Attitude reverse!When emperor knows I’m pregnant… |ep64-2
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Attitude reverse!When emperor knows I’m pregnant… |ep64-2

Wei Yingluo You just use her deliberately to see if I will get mad at you emperor You just want to take advantage of her and see if I can run away with Fu Heng Your suspicion is baseless! You doubt her So you ordered Hylanda to spy Later, you learned about her plot, you obviously can stop But let things go An emperor who suspected that concubine Hongxing came out of the wall Shouldn’t the first thing be to detain her? It’s great to catch it on the spot But once spread, it will damage the majesty of the royal family. You would rather take risks You are just to test me I did my best to please you I was hiding in the corner just now I see your face is ugly You do n’t even have the courage to open the lid nonsense I am angry that someone wants to escape the palace Really? What else do you think I guess You spoil her To make me jealous Otherwise why are you rewarding her with jewelry? It wasn’t just putting her on, it made me jealous Wei Yan You are too self-righteous I pet her That’s to appease Niu Lulu I don’t love her Then i don’t necessarily love you what happened to you what happened to you Li Yu Call Dr. Ye soon! Yes, I will go now! emperor You don’t care about me at all not at all emperor Empress, Queen Mother wants to see Ling Fei emperor You save me My trouble is coming You mean there is no reincarnation it’s all my fault Please forgive me Wei Yan How dare you! How dare you! Queen mother How can you do this You know how happy she is She thought her daughter was back Queen mother I know sin is unforgivable I am willing to bear all the punishments I hope you can’t be angry I can’t forgive you I can never forgive you Come Queen mother Queen mother I was meant to save people She lied for a while Please forgive her By this time You are still asking for her this matter I also know That you cheated me together No she does She is to protect her but me Just want to please you I was this lie Cheated for so long Until now You said it was to please me joke! emperor I can forgive your filial piety But i can’t forgive her Queen mother it’s all my fault Wreaths Wreaths Congratulations Congratulations what happened Emperor, she’s pregnant! what did you say Looking at her pulse, she has been pregnant for three months emperor Congratulations emperor Nonsense! Such a big deal Why don’t you tell me I’m weak I don’t even know my period How do I tell you Empress dowager. My daughter really didn’t come back She is not your daughter Your princess has gone to heaven You are good You are good emperor I was scared to death Empress dowager looks so scary If i don’t come She will really kill you She won’t I’m pregnant She won’t kill me You said you didn’t know it I only knew when I was locked in Yanxi Palace But emperor, when I was imprisoned Those people are going to starve me to death Is not They are going to starve your son You said it was your order. This gang of dog slaves really deserves to die When did I say such a jerk? You imprisoned me in Yanxi Palace At that time, if I do n’t, She will kill you The emperor said she didn’t care about me I almost believed it Don’t be affectionate yourself I don’t care about you I care… I care about the child in your belly emperor I hope this is a son why If i had a daughter She will also be pregnant and have children in the future It’s a ghost gate Wreaths Hard you No matter what others I’m for the emperor I even let my life go You still do this to me I I leave you alone I’m so gaffe I want to understand Did you treat me In my heart emperor A woman will only have children for her beloved man


  • Elaine Michelle T

    😂 in chinese the Emperor said "I adore her" but in the English translation subs, it said "I pet her" 🤣🤣.
    Emperor said: "you have suffered" & eng translation said "Hard you". 😂
    Emperor: "I was aloof to you & tested you, because I just wanted to know, if I was ever in your heart " or "if you ever had me in your heart"
    And eng subs read "I want to understand, if you treat me in my heart" . 🤦
    It's quite entertaining to read 😂😂

  • Lisa McLouth

    I hadn’t realized a pitiful cough was a sure sign of pregnancy! When I think of all the money I could have saved over the years from pregnancy tests…..of course,I would be dead from pneumonia,but,still the savings!

  • Jeanette Chosang

    Oh my godness that was one of my top 10 dramas I watched and I rewatched it already 3 times because is so good a clever strong women who now what she want is what I love most and a men now how to handle here this is a masterpiece I think many times of this gorgeous drama well done to all of them 🙏🙏🙏🙏😍💐😘👍👍👍👍🥰👏👏👏👏👏❤️😂😊😡😢😉⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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