Animal Proverbs: Newborn Calves Are Not Afraid of Tigers | Intermediate Lesson | ChinesePod
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Animal Proverbs: Newborn Calves Are Not Afraid of Tigers | Intermediate Lesson | ChinesePod

Hello everyone, I’m Josh. 欢迎回到中文播客 Hello everybody, welcome back to ChinesePod. I’m Joy 今天我们要聊一些和 有关的句子还有一些常见的用于, 对吧? I’m really liking this episode because we’re going to talk all about the tiger. And you can see the word “虎”, the Chinese character is sort of like a picture of the tiger’s facial print. So it’s kind of like the lines, you’ve got these curves, I’m liking it already. What kind of personality do you think a tiger or a tiger-like person has? 如果我们说一个人很像老虎, 代表这个人 或是 Now I think you’re talking about tiger moms. 不太一样啦 But a tiger is like a go-getter, they get something they want, they’re aggressive. So I also heard that in Chinese culture it’s not really the best to be born in the year of the tiger. Do you know about this? 对。 在虎年的时候想生孩子的人特别少 So we’ll talk about some of the positives and maybe some not-so-positives of the tiger today in the idiom. So check it out. 我们先来看看这个句子 爸爸是老虎, 没有狗儿子 你觉得是什么意思? So if the dad’s a tiger, then the kid’s not gonna be a dog. I’m guessing the kid’s not going to be too bad. So you’re saying that tigers are better than dogs in this case? 是 跟狗比起来,老虎比较成功 So tiger in the Chinese culture is a symbol of success or a go-getter, you want to get what you want and you’re really ambitious. Maybe the dog’s like friendly or at home, so I’m going to say “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”. 我有个朋友, 他的生意做的很好 你知道他的爸爸是谁吧? A successful businessman, I’m guessing. 所以我们会说… Ah, I have another example of a successful father-son duo. “Bush” in Chinese, that was… 哪一个布什总统? Both, actually. So it’s a comparison between the father and the son. They’re not gonna be too far apart because they’re both gonna be tigers. Now that sounds to me like it’s a lot of pressure for the son if your father’s successful. 接下来我们来看看这个句子 所以 “明知” 就是我已经知道, 我明明知道 偏向 “偏” 的意思是还是要 所以偏偏要往 虎山行 “行” 是走的意思 So I know that is a dangerous place but I’m still walking toward that tiger’s cave. So would you say this person was brave or not very smart? 有勇气还是笨呢? 我觉得…我也不知道 Maybe both. Oh, I have a friend, he didn’t know any Chinese except for “你好” and he decided to come to China. Pretty brave, right? 所以… So then he was studying and he was super ambitious. Half a year later he says he’s gonna enroll in school, but all of the classes are in Chinese. Maybe it’s probably a better idea for him to take classes in English first instead. It’s a little bit ambitious. So we can use this context sort of to talk about super brave or a little too ambitious, maybe come back a little bit. 最后我们来看看这一个句子 “初生” 就是刚出来 “犊” 是小牛 不畏虎 “虎” 是害怕 所以… 初生之犊不畏虎 是什么意思, 你觉得? So this firstborn baby cow or calf is not afraid of the tiger. So I’m guessing you’re talking about somebody who’s pretty fresh. It could be a baby or someone who’s new to a job not being afraid of that tiger, or maybe that boss, or the courageous or successful person. 我们可以拿来形容 刚进到一个新的环境或是刚开始工作的年轻人 我遇过一个人 This was a long time ago, but when she came to the company, she was a 22-year old, super ambitious. She challenged the boss, which is not okay in Chinese culture. She got fired around three months after, but I thought she was super ambitious. Can we use that to describe her? 所以我们可以说… Yeah. I mean I think it’s great, but in Chinese culture, hierarchy is very important. So you definitely need to know your place. And maybe once she does get to that middle management position, she can be as bold. But stepping into that company, not a good idea. So I’m guessing he probably wasn’t very popular and he probably got some complaints from Chinese people because he wasn’t learning the Chinese way. Did he learn, though? 有啊 Ah, good for him. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Today we learned all about tigers. How they’re brave, how they’re scary, how they’re successful. Let’s review these three Chinese sayings. 我们刚刚说到 Tiger dad, that means that kid’s not going to be a dog. So the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. And the second one? So I’m going toward that mountain even though I know there’s a tiger in there. I’m going to do something brave, or it’s going to be really dumb. And the third one? 我们最后提到 That fresh born baby calf is not afraid of the big, bad tiger. So again we’re either being courageous or ambitious, or maybe not such a good idea. Again, Chinese culture is all about context. Be really sensitive to that culture when you’re going in to see if there’s a hierarchy, if there’s a level of respect that needs to be paid. Hopefully today you’ve enjoyed this episode about tigers. 如果有什么问题, 欢迎在下面的留言处给我们回复 I’m Joy.
I’m Josh. See you next time, bye-bye!


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