Amazing SCHOOL LIFE HACKS You Need To Try!
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Amazing SCHOOL LIFE HACKS You Need To Try!

today we are reacting to school life
hacks and we’ve got Grumpus say hello Grumpus
hi he’s kinda grumpy mmm why are you so grumpy Grumpus what happened a lot of
things as a child Grumpus something as a child something as an adult what are
they doing here I don’t know okay we’re cutting up either that is a is that a it
looks like they’re making an eraser by cutting up an eraser oh is this a fake
eraser what would the point of that be I don’t know can I call you Grumpi
instead of Grumpus? please don’t okay I won’t call you Grumpi what
about wait a second what oh that oh there’s cheats it’s a cheat sheet the
cheat sheet is going inside of the fake eraser oh these are some naughty kids
doing some school life hacks know your name also rhymes with rumpus
do your opposite I feel uncomfortable right now again I can see his belly
okay he’s toast don’t you put test answers in there guys don’t you do it
how’d you know he’s gonna tape it wait I have almost that same color tape
literally almost the same color tape are you cheating no I’m not he’s not gonna
use it to cheat he’s oh he’s just going to keep his shirt closed is he just
gonna oh it’s double-sided tape this really and is that really at school life
hack I don’t know Preston do you want your shirt buttons flying away in school
I mean personally I don’t really care because I wouldn’t wear that to school
okay I wear t-shirts have you not know this I literally like t-shirt hoodie
t-shirt hoodie hey I think you’d look charming in a nice button up I think I
probably look great I mean you know I’m pretty good looking good
we got superglue every live hack starts with either superglue I found out or it
starts with a box cutter or in this case we’ve got scissors oh wait is this a
minion it’s a minion this is a minion a very poorly drawn one so what is this
like some kind of caps you know what I like it you why do you like it I
probably could share some memes on Facebook about that no why would you go
on Facebook nobody goes on Facebook that’s where like my
great-grandma is I would share minion meetings on Facebook no no no no can we
at least get you one like the gram or something can I get you some tea
you’re sure yeah Reed put on the kettle oh here we go
oh boy more cutting and a coca-cola bottle interesting I don’t even know
this should be a game guess the life hack I don’t even know where we’re
currently going maybe it’s another cheat sheet it’s okay
can you just stop being grumpy for one second okay just one second I guess this
is the life hack for school let’s CHEAT together let’s work together how do you
know what’s a cheat you don’t have to say the negative and everything Grumpus
like this could be a giant Pokemon caching device used in the real world
how would that help you in school okay you got me there but like can’t I dream
grumpy one day Pokemon will be at school and I can use them to do my homework
would be a great day okay so you got up bottle cap thing I don’t know what this
is is I’ll tell you what this is not worth the effort how did this get
categorized as a school like that oh boy yeah everyone loved candles to school oh
thank you thank you read oh great static here you go just set it right
there okay don’t know be very careful it’s very hot we’ve got another one coming on I want
to see people trying to guess this in the comments this looks like a terrible
baking recipe all things you have ready at school is this Zippo lighter fluid
okay I don’t think a teacher would like this I don’t even know what is HAP this
looks like something that the science teacher would perform and tell you never
to do ever without adults who wrote about ya that need oh that’s awful that
looks terrible it’s like decaying and dead I don’t like
this Preston I don’t don’t don’t look Grumpus don’t look at this it’s not meant
for your eyes you have sensitive eyes and it’s still got it still growing it’s
Wow it’s it’s Oh okay when does it end I think I have a fear of whatever this is
and I don’t know what it is oh I’ve got a fear of this
yep that’s a new phobia right there Oh hmm thank you for not giving me that
teacup well you know unfortunately all the tea is spill are you doing okay I’m
gonna check if there’s any more down there let me see okay maybe there’s some
more the floor absorbed it maybe it’s your uh you know you are real know the
floor how grumpy he is he’s pretty cute you got it right
oh boy grandpa’s what are we about to see next Oh hopefully something better
than the last one I want to see something that we can legitimately use
hmm like what is what tape Oh a lighter and
a night I feel like we’re seeing a lot of reoccurring thing in these life hacks
ladies get lots of knives in this school hacks video you guys should come in how
many times have we seen a box cutter all right when I want to see some of these
dabble in the comments or some kind of scissors or object to cut things with
sharp edges what is this I’d note is this a pencil eraser that’s
all dried out tape it’s wideout tape no I never use this in
school they’re probably going to use it to cheat no no why okay okay you’re
right they’re using the deceit how do you know grab this I feel like
you know way too quickly that they’re about the cheetah have you used some of
these life hacks before in school look I didn’t get to where I am by playing by
the rules oh no no no Grumpus is a big play by the
rules I thought you were a law-abiding citizen
these days sure oh these days so now that you’ve already made it it’s okay
oh yeah it’s out what you’re trying to tell me right now I don’t want anyone
catching up to me oh gee I thought when I had kids in 20 years you would babysit
them now I don’t know question you know if I have convinced you to not let me
babysit then I’ve done my job right yeah you really you want me to leave them
with shivers yeah rather me leave my unborn children with
shivers if I don’t have to watch him sure okay seriously he’s gonna take them
to the sewers listen everybody watching right now that subscribe button is red I
want you to make it grey all right please for Grumpus’
is scrub by rugby sakes Grumpus okay pencil sharpener is it really
another cheat sheet another cheat we could have seen this one from a mile
away ladies and gentlemen here’s a life back study every single one of these is
just how to cheat and it’s not even in a way that I feel like is impressive so as
your teacher supposed to like not notice you opening this wad of paper that looks
like it’s leading to a treasure map uh I don’t get it this is like maybe useful
for like basic algebra but nothing else you know what I want to see a life hack
