what week I’m on ok tell them week 24 Brantley: week 24
Brittany: week 24 Branton: week 24 Brantley: 25 weeks Brittany: no oh on it says 24 it’s 34 35 weeks
so I’ve got a couple of things on here and by a couple I mean more than 2 a
few all right Brantley now officially weighing 150 so I have gained a
twenty pounds I’ve been noticing for the past couple weeks that I have been
experiencing a little bit of swelling here and there like in my hands and in
my feet and in my calves I didn’t have any of that with the other two but I’m
assuming it’s normal though I mentioned it at my doctor’s appointment this past
week and you know they didn’t say otherwise so for you and me hmm
I’ve also been experiencing a little bit of chest pains and yeah my belly like
I’m starting to get that line I forget what it’s called have to and started
right here somewhere I don’t know if I mentioned it and the last one maybe I
just forgot to mention but there’s a bit from being pregnant and it can show up
like in your second trimester or your third trimester I had it with both of my
other ones and it showed up around like the second trimester so for it to be
showing up this late in my pregnancy is a little odd to me but it’s there now
and I’ve heard like two different wives tales of what that line means and it’s
like one is like a gender predictor and I don’t know the details on how to
predict the gender from that already know because now I’m kind of curious now
that I mention it right now but it was a gender predictor and I’ve also heard
that that line also means gives you an indication of when you’re going to go in
labor or how close you are to laborers shortness of breath as you can tell I’m
still experiencing that I don’t think that’s going away anytime soon
I’ve been having okay so that last time I told you about this contraction were
considered to be like labor contractions I went to my doctor’s appointment this
past week and when they were asking me like about my symptoms and stuff and I
was telling them and then I was telling him about like the Braxton Hicks and
then that one time that one really bad episode that was in my back
excuse me about that one time in my back they were actually labor contractions
and I’m assuming because I found out my last appointment they did check me due
to all those contractions that I’ve been experiencing and that one bad episode
they decided that they were going to check me and I am now currently dilated
to a 3 and I’m assuming of it two together here but that’s kind of how
that happened or where that coming from where I’m now dilated to three my doctor
basically in different words so that I should be on bed rest by considering my
two little ones you know what are you gonna do that’s not actually gonna
happen but I am doing the best that I can to stay off my feet and do as little
as possible unfortunately now my husband has a
bigger load to carry as far as like the house chores and then working like
coming home and then doing house chores and helping more so take on my
responsibilities with the kids and wandering and you know like I said I
have some basic house tours and stuff I may be TMI but it is a pregnancy
update vlog video this is my junk my junk whatever you want to call it all
that pressure I’m feeling it hurts it feels like after being in labor with
them and if you have already had have had kids you know what I’m talking about
I want you give birth it feels like you have been like sucker-punched and you
are so sore but I’m feeling that way I haven’t even delivered yet so
just all the pressure I’m just sore he’s really in my hips it just hurts but
that’s not anything neither and along those lines I don’t have looked this up
before but I didn’t have this issue with the you know like fearing anything the
past two times I guess I was just naive or completely oblivious or not really
paying attention or as in tune to my body as I have been this go around but I
know it sounds really silly but I feel like okay so I have to pee all the time
you know my third trimester have to pee all the time and every time I go to the
bathroom I am feeling like I’m going to have a baby because of all the pressure
that’s there anyway and I know it’s silly I know it doesn’t happen like
maybe just balls out okay I’ll make you tea tea later and I know that sounds so
silly okay you can only make ttg and I know that sounds so silly but I don’t
know I guess just K so we’re getting so close and means 30 centimeters dilated I could go into labor at any minute really
there’s really no way to tell I mean it could be normals what my doctor said
because this is my third baby you just tend to dilate quicker and sooner
everything goes quicker but I guess it’d be my third the kid just makes me I
don’t know I don’t know where that fear comes from like well maybe because I
went so quickly everything went so quickly the second time around I’m just
