‘A Royal First’: Meghan Markle is About to Give Birth in A Very Unexpected Way
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‘A Royal First’: Meghan Markle is About to Give Birth in A Very Unexpected Way

A royal first Meghan Markle is about to give birth in a very unexpected way The Duchess isn’t doing things by the book When it comes to Baby saucer With more days to go until Duchess Meghan gives birth The Royal is still surprising us with some unexpected choices and how she’ll be welcoming baby Sussex into the world While many originally believed The Duchess would give birth in line with royal tradition we’re talkin the Lindo wing A giant team of doctors and official announcements it seems we’re in for a surprise in every aspect of the royal birth According to new reports Megan who has just moved to her new house in Windsor with husband Prince Harry Is likely not to give birth at the Lindo wing We’re Kate and Diana both welcome their children What’s more the pregnant Royal is now also believed to be planning a water birth for baby saucer According to the Daily Star A source close to Harry Set the Royal plans to keep things very natural when it comes to the birth For now a water birth is absolutely her plan is what they’re saying The Source revealed Apparently she wants it to be as natural as possible No drugs No cesareans and so on And Megan is so set on the method Better friends have said only intervention by medics Will stop her from taking the route In the final stages of labor a water birth is sometimes used as a method for moms to welcome their baby Avengers the world underwater in an overall experience That is said to be more relaxed A natural than other methods Where is Meghan Markle giving birth Latest reports also revealed Megan has been influenced in her birthing Lifestyle by none other than Amal Clooney Ammo Who gave birth to her twin babies in London Is a close friend of Meghan With a source telling the sun Megan looks up to her and respect her She is listening to a mall and Mom Doria a lot in the run-up to the brain The most influence can be seen in the choice of hospital and also and how making plans to care for the baby after birth And indeed the publication reports that Megan plans to give birth In the Kensington wing at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital which is wearing model gave birth Birth packages at the hospital can cost upwards of $27,000 The cost of well and truly earned its reputation for being one of the most high in the maternity Wards in Britain How will Meghan give birth Along with the new reports That Megan is opting for a water birth It is also believe Megan has picked a leading female doctor to deliver her baby And the Kensington Wing has posed the best opportunity Megan has chosen the ward for two reasons Firstly They have a lot of top female Obstetricians and midwives And she really wants a woman to deliver her baby A source told the Sun The other is because they support alternative birthing method And give the parents a lot of choice before during And after the birth What do you think Share your thoughts in the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe to get instant news Prince Harry served as an usher for his friend Tom Skippy Inskip in Jamaica Harry 32 And actress Meghan Markle 35 Used Trip as an excuse for a reunions Miss Markle when her first husband Trevor engelson at a nearby Resort in 2011 We reveal what did young couple got up to on their romantic West Indian brain She was demure and elegant Tina Flowing gown He look dapper and debonair in a tailored navy suit So pity the poor bride and groom whose lavish Caribbean nuptials were overshadowed by such Glamorous guest Then again If you will invite Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle to your wedding What do you Expect All eyes were on the young lovers as the prince attended the wedding of friend Tom Skippy Inskip at the Weekend in Montego Bay Jamaica Not having seen each other for 1/4 Perry 32 And 35 year-old Megan The trip as an excuse for a Romantic reunions And their affection of behavior set tongues wagging that it might not be long but Before they 2 Are walking up the aisle For Megan The surroundings are not entirely unfamiliar In 2011 She married her first husband Film producer Trevor engelson At a resort just 60 miles along the coast So is she feeling the love second time around Reveal exactly what the young couple got up to on their romantic West Indian weekend Kyrie arrived in Jamaica on Wednesday to join the groom’s party ahead of the big day He was one of 14 Usher Royals don’t use private planes for personal engagement So he took a Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay The Princeton Splash out on a premium economy seat Costing upward 2000 pounds return Meghan flew in the following day from Toronto Where she’s filming US legal drama suits In a private jet vac Belongs to a friend Ever the gentleman Harry picked her up from the airport Greeting her with a kiss before they drove back to the Hotel together With 110 acres of lush tropical garden Suites designed by Ralph Lauren and its own private bay The wedding reception venue is The perfect backdrop for Royal Romance The Round Hill Resort was built in the 1950s Active series of luxurious cottages for rich And famous visitors Guests have included JFK and Jackie Kennedy Who spent their honeymoon here Grace Kelly Fred Astaire Clark Gable Sir Paul McCartney and Emma Watson have also stayed A hotel worker revealed That Meghan and Harry stayed in a 5000 lb of night premium luxury Villa The Resort’s most exclusive accommodation Away from prying eyes Which comes with its own housekeeper Two pools and games room with a bar and pool table Ever watchful of their safety Security guards were stationed in rooms nearby Guests are breakfast served on their balcony Add options include Jamaican Delicacies such as a turkey A fruit fly Elechi Saltfish with fried dumplings and callaloo a