All About our NEW Baby Owl Flying Toy
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All About our NEW Baby Owl Flying Toy

– This video is sponsored by Spin Master. Hello everyone! We have a new member of our family! Addy, do you have a new
baby brother or sister? – Nope. – No. Maya, did we adopt another pet? – No. – Nope. Sandy is way too much for another pet, but we have a brand new baby owl! – Meet Owleez! – Aw! Sweet baby Owleez! Owleez is our baby owl that you can actually
teach how to do what? – Fly! – Fly! That’s right! We just did a video on
Tic Tac Toy for Owleez, where who created Owleez in their video? – Chef Pierre. – Chef Pierre! And he did a pretty good job, and ever since we filmed that video, Owleez has not left the girls’ sight. Owleez has officially become
our sixth number of the family, or should I say seventh? Do we include Sandy? Probably so. Seventh member of the family. (upbeat music) – Keep feeding her, Maya,
I think she’s hungry. (mechanical noises) – She tooted! – Owleez eyes light up
for different moods, and so it’s up to you
to help meet her needs. So when Owleez eyes were yellow, she was trying to tell
us that she was hungry, and, oh! I think I hear Owleez
tooting some more back there. So I think the girls
are overfeeding Owleez, because she gets gassy
when her eyes turn green. What color are her eyes now? Let’s see… Oh, they’re white! – Uh huh. – So white means she’s happy. She’s very content right now, she’s talking away. – Oh, her eyes are pink. They were just pink. – [Blond Woman] Oh,
pink means she loves us! She actually comes with
a quick start guide, so you can use this. It’s kind of like a cheat
sheet for all of her moods. So you can make sure you take really, really good care of your new baby owl. Oh, what color are her eyes now? – Blue, she’s cold! – [Blond Woman] Oh, you
can hear her shivering! (upbeat music) – Now she’s all warm! – Good job, Addy! Addy’s a really good baby owl mama because she knows when her eyes are blue, it means she’s cold, and that it tells you the action to help make her feel better is that you hold her forehead down. Addy did that, and she was happy again. – If her eyes are white, then that means she’s ready to play, so you have to play with her. And if her eyes are red, that means she’s sad, so you have to pet her head. – And we actually had Owleez
get red, sad eyes a few times when we were trying to
teach her how to fly, because did her first flying
attempts go so well, Maya? – No. – No, she didn’t fly well the
first couple times did she? But what’s cool is that
that is actually normal, so it’s supposed to happen with the toy. It’s kind of like riding a bike. When you first learn to ride a bike, you make a couple falls and you get better and better each time, and that’s how Owleez work. She needs you to actually
teach her how to fly and her first few flights
aren’t gonna be that great, but the more you practice with her, the better she gets. And speaking of flying Owleez, we have a Owleez today that
we’re actually gonna fly. Should we go get it? – Yeah! – Yeah! Here is our Owleez that we
flew in our video, right girls? – Yes!
– Yeah! – Now we are going to fly this
new, brand new white Owleez that we haven’t even opened yet. So we’re gonna see if
this guy can fly as well as we taught our little
pink Owleez friend to fly. You girls ready for it? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – So as you can see,
Owleez comes in two colors: pink and white. And we’re excited to try
the white one out now! We’ve charged the Owleez ahead of time and now we’re going to teach Owleez how to fly right here, right
now in our living room and we’re giving her some space because she’s just a beginner flyer she might need it. So girls, how do we teach Owleez fly? What’s the first step? – Well, we move her up and down so she knows what it
feels like how to fly. – [Lucy] Okay, perfect. Alright, she’s in her nest. Alright our sweet little Owleez. Addy, you wanna move her up and down and show her what to do? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Just like this! (toy screeching) – She’s learning to fly! – When we hear that “weee” sound, it means she’s happy and we’re on our way
to learning how to fly! – And now we listen for the trumpet sound. (toy screeching) (upbeat music) – You’re doing great, Owleez! (trumpets) – [Lucy] There’s
the trumpet sound! – Now we gotta put her in her nest. – [Lucy] Okay. (upbeat music) (toy screeching) – [Lucy] Oh wow! Here she goes! (upbeat music) (beeping) (whirring) – Whoa!
