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– Wassup, crazies! It’s your girl LaToya Forever, with my 28 inch
bundles of weave. I’m loving my long weave. Thumbs up for long weave, y’all. Anyways, in today’s video I am going to react
to giving birth to my daughter Samia Ali. She’s so cute. She’s two years old. Oh my God, she has so
much sass and attitude. So I react to giving
birth to Samia. And I’m also gonna
react to giving birth, to my son, Zayn Ali. He’s going to be one
years old on March 30th. Oh my God, he’s turning one
at the end of the month. Oh, I want to have a themed
birthday party for Zayn. So, do you guys have
any suggestions? Comment below. Yes, yes, yes. We call him Ranger Zayn. And one of our aunties was like, “You should do a cowboys
and cowgirls theme party.” I thought that was super cute. But if you guys have
any suggestions, comment below and
help your sister out. Let’s jump right into the video. So, I haven’t watched my
labor videos in so long. So, let’s see, I hope
I don’t cry, you guys. But y’all know me. I’m a crybaby. Okay, I be crying
for everything. So what we’re gonna do
is, go to Samia’s birf, B-I-R-F. Let’s see if YouTube
understands ghetto. Okay, no, they do not
understand ghetto talk. YouTube, y’all need to
get with the program, for us ghetto people out there in the world, okay, birf. Samia’s birf. (laughs) Or with a T-H. Samia’s birth, there we go. It understands that. First video, okay? Okay, so here we go. I’m not sure how reaction
videos are supposed to be. I’m the type of person, like if I have something to say, I’m gonna pause the
video and talk about it. But I’m not sure if that’s gonna get on your nerves or not. But at the same time, if
I have something to say, I’m gonna express how I feel. So, therefore,
(laughs) therefore, I’m letting you know
if I have to comment about something in the video and explain what’s going on, I’m gonna pause it, okay? I feel like I recorded
a video before, Try Not to Cry Challenge,
with my girl, Neicy. And I kept pausing it,
when I had to comment. And people are like,
“Oh my God, that’s why “you’re so annoying. “You’re just
supposed to watch it “and cry, or whatever the
heck you’re supposed to do. “But stop pausing it. “That’s so annoying.” Anyways, that’s just
me, okay, sorry. This is Samia’s birth. (upbeat music) – Yo, what up guys? – Okay, right off the jump, (laughs) Adam looks stressed out. He looks tired. I feel like, if i
was in his shoes, I’d feel the same way. Because how I’m set up,
I’m a crazy-ass individual, okay, I’m wild. I’m a loose cannon. So, I feel for him. Okay, let me shut up now. – I think it’s about that time. LaToya has been moaning
the entire night. I’m gonna call Jillian
and we should head out. You all right? I been always thinking
about this moment. And here it is now. – Okay, it’s like, I’m cringing because the feeling
of contractions is the worst pain I’ve
ever felt in my life. Just picture somebody
squeezing your uterus. Like squeezing the hell out
of your stomach, like this, with all their might. (laughs) Like, picture, a
fricken dinosaur just squeezing the
hell, out of your belly. You know, and then
letting it go. And then squeezing it. And then letting it go. And then squeezing it. And then letting it go. You know, it’s the worst pain. How did I do natural
births, twice? Like, if I ever
get pregnant again, I have to get the epidural. There is no way I can
go through that pain ever again in my life. Okay, let me shut up. Here I go, ranting and
talking, and stuff. – About to open
it up for Jillian. – Are you serious? Are we gonna do this for real? – [Adam] Let’s do this. – Where is she? – Not now. So I was, like, kind of bitchy. Because when I’m in pain,
when I have a lot on my plate, and people are talking
and asking me questions, and it just annoys me. It upsets me. Just tone it down, relax. I’m gonna be okay. Let me breathe through
this pain by myself. Okay, you can be
there, but, shhhhh. Don’t talk, don’t