about how to be nicer to your cafeteria well I why the kit did you work in a
cafeteria I just like food you just like food I mean I could tell I didn’t want
to say anything but since I last saw you you know you gained some chungus you know even happened let’s see it’s Oh saran
wrap vegetables in at the grocery store I love this stuff that’s not a fruit or
a vegetable no it is not it’s very wise observation we’re going to super glue
this saran wrap I don’t know what’s happening grumpy Grumpus yes please
full name sorry so I what’s your middle name
grumper is it just Grumpus grumper grumpi yeah that’s it
there is no way you’re lying to me don’t know you want you want to see my birth
certificate I don’t believe I carry it right here that’s right it on you not
that you’ve seen okay okay we got it looks like they made a web out of their
superglue is this supposed to be like a drinking little pencil holder no it is
drink hey why not just use the bottle is your school out of cups then like
maybe but I feel like you could just you’re the bowl they poured it out of a
bottle and then you can drink out of a bottle this is the one time Grumpus
and I might agree on something ya see with bread right cut a hole in it
so you put the test answers no no no no no no it’s for the egg they’re just
gonna use an ostrich egg what did I say okay what did I say that’s not an
ostrich egg though so they gonna put the good sure yeah
I don’t know where this is going surely no no okay I was kind of right but also
kind of not right is this supposed to be some kind of sandwich for lunch eggs
aren’t supposed to look like that this is why we were you’re too bored of
your sandwich looking at edible did they just run out of light bags they’re like
let’s just put some food coloring in again let’s just call it a life hack
ladies and gentlemen oh oh ho it’s not a cheap it’s he’s not cheating or she’s
not cheating I mean it’s still good no no no no you gotta have faith like
potatoes okay oh they’re making a mega pin what I’ve
never seen this in my entire life double fan I’ve only dreamed about this
book okay but it’s okay triple pen but if you say more wait wait quadruple
bail how many will we go to you ladies and gentlemen yes in the comments we’re
already at four pin let’s see a quick top where you go then echo and pin to
pin no just quad pin and it’s ID I just don’t get how this is a life hack
hey if you got to write the same thing for time but what but do anyone for some
time to write the same thing like you can’t write like it Grumpus you’re
hurting me it’s a vision and I stand by it
music yeah I gotta say I like the music yeah yeah okay let musics okay what are
we building anyways it’s just like some kind of oh so we’re we’re kind of
building something very vast here something is being built and I don’t
know what it is we’ve got a battery I’ve seen these before double-sided adhesive
solder gun Oh I don’t know I don’t know this is
supposed to be a school life hack and I don’t know how would you would watch
class what do you do this in unless this life hack is going to do my homework for
me I don’t know if I can consider it a life hack or if they can store my
scooper you liking this one it’s too much effort it’s a lot oh the music got
more complicated it was a wind and grind battery charger just plug it in I’m pretty sure they
give those away at like random events yeah well I make your own way you can
get it for free excellent I’m saying I don’t understand Grumpus
okay sharp things good we got broken scissors oh no it’s it gonna be a life
hack to save the scissors I’ve never had a situation where my scissors have ever
broken oh my scissors break all the time they
don’t there’s like there’s not a chance and penguins that your scissors actually
break oh no it’s an everyday probably for me I go through 7 pairs of scissors
a week what would you even use scissors for and your day-to-day uh hitting
things goodbye thanks hit things with scissors you only cut things with them
well maybe that’s why they break yeah maybe it is why maybe this life hack was
made for you grumpus maybe I picked this out just for you so that way I could get
on your good side so you stop you know maybe so you they did not look good
though what if I gave you a nice little massage
Joep you no no no ok ok I hope I won’t I just try to be nice man oh we’ve got oh
this is ok we’re changing up a little bit Oh safety pin we got clothes pins
safety pins it’s a bad time you know I’m liking this music release box cutters
it’s about time for some hobbies not dancing to the music right now I don’t
like this music you don’t like this music every day I
like you don’t like why is this a thing can we not agree on anything
we agreed earlier yeah but that was the calendar time I would like to agree
multiple times oh why why wait so just itching cheats
on two different pens there is no way you can see
is a pin on a math test anyway yes you can’t even erase something if you get it
wrong I feel like no even be able to see it the pin is too dark I can’t I can’t
stand this Preston is really bad yeah I mean that’s video is cheating I’m
leaving no you can’t leave no I do it you can’t you physically cannot I’m
doing it but please remember think about the children watching these children are
learning how to cheat okay well we didn’t know they were going to be
cheating life hacks we thought you’d be like I’ll see if I’ll stay here or not
okay Hey they might not actually cheat in this one if they don’t cheat in this
one you have to leave a like is that really balloon or is that a glove no you’re right
it’s a balloon it’s a club for one finger and it’s going okay
wait what I gotta paint it it’s it’s just to rub off the paint from your
paintbrush you know what else would have done that the edge of the cup literally
anything anything at your disposal Grumpus I feel like you would make a
great substitute teacher like not a normal teacher but like a sub oh yeah okay we got a bar of soap another box
cutter a bar soap that’s a box cutter oh there’s a bar of soap on inside and just
uh yep just burn a hole in your soap yeah why not I am or making a pop I feel
like this is more of a teacher life hack so when a student says something naughty
they just take it you’re like all right popsicle bag no no no no no this is
gross I don’t like this we’ve got a soapy popsicle so you open it and then
this is mean-spirited bring back the minion memes I agree with Grumpus I
bring back the minions we don’t want Shelby popsicle no way
No ladies and gentlemen make sure you comment within the first 60 minutes of
watching a reality video because we will feature your comments have a great
wonderful day and we’ll see you next time goodbye everybody goodbye


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