– Whoa! (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Oh, she’s going! She’s going! Oh! – [Maya] It’s okay Owleez. – Oh, she has red eyes! The red eyes mean she’s sad because her first flight
was a good first flight, but she took a little tumble, so we gotta make her happy again. – It’s okay Owleez, that
was a great first flight! – [Lucy] Oh, she’s cold! She’s cold! Warm her up. Warm up, Owleez. Push her head. Okay, there we go. We’re happy! Should we try a second
flying lesson, girls? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Lucy] Alright, let’s do it! You can do it, Owleez! (toy screeching) (children screeching) – [Lucy] So in order
to teach her how to fly, we’re looking for the white eyes before we start moving her up and down. We hear the “wee” noise,
the trumpet sound, then we’re gonna put her in the nest and step back a little bit for her second flying attempt. (toy screeching) (trumpets) – [Lucy] Okay! Here she goes! (upbeat music) (toy whirring) Okay, she’s gonna open her wings soon. You can do it, Owleez, you can do it! Okay! (toy whirring) Oh, wow! Oh my goodness, it’s
gotten so much better! She’s so high! Whoa! Oh! Make her feel better! – [Addy] It’s okay, Owleez. – [Lucy] Oh. She actually did pretty good that time! I was impressed for her second flight. Maya, what do you think? – I think it was awesome. – [Lucy] She did really well! And if you notice, Addy kind
of had her hand under Owleez, and there was a reason for that! Addy, what were you doing? – It could kind of guide the Owleez to where you can make it higher, but you can’t guide its direction. – Right, we found they
really can go higher if you kinda put your
hand underneath it to kinda help guide it and keep it up. Let’s do a third flight now and see how she does this time. Oh, but she’s crying! Maya, make Owleez happy! (Maya laughing) Sandy can help too! – [Maya] It’s okay, Owleez. – [Lucy] Oh, I
think she’s happy again, she has the white eyes, so that means you can
teach her how to fly. Wanna start, Maya? Maya’s gonna teach this time. – Yeah, and Sandy wants to help too! (laughter) – You’re gonna do a great job, Owleez. – [Lucy] Alright,
third flight attempt! – She’s ready! – [Lucy] Okay! (victorious music) Let’s put her in! Alright Owleez, let’s do it! (upbeat music) (beeping) (whirring) – [Lucy] Whoa! Oh, good job, oh! You’re getting high! (laughter) Whoa! (whirring) Oh, that was pretty good! I don’t know if you caught it, but she kind of bounced off the carpet and went flying again. This girl has got some skills! Oh, it’s hungry again! (toy screeching) (purring) So inside the package, you get the Owleez, you get the little berry,
which you feed it with. It has yellow eyes if it gets hungry, and the nest, and I think it does something
really cute in the nest and that’s what I want
to show you right now. Hey girls, let’s show what
happens when you tickle Owleez. Tickle its belly, Maya. (toy laughing) (laughter) – It laughs! (laughter) – [Lucy] Oh! – I just heard it! (toy laughing) [Maya] I love when it
laughs, it’s so cute! (laughter) (mumbles) – I think his little laugh is so, so cute. Alright girls, what do you
say about another flight? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Lucy] Let’s
fly this baby again! Up and down! (children screeching) (trumpets) Her eyes are blinking
multicolor, she’s ready! Put her in the nest! Alright, let’s do it, Owleez! (upbeat music) (whirring) – Come on, Owleez, you can do it! – You’re gonna do an awesome job! (whirring) (beeping) – Come on, Owleez! – [Addy] She’s gonna fly! (whirring) – [Lucy] Whoa! (upbeat music) Whoa! Oh my goodness, it’s so high! Oh! Whoa! Good catch! That was here best flight yet, and Addy actually caught
her when she landed! – Yeah! – [Lucy] Good catch, Addy! (laughs) You know what, I think that’s
a good flight to end on, ’cause Owleez is happy,
she’s got her happy eyes on. But there’s one more thing I
think we should show, Maya. What do you love to do with Owleez? – Sing! – Sing! Maya loves to sing and Owleez
actually likes to sing too. Wanna show us how you make her sing? – Yeah! – [Lucy] Oh! Shake her side to side. (laughs) (toy, children singing) Wow, she’s really getting into this song! (laughs) Good job, Owleez! Well, you have seen us
teach our Owleez to fly, now the big questions is, can
you teach your Owleez to fly? Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next time on Tic Tac Toy Family! And Tic Tac Toy! – [Group] X-0-X-O! Bye! (toy screeching) – [Maya] Say bye! Bye! (upbeat music) This video
was sponsored by Spin Master.

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