• Ana Viegas

    She's so not used to being suported by a partner. They're perfect. Please don't ruin it with dumb drama. Just leave them alone.

  • Mah Rdn

    Do you notice the outfits, the shoes and the accessories of our actors? We can find them on: spotern.com/en/search?query=Grey%27s+Anatomy

  • Crystal

    Damn it, Link times two! And just when I thought I couldn't possibly love him more?! I've been a fan of this relationship since day one. And this scene…. This scene is exactly why. As a person who's been watching Grey's from the beginning, watched Private Practice and knows exactly what Amelia went through, I can honestly say that I have never been more happy for her. To see her in this relationship with this exact man. In PP she was with James and when she broke up with him when she got to grey's back in season 10, I was disappointed. I loved James. He was great and supportive, like Link, but he wanted kids and she wasn't ready for that back then. Then she got together with Owen, whom I have never liked. To say that I find him irritating is an understatement, so I'm just not even gonna go there. Link has been good to her. He slows her down, in a good way. Makes her face her fears and problems head in, while being there for her in the way she needs most. So yeah. Damn it, Link, I love you!

  • James Soares

    To each their own but it’s sad people are not having kids because of their own fears (definitely not talking about Amelia and her trauma). You’re a rich, successful white man in one of the richest countries in the world, if climate change makes you not want to have kids then you don’t want them at all first place – and it would be much better to just recognize that than find an excuse.

  • Lori Dunlap

    When Link said he didn’t want her to get hurt and when he was willing to put his feelings aside for her. Oh my gosh they’re meant to be. Can’t wait to see AmeLink with THEIR baby! If they make it Owen’s I’m done with Grey’s, Seriously this time!

  • kimma508

    Amelia found her very own McDreamy. What Link said about not wanting her to hurt and putting her fears ahead of his. Just being a partner unconditionally it was just Wow. This scene was well written and brilliantly acted.

  • Christine Joda

    what I don't want is for anything to hurt you😭😭😭😭😭😭 those writer better not muck Amelink up (wanted my comment to be posted)

  • Julia Einfeldt

    Is it just me or does it seem that they are repeating story lines? This kinda feels similar when christina and Owen got pregnant

  • sweetsecretshayaty

    He's so amazing and perfect I'm swooning over this.. And he's way better than Owen but a part of me is secretly hoping she'll be with Owen. Also, I hope she gets to have the baby and it is healthy. It's so weird to see him go from Nashville to this LOL

  • cadettipk

    This is my favorite scene of theirs so far. I love how right before he started telling Amelia how he felt, he scooted a little bit closer to her so he can be as close to her as possible.

    I'm so glad they didn't get him with Meredith. His chemistry with Amelia's better, and the characters actually have backstories that make them perfect for each other.

  • emilse suarez

    Owen was just a narcissistic dick! She would have been miserable! And controlled, and always 2ed choice. Ame deserves the best.

  • Samantha Kirby

    After watching Private Practice and seeing this, I am crying like a baby. This was such a beautiful moment. I swear if this is Owens baby I will never watch this show again. (JK, I am a very weak person and love this show way too much to give it up)

  • Andrew Glasgow

    I don't know what the writers are thinking. Giving Amelia a baby, she can barely take care of herself. I think about all the other times when she was a complete spaz. I guess because she had a brain tumor. I don't think I'd trust her with a child. Plus, doesn't she live in Mer's house. She should grow up and get her own place. RUN LINK!!!!!

  • Raephaele Masirnille

    I never liked Amelia, never!!!! She is such a flake and I don't like her with Link. I was totally done with her when she had Link pretend to be Owen with her family. What sane adult would do that? She will find a way to screw this up. The baby will turn out to be Owens, which I hate, to make a teddy go off the deep end again because nobody can be happy for too long unless this is the last season. And Ben needs to do some serious man scaping if he's going to keep taking his shirt off. Link and Deluca are so freaking hot!!!!!

  • fatima barrera

    Let's face it, Owen would have never considered her fears, would have been with her if she chose to get an abortion, but would have thrown it in her face at another time, like she was the most selfish person.
    I'm so glad she's with Link, he's perfect for her!!

  • Xiomara Makeup 29 Makeup Artist

    You're killing me! I need to watch this episodes, in my country Tuesday schedule is too messed up , and on Netflix they took about a year to put them, please allow Netflix to upload them aahhhhhh😍💔

  • ChocoPaid

    I..please for the love of everything don't hurt her again, don't hurt this, make them struggle make them sad but please don't break this; Shonda and her people I know your love for torturing us please don't do it with this not after this perfect moment

  • Richiey H

    OMG, Link is such a good guy. He's the anti-Owen. I like Link with the same kind of intensity that I loath Owen. Link is a keeper.

