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5 Tips for Pregnancy Nausea | CloudMom

Hi everybody, I’m Melissa. Welcome back to CloudMom. I got a great question the other day from
Sandra Espanito and she asked what do I recommend when it comes to dealing with morning sickness. Such a common problem, I had it with especially
my first two babies, what can you do? Morning sickness is particularly hard to deal
with because you’re also handling all the anxiety that comes with knowing that you’re
going to be welcoming a new baby into the world. So your body is changing every day, your hormones
are running crazy, your appetites have changes, you’re tired, you might have swollen legs,
ankles. Generally pregnancy can just be very, very
uncomfortable and you can be very, very tired, especially in the first trimester and at the
end of your pregnancy. So morning sickness just complicates things
all the more because it can make you feel very, very sick, you can have nausea, sometimes
just even at the smell of something. Certain foods can make pregnant moms feel
nauseous, so it just adds another like big, complicating factor, and it’s really hard
to be dealing with all the novelty of being pregnant and preparing and all that when you’re
also feeling really sick. So it’s good to have some very just simple
ideas on hand for how you can try to allay the effects of morning sickness. And the first thing I would say that really
helped me is to drink a ton of water, and I know this is super obvious, but staying
hydrated is very, very important for your health and the health of your baby and it
can really help alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness. Second thing that I’ve read about which I
also did, it can be really helpful, is to have an emergency pack with you on hand, sort
of like when you’ll carry that around for the baby, and in this you can have; some fresh
scent such as rosemary, even lemon, something like a potpourri type of thing like you might
put in your own, you know, intimate drawer to make things smell nice and fresh. You can carry a small tube of toothpaste,
a toothbrush just in case you get sick at least you can sort of wash up afterwards,
maybe even a nice smelling hand lotion, whatever is going to make you feel better. And the smelling salts and potpourri and things
like that can really, really help because a lot of women get morning sickness and it’s
triggered by certain smells. You know, somebody might take out a certain
type of like whole grain cracker and it can be enough to make their stomachs completely
turn, so consider having on hand this kind of emergency pack. A third super easy thing to do, and this is
hard because we live in this kind of manic world where we’re always trying to do everything
in lightning time and we’re always like downing our food, and then we’re going to run and
do this, and then we’re going to get this done and then we’re going to get that done,
and life is just lived on this treadmill, especially in the U.S., but try to teach yourself
to eat very slowly, and this is good for digestion anyway. So take a half an hour for dinner, eat slowly
and sort of keep in tune and in check with how you’re feeling. Don’t like down an entire dinner in five or
ten minutes and then feel really sick afterwards, ok? One thing that is said to cause wonders is
ginger. You can try smelling ginger, you can try buying
real root ginger and cutting little pieces of that and even sucking or chewing on them,
and you can try putting ginger into your food. It is said to have very, very alleviating
effects when it comes to morning sickness. If all else fails, and you’re able to do this
meaning you don’t feel so sick that you’re not even able to do this, try lying down. Sometimes just even lying down will help your
body relax and will take away the morning sickness and, you know, hopefully by the time
you wake up, the nausea will be gone and you can go on and have a more enjoyable day. So anyway, these are the things that worked
for me when it comes to morning sickness. Please weigh in in the comments with what
you dealt with, with what you experienced, with what helped you, because it’s such a
common problem for moms all over the world. Thank you all so very much for writing in
to CloudMom and watching my videos, I really appreciate it, and I will see you next time.


  • Rebecca Murauskas

    I find it helps to breath slowly when I’m nauseous or if I feel like puking and I know I won’t make it to a bathroom or a garbage I smile as big as I can because it prevents me from puking

  • Lisa-Marie Auger

    I found what helped too is to not let yourself get hungry, eat small meals every couple of hours! I felt the most nauseous when I was hungry.

  • sehrish naseem

    Dealing with morning sickness is not fun. On days when nausea would not subside "No to Morning Sickness Tea" was there to save the day. I'm not much of a tea drinker but do not mind the flavor of this tea. There's just a hint of fruit mixed which refreshens me!

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