BABY GIRL HAUL 2016: Newborn Baby & Mum To Be Postpartum Essentials | Ysis Lorenna
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BABY GIRL HAUL 2016: Newborn Baby & Mum To Be Postpartum Essentials | Ysis Lorenna

hi guys this video is going to be a haul of the things that we got baby girl for now and things that we got for me in terms of what I’m gonna need for the hospital so it’s kind of like an all-in-one but it’s all to do with newborn babies and new mums. So in a minute you’ll see that I definitely have quite a lot of things but I don’t have everything that I need yet especially not the quantity that I need for certain things but i know i’m heading in the right direction and my to-buy list is definitely getting smaller I’m gonna start with baby stuff and then i’ll do my own stuff at the end so the first thing I have which is definitely not an essential but it’s something that I really wanted to get baby girl is a little comforter, a little blankie I got one for James when he was a newborn and his was a little blue, a little teddy bear with the blue cloth bit and obviously it’s not an essential but it’s nice to have some of these cuddly toys around Next is something that came through the post very recently and I was so excited about because I’ve always wanted one of these and I finally have one And it is one of the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. Look how pretty this is! This is pink with metallic gold detailing I don’t know how well you’re able to see this but it is absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And enormous! I’ve never seen such a big muslin blanket This is folded in three. You’re not going to be able to see how big this actually is. This can be used for so many things. This can be used as a little light weight blanket, as a muslin for them to lie on top so you don’t put them directly on the floor for lots and lots of things and its really soft and cosy this makes a lovely gift if you have any pregnant friends and you’d like to give them something really special i highly recommend getting them one of these Aden and Anais blankets. This one is from Natural Baby Shower and i’ll leave the link to the website below because they stock some amazing brands if you haven’t heard of them definitely go check them out. They stock Aden and Anais, Sleepyhead, Snuzpod there are a lot of great brands there to check it out so definitely go and have a look at Natural Baby Shower. Now when it comes to everyday muslin squares that you used to clean up sick and dribble you don’t wanna be using your special ones so i got a few packs of these. This one is from Asda, and it’s three muslin squares for £3.50 and I thought this was just nice to have pretty pink ones, because so far I’ve only had white and blue ones for my little boy so now I got some pink ones for her and i also got a pack from tesco which is six muslin squares and these are just plain white ones. My favorite ones are from Primark and i’m still gonna go out and buy some of those because they wash really well they still stay soft after you wash them and I’ve had loads of them for James and they are my favorite ones but there’s nothing wrong with any muslin squares, you can’t have too many of those because they literally save the day for everything also from tesco I’ve got a pack of 2 cotton fitted sheets for the moses basket and it has this cute little print there with flowers and the other one is polka dots. In terms of blankets i always like to have a variety of fleece cosy blankets and lightweight blankets. I got a couple of fleecy blankets. This one is from tesco and it’s just a pink very soft fleecy blanket and it’s just really nice and soft and cosy. Another one that i have here was brought from my mum from Brazil it’s so gorgeous and look at the detail on this. And I think this will look so nice on the pram, over her just keeping her nice and warm on the car seat and i absolutely love this. If i can find where this is from i’ll leave a link below if not, then I’ll try and find something similar here in the UK where you can find easily. Another two things that my mum brought from brazil – i know it’s frustrating because if you like them then it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to you’ll be able to find them here but you might be able to find alternatives one is this little part here don’t know how well you’ll be able to see it it’s got a zipper in the front and basically the baby goes inside and lies in there and it stays nice and cozy we have one of these with James and we found it very useful particularly when we were transitioning him from the moses basket into the cart because he was still quite small in the cart so he felt a bit kind of lost there was a lot of space around him and I found that putting him inside this little pod captain is not nice and snuggly in the car and he didn’t feel so lost and like an indigent big open space and something else that we found very useful to have and she brought is well it was gay padded changing that and this one is plastic on the one side and fabric on the other side the reason why these are so good is that they fold nicely then put them away somewhere and they can be wiped clean very easily because there’s got a plastic outside so what I used to do with James of spirit of muslin over-the-top just so that it wasn’t cold against his skin because the plastic and going to be cold and change his nappy whenever wherever I take this around the house with me speaking about nappy changes I’ve got some essentials hear some size one at these are just the tesco luvs baby nappies newborn nappies not one pack of size word and then i have one pack for size to nappies I don’t think I’m gonna be going overboard with buying the size ones and two newborn nappies just yet i might just buy another one of the size 2 i’m just gonna wait and see if I’m gonna need any of the size zero nappies but for now I think starting with size one is a good option i also have some water pipes which are for me the best wipes for newborn babies because they’re so pure their chemical free and i use them