34-WEEKS PREGNANT WITH BABY NUMBER EIGHT | Large Family Mom Day In the Life | Jamerrill Stewart
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34-WEEKS PREGNANT WITH BABY NUMBER EIGHT | Large Family Mom Day In the Life | Jamerrill Stewart

– [Mom] Okay, Daniel,
gonna hand you another. – Another one. – [Mom] Another one. – Another one. Oh, another one. – [Mom] Yes, here, put ’em in the dryer. Woo, good job. (Daniel coos) Good job. – Uh-oh – [Mom] It’s okay, pick it up. Good job. Oh good…here
you go, push it in. Woo…what a big helper. Aren’t you so strong, Daniel? – Yes. – [Mom] Yes… Here you go, put ’em in. Put ’em in…Yeah. Okay now we’re gonna shut the door. Okay, hold on. You wanna
shut the door for mommy? You like that lil’ button, don’t you? Okay, shut the door and
then we’ll turn it on. Whoop! (Daniel repeats) And now watch this… (gasps) Mommy pushed the button. Okay you go run for a minute
while I get another load goin’. Hey friends, so, I haven’t
filmed a Day in the Life in a while, and as you can tell… I have…I see, yes, that is broken. As you can tell, I have fallen off of my Week in the Life filming. My Week in the Lifes are
so behind right now but… I’m gonna set this down
and do my laundry soap. Let’s see here. (dryer running and Daniel chattering) So I thought I would try
to do a Day in the Life. I am…34 weeks pregnant today with baby number eight. And so I’m just gonna
do a Day in the Life of 34 weeks pregnant with
number eight blog today. Finally, we are finally going out. – Yeah, finally (mumbles) – [Mom] Yes, great, let’s go. You’ve got your shoes on? I’ve got my slippers on still. So we are finally getting outside to play. Daniel has given me my hat. Gabriel had a “sergeant” birthday party. I shared some pictures
from that on Instagram. Oh, I’ve got “Piano Guys” going. I’ve gotta mute that or
I’ll get a copyright thingy. So I will show you guys
our laundry mountain. Let’s see, so we had
family in this weekend. We partied hard… What else has been goin’ on? Travis graduated from
college a few weeks ago. Maybe two…two and a half weeks ago. It’s all running together. And then I had a five-day
blogging conference business trip I went on with a friend of mine. And then, last week, we kind of regrouped and worked on some of our new routines. But, obviously, like the last four days, when we had family visitin’ and all that, laundry’s gotten away from us so I’m gonna show you our
laundry pile…all the laundry. But, priorities. We are
gettin’ outside to play first. And Travis, actually Travis and Jayden are workin’ on Jayden’s car and then Zion is doing some
tool organization with his dad. Everyone else is waitin’
on me to get outside. Gabriel unloaded the dishes,
Naomi loaded the dishwasher. You know, we’ve been doin’ jobs throughout the morning and such. Now we’re gonna get outside and just get a good hour or so in of
hypin’ around and playin’. And then we’re gonna
roll into our lunchtime, read aloud time…and… what else do I have on my list today? Lunchtime, read aloud time,
then tablework time… I’m hoping to do haircuts and
quick showers this afternoon. I have a bunch of freezer meals still, so I’m gonna get some baked
ziti in the oven this evening. Then I’m hopin…you want
banana? I’ll get you one. (Daniel replies) Yes,
ope, get your hat on. And then what else is happening? Would like to, cuz again,
we’re workin’ our routines, have dinner at the big
table, do family Bible time, then I’d like to start
reading Corrie Ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place”…just as a family read aloud this evening. And then we got a bunch
of fun, silly games. I got this one for Gabriel, I’ll show ya. We got Pie in the Face for his birthday. And then on that blogging trip I went on, this company gave me this game for free. That was just in a swag bag, but I know the kids will have fun with that. So, I don’t usually keep games
on top of the refrigerator but I did not want the
kids to get in those yet until we had time to play
’em and then I had time to put them with our other games. And then I think the last
thing we’ll do today is all work together on the laundry mountain. If we all work on it, you know, teamwork makes the dream work. It should take about an hour. Yesterday…did your diaper fall down? I’ll fix it. Yesterday I worked a whole
bunch on the kid’s bedrooms. We switched…one of the things
they got done while I was at my conference was they
got the bedrooms switched. I just felt like the
girls’ room was bigger than the boys’ room. It’s something I didn’t
realize when we moved in. And we have more boys than girls, so they needed the bigger room. So the switch has gone well. I got new Avengers and Marvel type pictures for the boys’ room. And then…what else did…I
got ’em new red comforters, a new red rug, got some new,
fun things from Hobby Lobby for the girls’ room. I’m gonna do an upstairs tour soon. I know I’ve promised one and
I just didn’t get it done yet. We still have a bunch of
