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… guys, and welcome back to another pregnancy
update. I’m at the very end of my eighth week of pregnancy, so I thought I would talk to
you about my symptoms, how I’ve been feeling, how baby’s developing and all of that kind
of stuff. And so the baby is now two centimeters long,
which still seems so tiny, but it is growing a millimeter per day now. So it is really
starting to grow really fast. All of its organs, nerves, muscles, everything is now functioning,
which seems crazy in a person that is that small. But that’s what’s happening now. It’s
now got hands, and it’s got little wrists that work. Same goes for feet, and its toes
are no longer webbed. So it’s really starting to become a person. It’s lost its little tail,
and its heart is beating really, really fast, 160 beats per minute. So that again is just
craziness. Baby is developing along well. This week, to be honest, I have just been
so tired like, if you feel like, you really know… has been like my main symptom this
week, just feeling really tired, and I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa a couple of times,
which is something I never do. You know when you’re so tired, you just can’t fight it?
You’re just a like, just literally dying. Yesterday it was Sunday, so my husband was
around, and I just felt like I just laid around, because I knew I had the help, and I was just
like, oh. So I have been really tired, because I’m still running around after a five year
old and a two year old, and I’m still working and doing everything. So it has been really
tiring. Definitely still weeing more, needing to go
to the loo all the time. Yeah, I’m still feeling a little bit bloated. I definitely feel like,
I don’t know if it’s because it’s my third pregnancy, but I feel like a have a little
bulge already, which is crazy considering this person is two centimeters, but obviously
my uterus has doubled in size. So that could explain that, and obviously my body is probably
just like, “Oh, I remember what we do.” Bam, a make space for it kind of thing.
Yeah, I’ve been feeling a little bit nauseous. Every now and then I’m just like, “Oh I feel
a bit sick.” So what’s been helping me with that this week has been definitely little
sips of ginger ale. That’s been really good, little sips of ginger ale. People recommend
ginger biscuits as well. They’re supposed to be good. I haven’t actually had them, just
ginger ale so far out, or even like a little bit of sprite. Salt and vinegar crisps has
been really good to help with the sick feeling. Some really nice symptoms I’ve had this week
are constipation. Can’t believe I just said that on the internet, but this is real life,
and that is what’s happening this week of pregnancy. It is so gross.
So far, I feel like I’ve been so lucky in this pregnancy. I haven’t actually been physically
sick. I haven’t felt that sick. It’s all been going really, really well so far, and I feel
a lot like I did with both of my boys as well. So yeah, I just feel the same, really.
I can’t believe that I’m already at the end of my eighth week. This first trimester is
just flying by. Still cannot wait to tell everyone, because there’s a few people that
I still haven’t told, and it’s like this unspoken thing.
I just cannot wait for my scan. I still have not had my scan date, which I’m thinking I’m
going to have to call and chase the hospital, because I’m nine weeks tomorrow, and you just
want to have that date in mind, and I want to be able to tell everyone at work, and I
want to just have it in the open, you know? So yes. So I’m really, still waiting for that
scan date. I feel like I’m repeating myself in these pregnancy updates. Sorry.
One other exciting thing that I’ve done this week, which, and I know it’s really early,
but I’ve bought some maternity clothes. I have bags and bags of maternity clothes in
our loft, which I’m definitely going to get out when I’m 12 weeks plus. But the other
day I was doing a shop anyway, and I just thought that I would add them in. So… Sorry.
Oh, I’m going to be tired. So from Topshop I’ve got a jogging suit set.
So I’ve got these really comfy, almost like Carine trousers. Yeah, and then they got the
matching sort of sweatshirt as well, but it’s pretty thin. If you were really hot in pregnancy,
you could tell these would be good. Yeah, I just thought I’d get them because I’ll be
able to wear them now, and I’ll be able to wear them almost throughout the whole pregnancy.
And I just thought they were really cute. Then I got two sets of maternity black leggings,
because this is something that I know has not lasted my other two pregnancies. So I
will not have any black leggings left, because at the end of each pregnancy they were so
ruined, I just threw them out. I was like, I can’t even keep those. There’s holes in
them and stuff, because I just live in them. So I got two pairs from Topshop. They’re really,
really simple. These are the under the bump ones. There’s a nice big band that’s going
to be a little bit supportive, just for the beginning of pregnancy. I’ll get the over
the bump ones towards the end, but I just feel already like I want to have something
really comfy on in bed and around the house. So I’ve got two sets.
I’ve got these nice trousers. These are from Next, and they’re kind of like slouchy work
trousers, really, really stretchy with a nice big band. I thought these would be nice for
work or in the spring and summer. I just thought they looked pretty cool, and again they’re
going to be under the bump, but I can wear a long vest top to match up with them. So
I got that as well. Then one other thing that I got that I wanted
to show you is, I’ve been really slack at drinking enough water during this pregnancy.
You’re supposed to drink three liters a day when you’re pregnant, which is just so much
considering how often you have to go to the loo. So I’ve not been that great at drinking
water. So I got these two big, yeah… I got these two big water, watering cups. What am
I say… Two big water bottles from Prime Mark. They were like a pound each, and I’m
just going to fill them up with water, have one next to my bed, have one at the office,
just have water with me all the time so that I am drinking enough.
So I think that is it for this week. Sorry, it’s not the most eventful week, but I wanted
to keep the updates going anyway, and yes, I hope you like this video. Please comment
down below if you are pregnant as well and going through this with me. I’d love to hear
from you. And yeah, thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you very soon. Bye.
Hi, guys. I’m back with my seven week pregnancy update. I’m going to be…


  • Hannah Evans

    I too am struggling with not drinking enough! My skin is really dry at the moment which I know is common this time of year let alone during pregnancy but I also think dehydration is contributing also so am definitely going to get myself some drinks cups like yours to encourage me to drink more! Your looking lovely again ……. as always! X

  • Jasmin Jade

    Would u do belly shots every week?? I used to take a pic every week and when Lola was born it was crazy to look at how much it grew πŸ™‚ Plain digestives always helped me x

  • alittlebitofme

    Love the way you say water 😊. Loving your updates even though I'm 36 weeks pregnant it's still lovely to hear how other people deal with their pregnancies.

  • Marta malcoby

    Ohhh just love your videos!!!! You are soo nice!!!! Love the clothes too! You make me wanna have another baby! And I already have three!!! Hahaha

  • Christie Holmes

    So exciting! You look gorgeous! I have a two year old and twins who are 8 months, call me crazy but we might have one more one day. Haha

  • ms b

    I was tiered for my whole pregnancy! I slept most of the time. I also had really bad sciatica from early on as 9/10 weeks. Hope it all goes well for you xx

  • Kerry Conway

    There's no way I drank 3 litres of water during pregnancy! Especially in the first trimester, I could only stomach diet coke, eek! Will you do any maternity fashion videos? I bet you will dress so nicely even during pregnancy! Love those bits you bought xx

  • Hannah Teresa

    Hi I was 8 weeks pregnant on Monday. I got 4 month little baby girl and 3 year old little boy as well and I'm feeling very tied but lucky I had no pregnancy sickness yet same as I had my little girl I was not sick bit with my little boy I was very bad.hope all goes well x

  • L McC

    Love your vlogs i am almost 9 weeks pregnant with my first,and love watching your vlogs as they are so informative and you seem like a very real honest person. Thank you 😍

  • scooterben 66

    I was barely showing with my first til about 23 weeks. Am 22 weeks now and my belly is huge!!! Popped out at 7 weeks. Was very hard to hide it.

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