with James and it was very very pleased with them but i also have some of the huggies mutable and wipes which are new ones that have been out recently there’s a new range from huggies and they also safe from newborn so I’m going to be alternating between these two and the herpes ones are slightly cheaper so they don’t break the bank just as much as the water wipe do and but i’m going to be using these for especially for when baby girl is a newborn and when she gets older than I might switch to different types that are a bit more affordable but for now I want to give her the best care possibly and i’m also going to be using cotton ball in water but I find that wipes are very very handy to have your changing bag for night-night time change Julia just really convenient for a lot of things so i think it’s worth having them and to go with them I got a pack all 300 nappy bags from as dad these ones are the best value for money that i can find I think they’re about 35 p i’m not mistaken for 300 nappy bags even the ones from Poundland not as cheap as these ones the ones from tesco so i always get these ones and I get them in bulk because i use them for James as well for nappy cream and planning to use but panthenol baby girl unless he has a reaction to it and doesn’t take well to it but James has adapted really well to be panthan and I find the texture really nice and easy to get on and off their skin in terms of bath in hair i’m sure i’m gonna have some leftover stuff from James but I got her the Johnsons all-in-one baby wash and develop the sensitive sensitive and nubile and skin and I had this with james as well and he took really well to it he didn’t have any reactions got these pack of two sponges bath sponges from tesco luvs baby terms of her little hair we have two sets of comb and brush the one is from this one hears from chico it’s really really pretty my mom actually brought this from Brazil for us but I think Chico is international brown you can find it in the UK you can find it in the US and it seems to be really good quality the bristles so yeah I really like that one and i also got one from ask the little angels and this one is like a purpley one really nice and pretty as well I’m not going to get her her own grooming set with like nail scissors and clippers and all that because i already have that for James so I thought I just get her some brushes of her own so that she’s not sharing her brother’s hairbrush I got some cotton buds from tesco and these are the safety birds that have the big ends there so that you don’t kind of like damage their ears by pushing it too far down in and after she’s a bit older when I feel a bit more comfortable there now we use the normal cotton buds but I found these really useful when James is a newborn and kind of gave me a little bit of peace of mind so i got them and i have a few miscellaneous things that we have for James that I also got a baby girl we have implicit all which is for colic wind and griping pain and things like that and it used to help games a lot so I got some of that for baby girl go simple gelatine in jail because teaching is a pain and I got some stuff away nasal drops just too if she’s congested which she will be eventually and I can use that on her and i also got two packs of dummies these are the same dummies the James uses and they have been great for him so I got the same type these are the ma’am clear well I don’t know this one is the clear and this one is the air from not months so that should they can use it from newborn I gotta pack of pink ones and a pack of blue ones now let’s move on to some closing beats shall we and i got this pack from George baby of two hats and to scratch mitts and they’re from newborns to their tiny I like the hats that are playing at the top that don’t have made a little sticky algae based on the bubble or anything this is a pack of 1 floral one and a pink one and the midst match the hat also got some babes from Primark and I loved these with james he had the blue ones and we found them to be absolutely great because they are very thin as you can see there they are absorbent but not too absorbent but what I really like about them is that they’re not like quickly it uncomfortable if he fell asleep wearing one of these babies i could easily take it off without waking him up and they kind of like inconspicuous so they were my favorites with james and i just got some pink one so baby girl and then I just have some essential sleepsuit and bodysuit I like to buy these packs because they really good value for money this is a pact for not to three months of plain white and pink long sleeve bodysuit from george asda then I have a pack of seven shortly bodysuits from as well and this is inside not to three months i have a size not too three months pack of sleep suits and these are really nice but they have little hearts on them and bunny rabbits you can see I love bunny rabbits or baby girls think they’re just so cute the body suits under sleep suits are from the same kind of range so they match which is nice for the newborn size i went for kind of like a floral pattern also from as data and this is first side up to nine pounds or 4.1 kilograms so like i said i still need to get a first size package short sleeve bodysuit and I need to get some sleepless bodysuits in this little bag here i have a selection of types and hats and bows and things this little had my mom brought from Brazil look how tiny this is this will probably be her first hat i think because it’s so small oh my goodness I can’t wait to see her wearing these things then we have a pair of pink tights with little hearts I think these are from Primark I took them out of the packaging but I think they’re from Primark or tesco and it is a great pair and a pink pair also have this pack from George after which is a cream pair and a pink bear with little hearts as well this one is from naught months so from nine pounds i hope you’ll be able to use this quite soon i think these are not to three months so slightly bigger and in here i have the cutest little bows that my mom brought for her