ask me questions. Don’t say anything. Okay, I’m in pain. It hurts, ouch. You know it, you know this. Don’t ask me if I’m okay, because I’m not, all right? Don’t ask me if I’m
gonna be all right. No, because I’m not, okay? Don’t ask me if I need anything. I don’t need shit, okay? All I wanna do is
get this baby out, of my vagina, that’s it. If you can’t help me
with that, then buzz off. (laughs) That’s how I felt at that
very moment, you guys. – LaToya, we’re gonna
get you out of bed. And you’re gonna come down. – Lord, I just forgot that
I need to have a car seat. Gotta take the car seat. Oh my goodness, this is
real life, right about now. – [LaToya] I knew when
this was happening– – [Woman] This is
5:00 right now? – I know that when that
1:00 call came about Auntie Jillian, this
thing just fell out of me. I ran to my bed, after we went. Okay, so I called Auntie Jillian at about 1:00 in the morning. Because when I went
to the washroom, I felt something fall out of me. And when I looked in the toilet, it looked like this,
it’s called a Mucus Plug. It’s like this jelly thing, with a little bit
of blood in it. And what a Mucus Plug does, I think it protects
the baby from, you know, germs and bacteria. So when that falls out. Like, the baby’s exposed,
and I feel like that’s when, that’s a sign that you’re
about to go into labor. You know, once the
Mucus Plug falls out. It doesn’t happen in every
single labor and deliver story. Everyone’s different with
how they labor and deliver. Mine just so
happened to fall out. And then I went
into contractions. I started having contractions. I called you because I
knew what was gonna happen. – Look beside you. That is a car seat. And Samia is coming
home with us. (laughs) – Duh, Auntie Jillian. I think Jillian is so extra. I love her, though. She’s the best. She’s just so extra. Telling me to look
at the car seat. And Samia is coming
home in that car seat. She’s coming home with us. Well who the hell else is
she going home with then? I wanna know, Auntie Jillian. Lawd! I need to kneel down. – Kneel down? LaToya, we’re driving. You can’t kneel down. God, Lord, I hope this baby
ain’t coming in this car. You feeling any pressure,
Toya, down there? Like something, like it’s, what? – She been farting up the place. – Oh i thought she
said she had to poo because that, when they
feel like they have to poo, sometimes that’s the
baby’s head hitting– (laughs) – I’m in excruciating pain. And you just hear Auntie
Jillian just talking the most. Like why you, shut up! Just shut up. – It’s about that time y’all. Oh my goodness. – Guys, like take this in. I don’t even look
pregnant from the back. I was all belly,
well not really. I was all belly and face. But from the back I
did not look pregnant. – [Adam] It’s real now. – Oh, look at that. – [Adam] Poor baby. It’s like 5:00 am right now. (sound drowned out by whirlpool) Being in that jacuzzi tub
was the most soothing thing, that I’ve ever felt, while
being in pain, all right? That just made me
feel so relaxed. And it made me feel like,
“Okay, I’m about to do this.” And I don’t know what
I’m talking about but that jacuzzi tub just
made me feel so good. – [Adam] Almost 7:00 am. – [Jillian] Didi must
have pressed something on your foot, doing all
that pressure points. – Pressure points. A few hours before
I went into labor, I was at my Auntie
Yvette’s house. And my cousins were there. And one of my cousins,
Didi, she was massaging me. And she was like,
“You’re having this baby. “Before I leave. “Before I go back to New Jersey. “You’re having this baby.” Arrrgghhh! Arrrgghhh! Oh my God, I just
got flashbacks. Oh my God, that’s
the worst pain. The worst pain. And it’s so funny
how people are like, “Oh, you’ll forget
about that pain, girl. “You’ll forget about it.” Who, and where, and how, how? That pain scarred me for life. I will always
remember that pain? That pain will always
be a part of me. Because I’ve been through it? And I’m feeling it right now. Arrhhh! (laughs) That pain is so scary. Oh my God, you literally feel
like you’re about to die. I was in and out
of consciousness. – She has so much hair. – [LaToya] I usually
