6 Life Saving Winter Wedding Hacks You Must Try | #LifeHacks #Skincare #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand
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6 Life Saving Winter Wedding Hacks You Must Try | #LifeHacks #Skincare #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand

this happened if you do too much of shampooing we love to make lather while shampooing but excessive amount of shampoo is harmful for our hair so you need to dilute the shampoo then apply on your scalp gently rub no need to apply it all over the length as the shampoo itself comes down while you rinse your hair don’t you feel cold!! look I’m wearing Jeans and deep neck top under this Outfit but then how’ll you show your belly High Waist Lehengas are in fashion these days and what about Dupatta This Banarsi Dupatta will keep me safe of cold its perfect.. I too will try this what are you doing? I’ve a gift for you what’s this?? it will make your skin soft, smooth and healthier and thats too only in one minute but how to use it? make it little wait take any of your favourite face wash on it press this button and then start cleansing your face by gentle massaging with it you know it removes all dirt, oil & even the makeup residues well from your skin but what’s the use of this reverse side this is for anti-ageing it gives a lower frequency pulsation to your skin which helps in removing wrinkles and fine lines but what about my sensitive skin these are available in different models according to the different skin type so you can choose it according your skin type but it will run long?? but it seems expensive but will be long-lasting looking for Do


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