Army dad runs off plane to meet newborn daughter | Militarykind
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Army dad runs off plane to meet newborn daughter | Militarykind

(jaunty music) – I was in basic training
when my wife found out that she was pregnant. I was in AIT throughout the whole entire pregnancy. (jaunty music) My wife, she calls me and she goes, “Hey I think the baby’s coming,” “I think the baby’s coming.” And I’m like, “Oh my God, are you serious?” She’s like,
“Yeah the baby’s coming.” “I think I’m going into labor,” “My water broke.” (jaunty music) I started crying, and I cried and I cried and I cried and I just like, I dunno why, I just couldn’t stop! (jaunty music) It just sucked so bad
because of the fact that I’m just there on FaceTime
and she’s just born, and I’m watching all these
different people hold her and I’m just waiting
for like my time when I can finally have her in
my arms and look her in her face.
Actually be there with her. (jaunty music) (baby gurgles) When I finally got off that plane and I finally got to go and like see her that was probably one of the best moments of my life. (jaunty music) Hey baby! Hey Princess! Hey baby. (laughs) Hey baby. Hey Princess. Hi, mi Amor. (jaunty music) You’re so beautiful. (jaunty music) After we got home from the airport, then she started realizing who I was and I was like, “Damn, she knows I’m her Dad,” “she knows that like she’s part of me.” (jaunty music) It felt amazing. When you get married to
someone like special. Because that’s my best friend, you know what I mean like? That’s somebody that
I’ve always been able to trust and rely on and
just to have that strong woman that I’d be able
to go through all the tough times with and stuff like that. Y’know especially when you can’t be there. And I mean, she sacrificed a lot. (jaunty music) Thank God for FaceTime
so that I can see all the crazy stuff that she’s doin, ’cause she’s so hyper. She’s so crazy in all
the stuff that she does. There’s no time for her to chill and I love that about her. (jaunty music)


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