have a lot of hair. – We see her coming out and then I’m just so excited. – Like, I’m surprised I
didn’t break a blood vessel. I’m surprised veins weren’t
popping out of my head. You know, I’m surprised,
like, my head didn’t fall off. – I think if we just move
her down towards the back. LaToya, good job. – Good job, here she is. – [Woman] Breathe, breathe. – I was like, “Yo, I cannot
push like this, you guys.” You have me doing too much. You’re like, “Okay,
hold your legs up. “Put them up. “Hold them back.” No, I cannot do that. So, I’m like, “Put
me on all fours. “I’m trying to give birth
to my daughter like this.” I just felt so much more
comfortable on all fours. As opposed to on my back. You know what I’m saying? It’s my baby. – [Woman] I know, look at you. – Oh, this baby. It’s my baby. – [Woman] I know, look at you. – Oh, this baby. Oh, God she’s got
the chubby cheeks. – It’s just one more piece
and then give it to her. – Oh my God. – [Jillian] Girl without
drugs, I am so proud of you. She asked but, nope,
she could do it. – Whooo! – [Woman] There you go. – Oh my gosh. You guys, I was
begging for drugs. And one of the drugs
is so bad, you guys. But they just kept telling me, “LaToya, you can do it. “You got this. “You were born to do this. “This is natural. “Yes, you’re healthy. “You go girl.” So they build up my confidence
to have Samia natural. And yes, I am happy that
I had her naturally. But it was a, definitely
it was a battle. It was really hard. You have to be really
strong, mentally, to have natural birth. Because the way that
pain is set up, mmm-hmmm. – Five to 11, and had the
baby now out, we’re out. She’s clocking out. – Yeah, yo, I got to
the hospital at 5:00, or 4:30ish, I think. And Samia came at 11:00 am. What’s that, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. I was in the hospital for
6, 7 hours, and then I left. Granddaddy! – I just got to this hospital. Like a fool. Nobody say nothing. – We called you. We called you guys. Isn’t she cute? She looks like her granddaddy. I was in labor on my
own, like early labor, from one to five, on my own. That’s Didi, on my pointer. You see that girl right there? That lady right there? That’s Didi, that’s
my cousin Didi. She was the one that
put my at in labor. Shout out to Didi. – Now you get to put the makeup. Don’t forget the makeup. Like, “Where’s my makeup bag.” – [Woman] LaToya
are you serious? – [Lady] So where’s Jillian? – Oh, she’ll be here
tomorrow morning. But she was with us,
for the whole time. Oh my gosh, I totally
forgot about that. When I was laboring at home. I’m like, “Okay, I’m
about to have this baby. “So I need a fresh
face of makeup. “Because I know I’m
gonna be vlogging “or Adam’s gonna be vlogging. “And this is going
on the internet. “So I need a fresh face bee.” So I’m in the bathroom,
trying to put my makeup on, in between every
single contraction. It was the funniest thing. I was doing it so fast, too. I was like, Oh God, oh
God, oh God, oh God, contraction, oh God! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God. Because when you
have contractions you get some kind of
relief, 2, 3 minutes relief, depending on how
far along you are in your contraction stage. And so every time I
caught a little break, I would put some makeup on. (laughs) Lawd, I’m so extra. – You guys, I’m about
to put her to bed, for the first time ever. It’s an appeasing feeling. Hey baby, I love you. I want you to be nice
to your mommy, okay? She loves you a lot. So when you see her
outside, give her a hug. – Awww. – When you get older,
don’t go against her. Even if you think you’re right. And if I’m gone, take good
care of her, okay baby? – Awww. – I love you. – It’s beautiful, it’s
just so beautiful, my God. Adam and his. He just knows how to
pull your heartstrings. Adam just knows how to pull
on your heartstrings, God. Wish us luck. We’re going to a hospital
that does water birth. So we’ll see. So, I specifically wanted
to go to a hospital that offered water births. Because I wanted to