  • Javiera M

    I think this is the first time one of her partners understand HER feelings and doesn’t want to change them even if they’re completely different from theirs💙💕❤️

  • Delaney Jones

    When this guy walked in, I immediately didn’t like him for some reason but BOY that character development got me hooked

  • Laura Marie LIVE

    ⁉️⁉️Wait I'm confused. She said she hardly gets periods anymore but told Mer that she was late and she is never late. 😕😕🤷🏽‍♀️

  • SerenityAlexandra

    After what he said I’m all team Amelink!!! No more Omelia for me I took a while to realise a new ship has sailed

  • chochonero341

    The last part when she said 'Dammit Link' is the sound of things heading south. We all want perfection in couples but it's the reason we watch Greys we get the hopes on high and then curse it when they hit the bumps. Show would be boring if it did not have the twists and turns.

  • Ester Samuelsson

    It's Amelia's time to have everything she wants a man she loves and understands her and FINALLY a healthy baby too!!!!!!!!

    I hope this time when she's pregnant she won't lose the baby like she did the first time I hope she will keep the baby and it will be a healthy and strong baby and that it's Link who is the father of her baby too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ester Samuelsson

    I remember when she lost Christopher it was such an heartbreaking and devastating moment in Amelia’s life the first baby who was actually a part of her and she lost it too soon Catarina is such a amazing actress specially in that moment when she lost the baby but this time i hope it will be so much different than before!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ester Samuelsson

    When she started crying I think that she was thinking about her first born Christopher and how much she still miss him and I think she will always miss him he was he son of course and he will always be a part of Amelia’s life no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ester Samuelsson

    He really truly is the best thing that ever happened to her and I hope he will be her last love interest he’s way better man to her then Owen ever was for her and he treats her so much better than any man has ever treated her I hope this will work and they will stay together as long as possible🤞

  • Mia Shepherd

    Wow link was perfect! He said the absolute right things with the right words! Amy and he would or hopefully will be an amazing couple

  • Panndia

    Amelie looking at her hand after she wipes her tears is life. Just looking at her tears like she’s mad at them 💙 I feel that

  • Vivi

    I wonder if putting her with Link is an apology for shacking her up with Owen before? Because I will take it, keep them together I love them and just let her have a calm not traumatizing pregnancy.

  • Alma del angel

    I didn't like Link so much, but now I'm here to love him💗 those words are what every women want to hear when you tell them about your pregnancy and the right you have on your body. 💗💗💗

  • ely grey's

    on your knees, please ask the authors of grey's not to ruin the relationship between amy and link, to give birth to a beautiful child or baby who is healthy or healthy! amy deserves the best. thank you for your attention ☺️

  • Jojo Jojo

    I can just imagine them with their baby and just being the most perfect family. I also imagine them having a boy (just saying)

  • macey mercer

    I have realized (though I have loved them together from the get-go) that Link is her person. 100% They are a team and he is always about compromise and doing what's best for her. I am not the biggest Owen fan but I do like him. However, I feel like he would not have been this graceful and patient with her. She needs kindness and gentle and support. Link is all of these things. They have a very high chance of being possibly the best couple on this show. I am so excited to see this storyline grow.


    Words of catarina, the father is link! https://www.refinery29.com/amp/en-us/2019/10/8518868/amelia-pregnancy-baby-greys-anatomy-season-16-caterina-scorscone-interview#click=https://t.co/9q1hb6ReHl

  • Bloopers Series VOSTFR by Ems Blanca

    Link is the perfect man for her 2:53 to 3:24 he cry with her share a pain and a fire and he talk to her about his cancer fear the one he suffer one he was a child in ep. 15×21 honesty and trust is everything in a relation I think they find themself in each other like Meredith and derek or japril years ago

  • predetor911

    I love when Greys has long character building moments like this, nobody walking in, interrupting or getting paged away. Just people talking things out great communication.

  • Bloopers Series VOSTFR by Ems Blanca

    People I start to freak out a lot of people on web can't stop talking about Amy baby and said that he may be owen baby instead of Link baby so who is right them or us. This my opinion on this : since owen and amelia stop dating in 15×16 but stop having sex together in 15×15 (referring on Amy word to Meredith during Catherine Party even before that I thing they fight in ep 15×09-10 and 15×12 is the reason that for all that Amelia have no reason to slept with Owen since this fight with Amy about her not accept Amy addiction problem so in 15×17 when Amelink start dating intil 16×07 they is no way its could be owen baby in 16×02 (she was 8weeks preg in 16×06 (they mentionned the dating since few months so those months since and before amy pregnancy right a due date is for spring so MY question is it really Lincoln child ( since he had cancer many people said that he can't have kids because he take so many drug against a fight for cancer so is sperm are gone unfertile ) and because since amelia pregnancy we didnt see any ultrasound or check up who assure us that is Link baby , and with owen reaction in 16×07 and amelia referring that she had misses period i'm afraid this theory is TRUE Someone help !!!

  • Heida

    At first I couldn't stand Link. Getting a haircut really changed his personality to the better! The greatest character development on the show after Alex IMO. He had already started to grow on me but this scene really did it. I hope Amelia has finally found happiness and has an unproblematic pregnancy. (But this is Grey's….)

  • Helen

    After the beautiful scene and they throw us that curveball in the mid season finale. I really hope the baby is Link's otherwise what a waste of an amazon chemistry and storyline

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