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Hi, guys! Welcome back to my pregnancy updates.
This is going to be my 36 week update. Sorry if that seems like a bit of a jump since
my last pregnancy update, but basically I was really falling behind in my updates, so
I know I’ve missed week 34 and 35, but I’m actually 36 weeks pregnant today. I want to talk about the 36th week, and then
I’ll be up to date for the next month because there’s not long left and I don’t want to
miss any other weeks. Now that I’m off work, I’m filming all of these. Yes, I’m officially
nine months pregnant, apparently, it said on my app now. I’m just starting my ninth month of pregnancy,
which seems crazy. From next week onwards, from 37 weeks, I will be full term so I’m
feeling really good that I’ve made it this far with no complications or anything. The
baby should now weight about six pounds, and be about 50 centimeters long, like five zero. I just can’t believe I’m in the home stretch,
now. I have real mixed emotions about this pregnancy finishing. In a way, I will be so
relieved that that’s it, I’m done, but I’ll also be a bit sad because this is my last
ever pregnancy. We’ve always said three children, and, yeah, I don’t know. I’m feeling like
I’ve had enough now, but I think I’ll also be sad that it’s all over. Anyway, he is definitely running out of room
in there now. I am feeling elbow jabs, and knee jabs, and him wriggling around. When
he rolls over, it makes me feel so sick. If I’m laying on the couch at night, he will
move his back from one side of my stomach to the other side of my stomach, and it’s
such a big movement now. I think I’ve mentioned this before in videos,
but I’ve always carried very low in pregnancy, but this baby feels particularly low. It’s
probably because it’s my third baby, but I feel like his head is actually in my pelvis
now. I don’t think you actually get engaged with your subsequent children like after your
first baby, but the other baby we were trampolining, probably not the best thing to do when your
pregnant. I didn’t actually get on the trampolines, but I was with the boys, so I was lifting
them, and helping them out of these soft play pits and I could feel the head so low, and
so in my pelvis. With the pelvic pain, walking around has been
quite uncomfortable, and it’s now the sixth week of summer holidays so I have both boys
at home. We’ve had lots of days out walking around, and by the end of it, I am done. I
can feel the baby is really low, and my lower back is killing. That has been quite hard.
It’s been really nice having the time with the boys, but at the same time, I’m kind of
worried that I might be doing too much. I really don’t want this baby to come early,
but I’m a bit worried that he might come early. I don’t know, I just feel like he’s so low.
I feel like he’s so ready. I’m still suffering from heartburn after I
eat, so I’m finding having smaller, more frequent meals has been helping. Also, I’ve been taking
Rennie, or Gaviscon if I feel that sicky feeling coming up. I’ve definitely had heartburn.
Also, the leg cramps are killer. In the morning and I come to, and I’ll stretch
before I’m actually awake … I’ll do a little stretch, and then I’m like, oh, God, no. I’ll
have the worst cramp. My husband will jump up thinking I’m in labor, trying to fix the
cramp. It’s quite funny. Now that I’m so pregnancy, any oh or ah, it really tricks him into worrying
about me, or anyone around me. They’re like, what? What’s happening? Are you going into
labor? Everyone’s already freaking out and I still have a while month left. It’s quite
fun, to be honest. I mentioned in my weekly Vlog that I had a
midwife appointment last week, and it was really, really good and really positive. Everything
was normal. My urine, my bloods were all really good. She said I’m the exact size that I should
be for this stage of pregnancy. I was 35 weeks exactly when I saw her, and my bump was 34
point something centimeters big, so that was all really good. His heartbeat sounded good.
She actually said that he sounded like a beautiful baby, so that was really cute. I loved her. On my hospital notes here she said, “It was
a very active baby”. I am having a home birth, and the home birth