have Zayn in the water. I wanted to have a water birth. I wanted to have a water
birth with Samia, as well. I was laboring, in
the water, with Samia. But I had to get out as soon
as, I had to start pushing, because they didn’t
have the proper paperwork for me to have a
water birth in the hospital. So, this time around, I was
able to have my water birth. And I was actually the first, to have a water birth,
in that hospital room. Cool, right? I want the drugs this
time I don’t care. You guys, i could have had
that baby in the traffic. When I got to the hospital I was eight centimeters
dilated, eight. Eight centimeters dilated. I feel like it was
my dula’s fault. Because I called her, when I
started having contractions in the middle of the night. And she was like,
“Okay, just breathe. “It’s gonna be okay LaToya. “Breathe in, breathe out? “Now what I want you to do is, “I want you to go
into your bathtub? “And I want you to relax. “I want you to listen
to meditation music. “La, la, la, la, la, la, la. “Chi, chi, chi, chi,
chenny, chi, chi. “Okay, are you relaxed? “Okay, are you having a
contraction right now? “Okay, breathe through it. “Okay, perfect. “Okay, keep on doing
that for another “two or three hours and then
get back to me, all right? “All right.” After I hung up
the phone, I said, “Oh hell no, she didn’t. “I’m going to the hospital.” And when I got to the hospital, I was eight centimeters. So if it was up to my dula
and I listened to her, I woulda had that baby right
there in my bathtub at home. I think that Loki wanted me
to have the baby at home. I was open to it,
but I just felt safe having the baby,
naturally, in the hospital. Just to make sure that
I had everything is good and peachy clean. There I go again,
about to faint. (instrumental music) – [Adam] So, what’s
on your mind? Are you nervous? (laughs) So Latoya is eight
centimeters dilated. – Eight. – We got here in perfect time. – Look at me in the tub, y’all. I love me a jacuzzi tub. (laughs) I’m always in the
damn toilet room. I was in the tub last night. I love a tub? I need some jets. I need a new jacuzzi
tub with some jets. I love the tub. I don’t know what it is. It’s just relaxing,
it’s peaceful. I love going into the
tub and just chilling, listening to my music, and
reading a book, not really. On my phone, on Snapchat, “Hey, I’m in the tub!” Okay, sorry. – [Adam] So how
are things going? – Anna is my ride-or-die. Shout out to Anna. She’s always there for me. – [Adam] So what happened? Her water broke? Officially? Like, naturally? On it’s own? – It’s so crazy, because
when my water broke it was like an
explosion, in the tub. It was just, like,
“Blup, blup, blup.” I’m like, “What
the heck was that? “What the hell that just
popped outta my cootie? “Like what the hell was that? – So amazing, you have changed your entire life to
become an amazing mother. To be able to provide for
your beautiful children. Oh my Gosh, push,
push, push, push. – She’s so Jamaican. For your beautiful children. I love Winnie, that’s my girl. – Push, push, push. – [Adam] The first
person on this. You’re breaking the
water, with waves. – Did I tell y’all? I was the first person
to ever sit in that tub. And I was the first
person to ever give birth in that tub. And in that room. Because that was,
that is a new room in the hospital I
gave birth to Zayn in. Yes, I blessed it. I christened it. – Can we see the baby? – Zayn! (upbeat music) Look at Zayn, he’s so sweet. – [Woman] Good job. – Oh my God, you guys. So I was bawling my eyes out. More than I did with
Samia when she came out. And the reason why is
because, that pain, was the worst pain, I’ve
ever felt, with Zayn. And the reason why,
it was so intense. More than Samia. Because with Zayn,
I induced my labor by taking Castor Oil,
tablespoons of Castor Oil. And I also drank, 10 teabags
of Raspberry leaf tea, which is supposed to speed up, it’s supposed to
induce your labor. I didn’t know that I
was gonna go into labor three hours after I took
the damn Castor Oil. And after I pushed him out. I told my mid wives