look at that isn’t that just so so cute there’s a little salmon colored one and a white one with little jewels in the middle i love these i’m not a big fan of the huge like bo-zone baby’s head’s just not my personal preference I much prefer the little dainty ones and i love that my mom brought these for me inside this other little back here I have some little shoes and socks and the first one I’m going to show you is my favorite look at these prettiness for pair of shoes how cute is that we’ve got a little bow on the back and look at the detail on that this is a size european size 15 US size 0 it’s ok we got her another pair of shoes these are from tesco so you can find them a bit easier than the other ones and they have little stars on and just really pretty these are up to three months sighs and she also bought this little sock kind of shoe thing which is also glittery last but not least in terms of baby girl and then I’m gonna move on to the stuff I got for myself i’m going to show you some special items of clothing that we got for baby girl the first one is this little sleep suit with a 22 and oh my god I’m so obsessed with this i saw this in ASDA and I couldn’t resist it I got this in first size which is up to nine pounds because I’m hoping that she’s gonna be coming home with this outfit I think it’s nice that it’s to sleep suit but it’s dressy but being asleep soon as convenient still for a newborn but it’s just a little bit more special with the 22 and the frills it’s just so pretty another thing we got for her this lovely little gray dress with little bunny rabbit pockets here and this is from tesco baby up to three months and it came with a pair of tights but i think that types are somewhere else I don’t know where they are this other one here is like a a dressy top he’s got frills on the bottom as well and butterflies and flowers and I don’t know where this is from this is from Primark this is not to three months to break up a little bit of the pink I got her this little dress from George as Denny completed paratypes as well which matches and it’s just navy blue and red really pretty this is not to three months if I say that already and but i thought this was so cute and a little bit over different color because everything that I’m looking at right now is either pink or grey so it’s nice to have something different and also from asda I got her this little set which is addressed with a long sleeve bodysuit and also comes with a pair of tights that matches the dress and look at this kind of like plaid pink plaid design it has little heart buttons look so cute and this here is something that we’ve borrowed from my sister-in-law because she’s just had a baby you go and she let us borrow this kind of snow suit that her baby go out grew very quickly but this is from as data and this is first sighs so up to nine pounds as well and hopefully something that she will be wearing all the way home you’ll be born still in the winter and she’ll need something nice and soft and cozy to keep her warm it has the built-in scratch mitts there and then i have the last two dresses this were my mom brought from brazil and i love this such a pretty dress it’s got little jewels on the top there and it’s navy blue and white it’s a size medium so I’m going to say three to six months maybe this other one my mom also brought from Brazil and it’s a cute little dressy top kind of thing with jewels and the Eiffel Tower and balloons and a horse and its really really cute moving on to the things that i got for myself the hospital I definitely need a few more things and not done shopping for myself yet but I got a couple of bits to show you and i’ll be sharing you with you what’s in my hospital bag for me and for baby so you’ll be able to see everything that I end up taking with me to hospital but the first thing i got was a pack of 5 just put disposable maternity briefs from tesco i got these with James and they were so useful because after you give birth things get quite messy down there i took these two hospital with me and I found them very useful and also i got a pack of 40 breast pads i got a few of those not just one but i didn’t see the point in showing you all the ones i have I went through hundreds of these with James and so I started stocking up on them i also got a pack of ultra-slim maternity towels and maternity towels that are not all just living as you can see them besides they are huge i think that’s the size of one from top to bottom you can see but i highly recommend going for the biggest size you can find on maternity towels especially straight after you give birth and the last couple of weeks because there’s a lot of reading to tackle and then once the beatin starts to get a bit less you can start using the thinner ones the more discreet ones so i got a few packs of these and i got myself some lansinoh lanolin nipple cream because this was a lifesaver literally it stopped my nipples for bleeding and from getting all sorts of painful cracks and things so I got some of the this and its really expensive but definitely worth the money so that wraps up everything that we’ve got for baby girls so far I didn’t include all of the bodysuits and sleep suits that we have because we do have some very plain ones just basic white and pink ones so i didn’t see the point of including them I definitely feel like I’m well and truly on my way into finishing the basic kind of newborn essentials shopping and then whatever I think I get after that will be just extras or pretty things that I find that I want to buy if you want to check out any of the things that i mentioned i leave all the links to everything that I can find in the description box below so make sure to check that out so the things might not be in stock and other things might not be available in the UK like the things my mom brought from Brazil so i’ll try and link to alternatives if i can find them if you like this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my videos I hope you’re all doing well and we’ll see you very soon bye


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