• Just Saying

    Stop judging. Its part of the Indian culture to produce. You will not understand unless you are Indian. They are all fine now so stop judging.

  • Jill Williams

    On top of all the health issues that baby may face, who's going to raise that child??? They might pass away when the child is so young… then what? Foster care with all those health issues??? Not okay, they were not thinking of the child.

  • Anna

    Having kids in your 70s just sets a child up for a lifetime of hardship and pain by having to lose both of their parents so early in life. It will be a miracle If these parents even live until the kids graduates high school and are still mentally and physically able to parent. People need to stop being selfish and think about the child they are brining into this world who will be left heartbroken when they die. It's different for grandparents raising their grandchildren because the grandparents didn't choose to bring the children into this world, they are just stepping up and raising them if the parents can't provide good care.

  • Nuclear Lioness

    It’s like the opposite of the abortion debate. Because if it’s a woman’s body, then she should be allowed to have IVF no matter what age. But then with that logic, she must also should be allowed to have an abortion any time she wants because it’s her body. But it’s a lot easier to see the old woman as much crueler than a woman getting an abortion though both have doctors purposefully hurting a baby. Because a doctor knows an older woman is at much higher risk to develop a baby with severe health problems. So he’s creating a fetus knowing it will most likely suffer when it is older. And another is then going in to chop up a fetus in order to remove it and stop from being born. Very interesting moral dilemma.

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