that I took Castor Oil. They were like, “You did what? “Why didn’t you tell us? “That intensifies your labor,
and la, da, da, da, da.” They freaked the hell out of me. So I’d never do that again. If I become pregnant again, and have to go through
that experience again, I’ll never take the Castor Oil. It really, it was so painful. I don’t even know how I was
able to do it naturally. I guess I didn’t have a choice. Because when I got
to the hospital, I was eight centimeters dilated. And when you’re eight
centimeters dilated, okay, a full dilation
is 10 centimeters. When you’re 10
centimeters dilated you expect the
baby at any second. I was eight. I could have had the
baby on the highway. Can’t believe I took
the damn Castor Oil. What the heck up,
was I thinking? I just wanted Zayn out of me. I just was so over
the pregnancy. It was the worst pregnancy. I was always sick. I was always moody. I was fat. I couldn’t fit into my clothes. I was always down. I didn’t feel pretty. I wasn’t feeling it. I just wanted to have Zayn and just get it over with. With Samia it was different. I was super excited
and like, “Oh my gosh, “I’m about to be a Mom. “I’m pregnant. “This is a great experience. “Let me embrace it. “Yeah, I’m fat,
but I’m just gonna “embrace my fatness. “I’m gonna embrace
these rolls auntie.” And then, a year later, boom! I get pregnant again. So, I’m just like, “Get
this baby out of me, now.” And so that’s what caused
me to cry hysterically. (laughs) – How did this happen so fast? I just dropped Samia to– – The damn Castor Oil. – I told LaToya don’t worry. It won’t be coming till
a little bit later. Oh my God, I’m so excited. Oh my God, Oh my God. – You know, I fully thought,
“Zayn came out white.” I’m like, “Hold on,
why my baby white? “Why is he so
powdery right now?” And he still is powdery. He’s so white. He’s my boy. – You a baby machine now. – I know. He’s so cute. – Perfect. Oh my God, his
eyes are wide open. – [Adam] And he hasn’t cried. – [Woman] He’s beautiful. – [Lady] He look
just like his sister. (upbeat music) – I love my family, I do. There always there for me. Oh my gosh, I’m
getting emotional. Through it all,
they’re there for me. Awww, Auntie Jillian
got him dressed. First one to put
on all his clothes. Yes, auntie. (upbeat music) – Hey LaToya and Adam. – [Both] Congratulations! – On baby Zayn. He is so beautiful. You guys are the perfect family. – Good luck with this next
chapter of you guy’s lives. And God bless your family. – What a day, now
we out, goodbye. – [Adam] Samia, you gotta
lead by example now. – [LaToya] No more
whining, okay? Look at her, now she’s
gonna act like a baby. You gonna babysit? – [Adam] Be nice, Mia. – Don’t need to work on a
another, we have a full set. – [Adam] I sit here
and watch my family, happy and together. That’s what it’s all about. Together. Together through struggle. Together through good times. And together to
celebrate a new life. Praise God, for our new
bundle of joy, Zayn Ali. – Ah, that was beautiful. Emotional. Okay, say, “See you
later everybody.” – See you later. – Say, “Love you.” – Love you. – Say, “Subscribe.” – Subscribe. – To our channel. – My channel. – Yes, baby daddy. (laughs) – I’m more than a baby daddy. I’m more than a
baby daddy, say it. – Where you going to Mia? – Alalalala. – Alalalala. – Alalalala. Alalalala. – Your commentary
throughout my labor and delivery videos, touching. – Alalalala. – Touching. – I know, I’m very touchy. Clearly. – Clearly, right? Two kids. No, I don’t want a third. I don’t want a third. Because the way we’re set up, next thing you know we’re
pregnant with twins. Or triplets. – Oh lawdness. – No! Okay, bye, see ya guys. Peace. ♪ You take me to, you take me to ♪ You take me to a ♪ ♪ You take me to a ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ How many times
have I gotta say ♪ How many, how many times ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ Just wanna be
someone out here today ♪ Baby I want all of you


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