person is actually come around on Tuesday to see us and asses our house. I can’t wait
for that because I still feel like I don’t know what i need to buy. It sounds like they
bring everything for you, but I just want to have a chat and see her, so my husband
and I are seeing her next week. “Bloods were normal and taken. My blood pressure
was 100 over 65”. I don’t know, I think that’s good. She said my iron levels were really good,
which is great because in previous pregnancies my iron levels have dropped during pregnancy,
but I’ve been careful to take my [inaudible 00:05:02] and supplements. It was a really positive appointment, and
I felt really good walking out of there that I’m still really low risk and on track to
have a home birth. I feel like, hopefully, I’ve made the right decision. Nesting has definitely kicked in. I definitely
have an urge to clean and sort things out, especially now that I’ve finished work. I’ve
done a big toy clear out, and sort out of all of that. I’ve chucked loads of stuff away.
I’m now going to do the kitchen today. I’ve done the bathroom. I just feel like I should
go with this. As long as I’ve got the energy, I need to just clean and sort and everything
because I know that this bit, while he’s in my tummy, is actually the easy bit. When he’s
here, I really doubt that I will be up for cleaning and tidying up cupboards and stuff
like that. I’ve just got to go with it. I’ve really started to panic this week, though,
because our house is still not completely done. I am now like, this baby could come
at any time, especially because I feel him move all the time and feel how low he is,
I am getting quite worried now. I think I’m driving my husband insane because I’m like,
the house isn’t done. I will show you now what our actual bedroom
looks like right now, and how worrying that is. We are all staying in with my eldest son’s
room. We’re still sleeping with my five year old, which is not idea for sleeping but it’s
actually fun. This is the baby’s room, so that is not done.
That’s less important because he’s going to be in with us for ages. The carpet is going
down, and our bed is arriving. It’s all happening, but I am just really starting to panic now.
I’m like, Matt, get the painter in, get the carpet in, we need to get this done now. I
just feel like it’s really imminent, and I’m panicking. My hope is that if, for any reason, the baby
did come really early that everyone would rally around us and help us to sort our lives
out and it would all work out, wouldn’t it? I’m sure it would be fine. We’ve been just preparing our boys for the
arrival of a new baby. My eldest totally gets it, and he’s so into the baby. He talks to
it, feels it move, and all of that stuff. My youngest, he’s two and a half, we’ve put
him into a toddler bed and he’s taken to that transition quite well. He stays in there all
night, and he goes down okay, but he is still waking up really early. My hope is that in
the next month we crack it. He took to potty training so well. He is completely potty trained,
and he’s just been amazing. I’ve been so impressed with how well he’s done. So many new products to show you, but I’m
going to do a whole video on what’s in my hospital bag. Someone actually asked, or requested
that I do what’s in my hospital bag video the other week, and I was like, yes, I should
actually film that and get that ready. Although I am having a home birth, my hope is that
if I pack a hospital bag and have everything ready that I wont’ have to go to hospital,
that I won’t have to use it. Even so, it’s probably a good idea just to have everything
ready, in one place, for when I go into labor for myself, for my baby, and my partner. I’ve ordered loads of stuff, I’m going to
do a whole video on what’s in my hospital bag next week, so look out for that. Yes,
I’ve ordered nursing pads, sanitary pads, muslin, baby-gos, all kinds of nice things.
I will share all of that with you in a separate video and I’ll link it down below as soon
as it is done. Anyway, I think that is it for my 36 week
update. I really hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you
very soon. Bye! Yeah, so the most exciting thing that’s happened
this week is I have finished work. Yay! (silence)


