Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party
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Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

– Hi guys! So this month my darling baby Cairo, she turned one, oh my gosh
(children cheering) I cannot believe it! I let you guys in on her
baby shower so I couldn’t leave you hanging for her first birthday. Let me show you how it went. (upbeat guitar music) If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you click the subscribe button. You don’t want to miss
out on future episodes. I was so excited about
coming up with the theme of Cairo’s first birthday party. I was gonna do it at this fun play center because I knew that there
were gonna be a lot of kids at the party and I just, you
know, I wanted it to be fun. But then at the last minutes
I just changed my mind. For some reason it just
wasn’t feeling right. I really really wanted to
make this party special. I started to think of her baby shower. Her baby shower it had,
like, the boho theme, and even her room has
like this boho vibe to it. So I said, why not carry
on with that theme, and just do that concept
with her birthday. And I just started to get
really really excited. I started to think, I can do
this in my back yard, you know, I have a lot of space. I was like, why don’t we
have tables that are like, low to the ground, and just put rugs on
the ground with pillows so that people can sit down
and feel comfortable and eat. I also wanted the party to be
great for adults and for kids. I mean, but let’s just say
this at the end of the day, this is like a disclaimer here,
really, the party I think, shouldn’t just be for the kids, okay, the party should be
for the mom, all right? (laughing) Because being a mom,
a working mom at that, man, it was pretty darn hard. And I believe I shared that
with you guys, you know, because I have a husband, that
works and travels, you know, outside of the state. I’m at home, I’m working as
well, but anyway, my point is, a lot goes into taking
care of this human being! Taking care of this little child! With that said, I wanted
it to be a great party, so that adults can enjoy,
and a great party for kids. So what was really important for me was to keep the kids
entertained and busy, right? A way of doing that was
making sure that there were certain sections that were put
up for them to be entertained and let me tell you, the hit was definitely
the teepees and the band. The kids just loved these teepees. Half of the time I was like,
“Where’s Cree, where’s Cree?” And Cree was always in that teepee with a bunch of his friends. There were books in there, there were stuffed
animals, there was pillows so the kids can get really
nice and comfortable. And not only that for entertainment, we had this incredible band that was playing fun, energetic music. There was this one song that
actually the adults started to partake in, like my sister and myself. It was the freeze, I guess, dance where you would start dancing
they would play the music and then they would say freeze
and you would have to freeze. It was just so much fun. For me, putting a smile
on children’s faces, it just brings me so much joy, and to see all of the kids just, dance and be entertained by
this band was just so magical. It was just a lot of fun! So my favorite part, (laughing), besides the food, and the bar, was the flower crown station! And it was a great way to bring in flowers in a creative way All of the guests could have
this flower crown made for them Cairo and myself we had
matching flower crowns, and I was actually shocked that
my daughter kept this crown on her head like almost the whole party. It was so beautiful to
see all of the girls wearing these flower crowns. It was like Instagram
picture worthy, you know. What I did with my flower crown and my daughter’s flower crown, I hung them up and we’re drying them out. So it actually makes for a great souvenir. So my daughter, she
absolutely loves mermaids. She has, like, three mermaids
in her crib right now. So I just had to have a
mermaid at this party, and I’m like, hmmm, how do we
get a mermaid into the pool? (laughing) You just carry her in. You get her from the ocean, right? You ask her hey, do you
want to come to a party? She’s like, oh yeah, But you
know, I have to make sure, that I need to be carried. I’m like, sure, totally, we got that. And we just lowered her into the pool, and there you have it. We had a mermaid at
Cairo’s first birthday, And what was so cute was
she had like this little treasure chest and when you would open it it had these cute little bracelets that all of the kids could enjoy. When I brought Cairo