nervous about it but that is currently what I’m fearing and sleeping
sleeping I’ve been trying sitting up and sleeping is I have a lot of hip pain my
hips pop when I get up and that hurt too like all the extra weight down here in
this lower region it just hurts my butt hurts my thighs my hips all of it hurts
right now really not comfortable in any position but I have found that when I’m
more sitting up it helps a little bit even with my big old pregnancy pillow
but that is not helping me out like it used to anymore so working on trying to
figure out another sleeping position because I’m super uncomfortable and
around it’s getting to be like everyone I’m waking up at like five o’clock in
the morning and basically just well all throughout the night but like by the
time it’s like five o’clock in the morning like I’m pretty wide awake and
then I’m dozing in the narrow until about like 7:00 that’s normally when I’m
starting to get up and move around but that’s all I got for you my leg is
asleep all I’ve got going for you I have almost got my nursery completed
and the way that I wanted my nerd or my I know I’ve said it a million times I’m
going to be doing my hospital video wasn’t my hospital bag and I’ll just
combine that one with my baby bags for what I’m bringing to the hospital and
I’m gonna change that after the hospital but I will be doing that I just haven’t
gotten to it oh this day pretty exhausted and by the way this shirt
pickles Donuts pizza and ice cream is teen fest maternity shirt I have come
across anyways I got this one like in a pack of three I was doing the
collaboration with one of these companies and I will list all of that
information in the details below but since this video is not about that I’m
just saying I had to share my maternity shirt baby is too stinkin cute the best
what word am I looking for the best stereotypical pregnancy chart I have
found that you get Oh okay so here’s the bump whoo
sorry front you and you see that we get in there fill large and in charge and
stick it out and Oh everything hurt raise like oh you’re so tiny but
so so tiny but I think that’s just you know all that good jazz I make him plain
a lot but I’m just trying to keep it real
because pregnancy is beautiful but it’s also I don’t want to say what is a good
one pregnancy is beautiful but it is difficult it is difficult it’s hard
there’s nothing easy about it especially all not in the first trimester when
you’re sick if you’re sick and then if you have any complications and then I
don’t know the third trimester is even though it’s flying by from this bit
start to really go quickly for me in the second trimester after my sickness
started to subside started to go away it’s okay baby now it’s flying by I’m
just uncomfortable one I’ll be over soon it’s okay like it’s gonna be over soon
I’m not like those women who enjoy being pregnant I like the aftermath I’ve seen
this beautiful miracle you know baby and as I get older playing with them in
Lebanon and that’s that’s the most enjoyable miraculous part of all of this but other women are like oh yeah I’d go
back and do it all over again once we get through it anyways I’m rambling
thank you guys so much for watching stay blessed
have a wonderful holidays and I will see you guys in my next video don’t forget
to Like and subscribe and comment below and engage with me I’m really trying to
get better about that I’m better about engaging on Instagram but here lately
you just I get to it when I get to it but I get to it eventually like I think
you try to answer every single comment life life happen oh thank you getting
off the floor it’s not easy you gotta help me okay
oh wait you think you needed that I have been noticing that I’m feeling heavier okay no seriously I’m trying to get done
with the hey I have a nursing me I’m now weighing 150
so I have officially gained last 50 weeks no you can’t be pregnant for 150
weeks silly now I am weighing one fit so I’m here late okay so I’m now officially
one weighing one plane sit sit so


  • Lots Of Love

    You look incredible momma glowing as always. Pregnancy so suits you and you carry beautifully. You are a beautiful pregnant goddess and legit could be a pregnant model. Have you ever had anyone ask to rub/touch your bump to feel him move/kick? How do you feel about belly touchers? I know this might be something you want to keep private but how have you been intimacy wise during pregnancy? Have you had any embarrassing symptoms like lots of gas farting burping hiccuping etc? You should do the baby momma dance video.

  • Emi De Melo

    Hey beautiful, huge congratulations on your pregnancy! ­čĹ­čĆ╗­čŹ╝ I hope itÔÇÖs a wonderful journey for you. IÔÇÖm currently 13 weeks and looking for mummy friends to connect with on YouTube. ­čĺĽ wanna support each other?

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