  • My Happy Ever After

    Is caleb potty trained at night too? I've been putting off doing Bella for a while but think I'm just going to have to go for it🙈 you look amazing as always but I say that all the time haha xx

  • daisy gorman

    I have been following you since I found out I was pregnant in January and I can't believe how quick it's gone! I'm two weeks behind you! Good luck with the home birth 🙂

  • It's Our Wonderful Life

    Congratulations on 10,000 subscribers! You're getting so close I'm so excited to see your little baby boy.

  • Ria Clark

    Oh Emily, I really hope you get the home birth that you deserve! My home birth was honestly incredible and something that I would opt for if and when we have a third. I had Ellenah in hospital and obviously it was incredible because my baby girl was delivered safely but my home birth was so special x x x

  • Jean Cusack

    U look brilliant emily, I've been following u for a year now, I love ur videos. Can't wait to c ur gorgeous baby, I've a 15 month old little boy too..boys rock! Good luck with ur home birth xx

  • Mummy M4cc

    Have you tried the Gro Clock to encourage your youngest to stay in bed? Worked wonders with my 3 year old. Ps I hope you get your home birth, I had my 4th (and last 😢) baby at home 10 weeks ago and it was the most amazing experience! So relaxed and the children were able to meet their new sister even before the cord was cut! Wish I'd had them all at home…x

  • Claire Bunyan

    Gosh, I can't believe you are 36 weeks now! I think I found your channel at your gender reveal. I love your make up, would you be able to give us a tutorial? Or perhaps you're going to tell me you look that beautiful without any make up haha!

  • Mrs Parrott

    Leg cramps tip! When you get one, stretch your toes as far upwards as possible, like your trying to point them to the ceiling. It works wonders, saved me during my pregnancies xxx

  • Sharon Johnson

    OMG it's so close. Your house will soon be done,I can imagine how stressful it is for you,specially when your wanting to nest. Can't wait to see what you have bought for baby,love all your videos. Your bump looks so perfect. Xx

  • Laura Atkinson

    Try not to walk and do too much if you've got pelvic pain. You only feel worse the next day. I'm 38 weeks pregnant now and on crutches with it. I try not to walk any where coz I would be so upset if I was in a lot of pain from walking when I went into labour x

  • LifeWithShontelle

    yes please a hospital bag video would be good. I'm 36 weeks this Friday and baby due 2nd September and I'm still not with it as I'm still working!

  • Hello Deborah

    I can't believe you're 36 weeks now! Time is going so quickly. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in your hospital bag. I'm 31 weeks at the moment and need to buy a bag first! I'm hoping a 45L bag will be big enough. xx

  • Kelly Daniels

    Wow 36 weeks already, it feels like your pregnancy has flown over! Little man looks like he's dropped to me, hopefully when he decides to come itll be a nice quick and easy labour for you xxx

  • ellie mulligan

    Had my baby girl last week and I'm mourning loss of my bump and pregnancy!!! Feel so sad!!! Good luck with the birth nearly there! Xx

  • Colette(familypeacelove)

    aw I'm happy for u that's it's all positive appointments. looking forward to seeing the new baby xx

  • Meaghan - Blush Paint Design

    I feel the same about how low our third baby is! There's a very noticeable difference in pictures, comparing to our first two girls. And those leg cramps are horrendous!

  • Sarah - This Mama Life

    How exciting about a home birth!! I can't believe how soon we'll be meeting our little ones. Oh my gawd!!! You are looking wonderful ♥️ x

  • CasaLandego

    Home stretch! If you think it will be early have everything all done, because it could be any day. My 1st was 37 wks, my second was 38, and just got two blue lines 🙂

  • Vanessa Munoz

    Hello, just subscribed and so happy I found your channel. I'm so jelly of u being preggers and congrats to you and your growing family!!!!!:). Your videos really help with my two little ones, so thank you, and u just stay strong with that baby boy!:)

  • Lucie&Dylan

    I can relate to EVERYTHING lol i'm 36 weeks on monday and having dylan at home (summer holz) its bloody hard work esp all the days out and now i've started "nesting" i need to clean everything lol

  • Lindsey Bartal

    I am 34 weeks now and had my sugar test and failed. Now i have to take the 3 hour one and am not thrilled. Please pray for me i dont want to be gest. diabetic fml lol

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