August Birthstone – Peridot
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August Birthstone – Peridot

Hi, my name is Elias and welcome to ItsHot. Today we’re going to talk about the birthstone
for the month of August the Peridot. The peridot is one of the oldest known gemstones
with records of mining dating back to 1500 BC. Often mistaken for the emerald, many historians
believe that Cleopatra’s vast collection of emeralds were actually peridots. Known as the gem of the sun by the ancients. They believed it to have rid the body of evil
spirits and bad vibes. Also the ancients believed it to have many
medical uses, in fact ground peridot has been used to cure symptoms of asthma, as well being
used to cure the thirst of a high fever by being placed under the tongue. Because the peridot is said to promote openness
in relationships, as well as warmth, friendliness and love, it is the ideal stone to be exchanged
between friends to promote a long and healthy friendship. It is also the official gemstone of a couples
1 year anniversary, when love is still young and green and growing like a spring plant. As you can see The Peridots rich history is
only rivaled by its beauty. We have a vast selection of peridot based
jewelry and can custom make any peridot based jewelry you can imagine. We have a showroom location here at 48 west
48th street you’re more than welcome to stop by to or you can give us a call at 212-398-3123. I hope you found this video insightful and
we hope to see you soon.

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