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  • Monsundo

    Man she has a joyful breakfast everyday… I really need to step it up because I am not usually very happy in the mornings

  • jraziel

    Sorry to say that, but I do not think that this video represents the University of Heidelberg very well or maybe even at all. Everything you see is about an "outsourced" Campus for Medicine of the University of Heidelberg, which is in Mannheim.

  • _s

    I literally was thinking about how you guys should do a video on my dream university, Heidelberg, while watching your videos on other great schools, and now this gets recommended. Thanks!

  • Lima Yankee

    Yes that's nice, but it's NOT Heidelberg, it's in Mannheim and the medical school Mannheim is totally independent from the famous medical school in Heidelberg lol

  • yosef cohen

    she is great and magnificent. very smart person. I stayed at Heidelberg as part of my work.Great place, you shot it on the wrong time of the year.

  • Roohullah Yousafzai

    Hello every body this is me Roohullah Yousafzai from pakistan
    Basically I want to talk admission in germony for mbbs what is the requirements for this uni and what does its necessary to take admission there for mbbs Heidelberg university kindly give me the complete processes plz I need about it

  • 岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada

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    I always pray to God for the eternal happiness and peace of Germany.
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  • H.S Ashar Hassan

    hy i m from pakistan,,,i want some information about medicine in germany ,,i m very thangfull to u if u talk to me ,,,,,msg me ,,my name is ashar

  • Zaina Cottup

    As far as i know, universities in Germany are for free except for the registration fees. Is this true for Heidelberg University as well?

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