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Angela’s Back, Baby | The Joint Chiropractic

I’m Angela, I’m 22 years old and I’m a
professional athlete, and I’m a patient at The Joint.
I started playing competitive soccer when I moved to Arizona. I went and
played in college and during that time I was always putting a lot of stress on my
body, and I have a fused vertebrae in my back, it’s like right in the middle. So it
was either do a surgery to get that separated and removed, or I could just
try and kind of bear through it. But, I was really looking for something that
wasn’t invasive and so that’s what kind of led me to chiropractic. The doctor at
The Joint location I was going to he was able to put my muscles back into place,
and now I feel like I walk better, I sit better, I sleep better and I have a lot
more flexibility. And doing this was kind of one of the best decisions I made for
my athletic career. Chiropractic saved me from having to make a life choice that
would have set me back. The Joint was able to help me so much, I would not be
where I am today.

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