leafy green vegetable It’s quite a change from Megan’s first Trip to the island during her low-key wedding in 2011 She and her Husband-to-be stayed at the 4 star Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios Where they indulge in drinking games Wheelbarrow races Before saying their vows It takes a brave bride to invite glamour Lucky Mega into your Wedding But flame-haired Laura Hughes young didn’t seem bothered about being outshone Laura 30 a software developer at global technology companies. Nose hair through her new husband Skippy Who went to Eton with the prince She’s the granddaughter of late conservative MP Michael Hughes Young And her father holds the title Lord Saint Helens Making her official title The Honorable Laura Minsk She is said to have been singing Megan Praises since Meeting her last year Skippy 30 A Management Consultant and renowned party animal Has been Inseparable from Carrie since they met at school He’s often described as the princess wingman And something of a bad influence When Harry was seen inhaling laughing gas at a party in 2010 Skippy was by his side And he probably up again on The Royals notoriously Wild Weekend in Las Vegas in 2012 GM Lord I have been dating for 4 years And made it onto toddlers recent list of the single cord 100 most invited Celebrities Above Harry’s ex Cressida Bonas They may have been the focus of attention on the day But Meghan Harry were far from the only notable guests at the wedding Harry’s Aunt Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York Was on the list Accompanied Insiders say Buy her daughter Eugenie After the ceremony A smiling Fergie Wearing a black midi dress with a jeweled neck Was seen posing for Photograph Swiss Pastor Conrad Thomas Who officiated the ceremony Archie soames One of the ushers Is the great grandson of Winston Churchill Handmade of Honor out of st. Clair Her skin is an actress who portrayed The Duchess of Cambridge in the 2011 American TV show William and Catherine Hey Royal Romance Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt is rumored to have Pops in for the party For the ceremony Megan Chose a 1200 lb floral print maxi dress by Canadian designer Kyrie opted for a bespoke navy suit Believed to be from Favorite Savile Row tailor gieves and Hawkes Teams with a yellow rose Megan accessorized her elegant attire with a nude clutch bag and a pair of 240 9 pounds gold run Sunglasses by Dior to Shield her eyes from the pot Jamaican Sun The bride did her best to stay in the spotlight in a breathtakingly simple white satin gown with a plunging Neckline and full Flowing skirt A direct contrast to Megan’s high-neck Style Brewington conspicuously on Megan’s wrist was a stunning gold bracelet Believed to be a 5 thousand pound Cartier love bracelet But contrary to Report It’s not a gift from Harry Megan can be seen wearing the Trinket in photograph From her first wedding 2011 Suggesting it may have been a token from her first husband The oval band Studded with diamonds and made from 18 karat yellow gold Has to see shaped ABS that can only be Removed with a screwdriver The future is said to be inspired by medieval chastity belts Cartoon describes the pieces one that seals love The transgresses convention Last night apartment considering Megan and husband Trevor divorce after less than two Years together It’s popular among celebrity Antares sister-in-law Pippa Middleton As one L’Oreal Skippy married in the Hopewell Baptist Church A 1980s build wood-paneled structure overlooking the ocean Despite Having no connections to the country They decided to themed their wedding around the colorful culture of Jamaica Pastor Thomas 43 Who presided over the ceremony Invited the couple To respond to their vows with the words yeah Man instead of I do a company by the 220 strong congregation Harry and Meghan Sitting in the third pew Joined an enthusiastic Renditions of Reggae Classics One Love by Bob Marley and Israelites By Desmond Dekker The readings were an extract From the twits by Roald Dahl and a love poem written by Usher Jake Warren The pastor Said the couple looked so very much in love They sat next To each other and held hands as they walked out Got it I will never forget the Radiant Smiles And they look so happy together His final Prescient words to Harry Or it’s your turn next Sir Single quote Megan placed a protective arm on Harry’s back as she steered him out of the Church I’m just say the pair were very tactile throughout the reception as she was introduced To his old friends At one point they were seeing deep in conversation As a jacketless Harry drank a beer and Megan and aperol Spritz Cocktail and she continued to rub his back Minutes later She moved even closer Gazing into his eyes And putting her arms around his neck They are both Head over heels and don’t care who sees it Set an onlooker Large Skippy made their way to the reception in Car chauffeured by raspberry and name Perry With dreadlocks down to his feet The party then enjoyed a Jamaican Wedding breakfast Drinking rum cocktails and eating jerk chicken Rice and peas Along with seafood specialties Including torch Black tiger prawns and lobster Just say what started off as of sedate afternoon turned into the mother of all parties After the speeches Bride change into a multicolored outfit resembling the Jamaican flag And posed with bikini-clad Carnival dancers In feathered headdresses Just say the prince took to the dance floor to impress his new lady But as he was Moonwalking to the Michael Jackson hit Billie Jean Larry smashed into a waitress carrying a tray Give drinks and 10th Them both flying A source said the prince was mortified Tri-Gas Look sharp and put his hands on the waitresses shoulders And apologize After spending the evening kissing and dancing Harry and Meghan made us with exit at around 1 a.m. Wildcat Continued well into the night It was Reported that somewhere smoking marijuana Thanks for watching Please Subscribe my channel


