A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)
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A Busy Day Including Aidan’s First Birthday!!! (Day 463 – 2.6.2016)

(lively music) – Good morning, Passport Holders. Today is February 6th,
2016, day 463 of the flogs. And today has been busy already. It was also going to be busy. And I’ve decided to make
it even busier because, well, why not? So I woke up this morning
to watch the Aston Villa match, and shockingly enough, my team won. They were only the third
victory all this, this campaign. So, you know, it’s still
ten points to safety, but they’re just gonna need a
lot of things to go their way, but you never know. If Gabby Agbonlahor gets
going and the rest of the team kind of melds
around him scoring goals, they may do something
that’s never been seen before in the premier league. At this point, I’m
gonna go grab a Red Bull and a Cliff bar before
I head out on a date that wasn’t actually
on the schedule when I woke up this morning,
but just kinda looking at the next two weeks,
especially with the training and everything else, I just,
I couldn’t fit a date in any other time. So I asked, and she said
yes, and so we’re making that happen. After that, I’ve got
Aidan’s first birthday party and then I’ve got Ben and
Kamey’s cocktail hour. It’s gonna be a busy,
busy day, and I don’t know how much I’m gonna be able to shoot, so at minimum as I’m in
the car between these, I will give you guys kind
of an idea of what the heck has happened, so. I hope you guys are having a great day. Let’s get this one started. All right, back in the car. Even though you guys didn’t see the hour that I was back in the apartment, I did the editing on
the vlog, uploaded it, got it all going. No issue today on the internet. I have no idea what happened yesterday. One thing I did notice
in the edit though was I actually didn’t tell you
guys whether or not the code worked last night, and
the answer is it did. So I have implemented it
for all of my clients. I just implemented it for
my channel at this point, which is perfect, and I’m
really, I’m really happy that could have worked. So I grabbed Sonic and put
him in the bag and then I remembered that I didn’t actually have any tissue paper in the house and that, so I’ve gotta make a pit
stop in order to pick some of that stuff up. And then I’ve got this lunch with Alicia, so it should be good. But yeah, it’s a beautiful
day and it is warm and just slightly windy, which
is a little annoying. What’s more annoying
is this guy next to me not paying attention to
what’s going on the road. And so I am jumpin’ on the 202 West, in order to head north onto 51. (lively music) Well, that was a very nice lunch, amazing piece of tuna, and yeah. Just a good meal, all
things said and done. But my date was pretty amazing as well. Super, super cute. And very much has her life together, which is really kinda cool. And she’s, she’s just very, very smart. And that’s, that’s
awesome to interact with, and just talking with her was different. Talking with her about
things that like I don’t normally talk about on first dates. And making connections
about myself in the way that we were just
interacting with one another. Because of the text
messages and the phone call that we had earlier this
week, like it just wasn’t a standard first date, which
was really kind of cool. So yeah, like super positive about that. Heading down to Chandler now. I’m gonna try and drive
the 101, which may be a massive mistake. But I’m gonna give a shot past the TPC Golf Tournament that’s going on in the Waste Management
Open, Phoenix Open. So I’m gonna drive down there
in order to hang out with Aidan and Brian and
Nicole and a bunch of our other friends to celebrate
Aidan’s first birthday, and it should be a good time
all things said and done, so. Yeah, let’s get on the road. (lively music) – [Voiceover] Happy birthday, Buddy. – Right. – [Voiceover] He’s wiggling. – Hey, are you hungry? – All right, are you ready, guys? Really quick. 1-2. (crowd sings) Happy birthday to you. Num num birthday cake. – Tomorrow’s your birthday. – [Voiceover] This is one of Aidan’s toys. And it’s totally creepy. Like look at the rave factor. You can’t even see – – [Voiceover] No, the
color’s on the darn sink. – That was a lot of fun. I reconnected with Brian’s
buddy, Dylan, who I met I don’t know, five or six years ago. And we talked for like an hour and half, and it was absolutely
fascinating the level of conversations that we were having. He was thinking about
taking a month off and just road tripping with his
wife, and of course, I was going to do nothing but enable that. Tell him about my
experience, things I learned, all that good fun. We exchanged contact information and yeah, like Brian is an amazing guy
who surrounds himself with amazing people, so it makes
it really easy to have great conversations, right? I had another great conversation
with his brother, Aaron. Like he and I had spoken
previously about Amazon and selling ’cause Aaron’s
an author and amazing at it. And trying to figure out
kind of how the current game is being played and so
I can always give him a digital kind of perspective on it. Great like half-hour-long
conversation about that, and I pointed him towards
Patreon in order to get him back in the serial kind
of thing that he wants to write in right now and get
paid for it which I’m super a fan of, right? Always make money. And so like that awesome. Like it was an amazing birthday party, and even though he was
initially scared of Sonic, he is starting to slowly
but surely warm up to him as the night went on, so that’s perfect. It is now just shy of 7 o’clock,
though, and I have to be at Ben and Kamey’s in order
to kick off their little cocktail hour. I’m not sure what I’m
doing for dinner if that’s gonna be served there, I don’t know. But all that said, it’s
been an amazing day and amazing conversations and great people. It makes me really happy
that I’ve been so fortunate to surround myself with people like this. Well, that was an amazingly
fun party with Ben and Kamey and the crew. They’re just good people, and it makes it really easy. My buddy TJ, who I’ve hung out with I don’t know, a couple of times now, and had multiple phone
calls with regarding YouTube stuff, that guy
is an absolute sweetheart, and I’m really looking
forward to his episode of Retro Gaming with his
brother and Ben on the couch. It should be amazing. I hope you guys have had
an amazing day today, and thank you so much for
your time and your attention as always. I do appreciate it. And remember, you never
stumble upon opportunity by standing still, so go do cool stuff. Bye for now. (lively music)

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