Atlanta Maternity Center Childbirth Experience: Amy Stanton’s Story
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Atlanta Maternity Center Childbirth Experience: Amy Stanton’s Story

>>My name is Amy Stanton and I have three
boys and I’m a nurse at Egleston. As a pediatric nurse, I’m very choosy, and delivering my
child was a very big decision, and we felt very confident and comfortable with DeKalb
Medical, and they really pulled through. I had heard that they were really good with
natural birth. My first two children were actually delivered by Dr. Pancer and when
he walked in the room I felt very comfortable because he’s just really easygoing and very
calm in the delivery room and that’s exactly what I needed with a natural birth.
I felt like the nursing staff really went above and beyond. My husband and I really
wanted to walk around the floor so my labor would progress faster, and so they hooked
me up to a monitor, and really let us have the freedom to walk.
The facility was new, it was clean. I felt like I was in a house instead of like a very
sterile environment. I got great firsthand experience with the
special care nursery and the neonatologist that was on call. With my third son, he had
some difficulty breathing. My nurse felt like it was a good idea for him to go down to the
nursery. So I really appreciated that, as a nurse. I felt like they were really on top
of it, and taking care of my son maybe when I wasn’t quite all there after delivering.
Breastfeeding was very, very important to me. The lactation consultant came in and made
sure that our schedules were lined up and that it was a really good time for me and
the baby, and I didn’t feel like it was rushed or scheduled necessarily, but it was just
really natural and easy. And it has been just a sweet, sweet experience with all three of
them. Every day is a new adventure with my boys.
I really enjoy watching them grow and learn, especially as we get start getting into with
Jude being mobile, and then Baylor going into Kindergarten, I just love being a mom.
I’m very grateful to DeKalb Medical for helping all three of my boys come into this world
healthfully and safely. There’s nothing I could say that would really capture how grateful
I am.

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