movie stuff out and our PS4. We don’t usually have that
on the kitchen counter but one of the fun things we
did for Gabriel’s birthday was an all-night movie party. I think the kids made
it ’till about three AM. And they got about tree
or so movies watched. So, gotta pack that up today. Oh, another thing Gabriel got was a… I don’t know if you guys
have ever done these. I did these as a kid. Sea-Monkeys. So we’re gonna do the
Sea-Monkeys at some point, probably not today, but
now we gettin’ outside. (happy guitar music) Friends, so I am at Hobby Lobby right now. I had two different
doctors appointments today. So during the…on the in
between, I’m trying to get some shopping done. Oh, that is cute. I’m lookin’ at these stoplights here. I don’t know that it’s $89 good, but you can see I have a full cart. We just got the kids’
bedrooms switched around and I’m going to…I’m just lookin’ for special things for their rooms. Now I just found their 66%
off home decor section. Seein’ lots of good things there. We’re doin’ the boys’ room
in like a Marvel theme and so I have found a lot
of these here today like this Iron Man old comic cover for only $8.50. I’ve been snatchin’ those up. This is like the King of the
birthday party supply places. Wooh, they got everything. I got two pinatas for
Gabriel’s birthday so far. So Travis just came inside to meet me and he got all of the birthday presents and extra bedroom decorating stuff. I found the comforters I
wanted for the boys’ room and their area rug, and got all of Gabriel’s
birthday items and such so I checked out with that cart, he came in, got it for me, loaded it. Now I’m goin’ after food. So what I have right now is lots of fruits and a big banana box but then junk for the birthday. We’re gonna do meatball
subs, I got some little pizza bites, we’ve got ice cream. So just piecin’ it together right now. We are heading back from our forest now. We had lunch in the forest. I got a little reading done, we started “Little House on the Prairie.” We had finished “Little
House in the Big Woods,” and did some other readin’ hadn’t got back to that series yet. So, we started the “Little
House on the Prairie” one today. Got a couple chapters in, more just a whole lot of
play time, and then… So we’re gonna go back to the house now gonna get Daniel in his bed, cuz I’m slowly working on
moving him to a new bed in the boys’ room so he can
get used to sleeping in there. And I’m startin’ by doin’
some nap times in there so it’s not such a dramatic change. So we’re gonna go back,
get him down for his nap, and then either Legos or drawing while I read a few more chapters. We’ll just keep on rollin’ for there. So we are takin’ a break from our reading. I had Naomi get the oven all pre-heated. This is one of my pans of baked ziti. And I know, guys, I know my freezer meal, my recent one, is not up yet. It just takes a lot of editing
and I know that you all will want recipes to go along with it all. So it’s takin’ me longer
because…34 weeks pregnant. That’s my reason. (laughs) But anyway, I did make
five pans of baked ziti. So this is a recent Day in the Life. I’m hoping to just get
this flipped around. Today is actually Memorial Day. And I’m hoping to get this out tomorrow so you guys have something updated. Anyway… I am working behind the scenes to hopefully get my huge
online Walmart grocery order and my huge two-day extravaganza and my new freezer and all that up, but I’ll update you guys on all that. Felt like I had to say all that to say: “Here’s my baked ziti.” This says 350 for 1.5 to two hours. What I’m learning with a
lot of the freezer meals that I made is, and it
may just be my oven, I’m having to cook em’ at more like 450 for up to two hours and about an hour or so in,
I’m gonna pull this top lid off to help the ziti finish baking. It’s just, you know, when
you’re baking freezer meals, if they’re not already defrosted, you have to work with
your oven temperatures to get them cooked all the way. So this is just…that
lid is loose on the top and we’re gonna let the baked
ziti go for up to two hours. I will check on it. But, it’s just nice to plop it in and not have to fool with nothin’ today. So here is where we are in
“Little House on the Prairie.” It’s the part where Laura and Mary are tryin’ to catch gofers. Everybody is sittin’ over
there doin’ an activity. Naomi and Gabriel are doin’ Legos now, and Liam actually has, from when we were workin’ on cleanin’ out the garage, he has an old camcorder. And he likes takin’ the
screws out of things. So he’s workin’ on that. And miss Amelia, you’re
doin’ kitties, aren’t ya? – Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah, okay. (lighthearted guitar music) So here’s a quick example of our dinner. We’re having baked ziti
and peas and carrots. And Daniel wants more cheese
and I’m gonna give him some. (calm, happy music)


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