  • Jackie Smith

    She is a spoiled girl who wants years of tradition to be overturned to favor her. She is clueless and I hope that William can help his brother find his head in time. The whole idea is ok, but not for the royal family. Small changes in tradition are fine, but this girl bucks an ancient tradition to selfishly suit her needs. So sad.

  • Vera Mcowan

    Not believing anything till I hear it from Kensington palace well all have to wait as for her changing traditions
    Andrew and fergie never used this hospital and neither did Edward and sofie because it’s Meghan she gets the blame for everything because of the hate we have all missed out that’s why it’s private now

  • Beth Dueitt

    She's a dog n pony show since she hates the RF so much why did she marry Prince Harry? Very disappointed with Queen n RF

  • Michelle Ahuvale


  • Robert DentonR

    Meghan should be given the same respect as Kate. sadly, she is being treated by the public as Diana was. Let’s treat the Duchess as we would want others to treat us. She and Harry will make wonderful parents. They just need to keep others out of their private lives who bring the negativity and drama. With God’s guidance, they will do well. May God continue to bless this union of marriage and their children.

  • Reenie Rossi

    A woman should have the right to give birth in the way that SHE wants to give birth – in a way that makes her feel safe and the baby safe, whether it is Meghan or her surrogate.
    I wish them all.🙏❣ well

  • Mindy Simmons

    I suggest she let British nanny do the job and have the British doctors in too.because if anything goes wrong with the baby then MeGain is gonna be blamed for anything that should happen to the child

  • Ontheline38622911

    She NOT ROYAL. That’s why she cannot follow the royal protocol like princess Diana and duchess Kate!! She is a SLUT!!

  • Helen Wells

    I think this has become a shaggy dog story. Please start watching for willow baby boats set adrift holding babies wanted in another nation

  • Noel Smith

    MEGHAN has not just now selected her OBGYN she has had a GYN all of her life, just like all educated women in the modern world & she has definitely had a female OBGYN since the day she found out that she was pregnant…she did not just recently select an OBGYN… Why are you lying?

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