over to meet the mermaid, she actually gave Cairo
the little bracelet and she put the bracelet on
Cairo’s little tiny wrist. It was just so cute. What’s really important to me is the people that come to
my parties, you know, it’s very, it’s an intimate gathering, so it’s very family to me. A lot of these people I’ve
known for, maybe 10 years, and then there are some
new people that I’ve met that are special to me. My sister, and her children,
my nephew and my niece, and her husband, they were there. I also invited my cast
from my show Family Reunion that will be on Netflix soon, you guys have to check that out. Loretta Devine, who is a cast
member, she came to the house and she was just kind of scoping the party and then she pulled me aside she said, “How do you know so many
people with so many kids?” (laughing) It was the
cutest thing and I said, “Well you know, what’s so funny is, “we’ve known these people
for such a long time “and we’ve all just grown together, “and we’ve built families together.” And that’s just what’s
so warm about, you know, inviting people that you’ve
known for such a long time. It just makes for a great, intimate, warm, loving atmosphere. So who was in the house was, my dad, who I absolutely love oh
my gosh my dad is so funny, and then both of my
brothers, Tavior and Tajh, we had my son Cree. (laughing) Cree is so funny! Also what I think is just
so endearing to watch is, you know, my son Cree,
he’s like the oldest out of all the children in the family, and he definitely takes
that role seriously. He’s always kind of making
sure everything’s okay, he’s always kind of like
dictating everybody’s next move, he’s like making sure
like everybody’s behaved. It is just the cutest thing
and they love each other. I always tell, well
people always ask, like, how’s the dynamic with your
sister’s kids and your kids? And I’m like, you guys, it is
something that is so beautiful and wonderful to watch. There’s just so much love
between all of these kids, and the laughter is something that you definitely want to bottle up and put a little seal on top in a bottle. Because there’s just so much
joy when these kids are around and again, when I see that
they’re having a great time then that makes me happy. So let’s talk about
fashion, okay? (laughing) When my brother Tahj saw me for
the first time in this dress he was like, oh my gosh. And I’m like, yes that’s
the reaction that I wanted. I wanted to have this kind
of fun, whimsical, relaxed, but chic and cute, boho look. I had tried on, you know, lots of dresses, when I tried this dress on, it was the first dress that I tried on, and I just knew that it was it. The designer is Amore, and
it was just such a fun, whimsical dress. And the fabric was just
perfect for the party, it had all the colors that I wanted, it was just really flowy and the movement was really nice and fun. And I knew that I was gonna be running from place to place and
dealing with a lot of the kids, so I wanted to look nice but
also feel very comfortable and that’s what I loved about that dress. Finding the perfect
outfit for my daughter. It’s so funny how I said I was not going to be the mom to like, put her in tutus and all
that and like big bows, oh my gosh you guys, that
ship has sailed. (laughing) She has like a tutu section, okay? You know how there’s like,
racks, there’s like a rack, that you have that you put clothes on? She has a rack of tutus in her room now. It is like the cutest
thing oh my goodness! She had, you know, changes,
(laughing) for the day. She had this amazing, cute romper outfit. It was purple, I thought it was
a great color for the party, and then she had this cute preppy sweater with a bow that went with
it, it’s by Janie and Jack, and it’s just the most adorable outfit. And then later on when it
was time to cut the cake, she got into this really cute, like, I don’t even know what to call it. It had like this fun, cool kind of tulle chiffon
stuff like all over it, and she had these cute
little ballet slippers that had the chiffon fabric
that was used in the tutu. And she had this bow, oh my gosh. I worked with an amazing
stylist, her name is Judy and if you want to follow her
on Instagram it’s judystylexo. We can’t forget about Cree, Judy and I, we came up
with this incredible idea where we were gonna
put Cree in suspenders, like Cree has never
worn suspenders before. I wanted to make sure that
he was comfortable, you know, but yet I wanted him to tie into the theme as well of the party. So we got him in these
cute shorts from Zara with this white shirt
and we put suspenders, oh my gosh, he looked so handsome. And then also, we had a bar. (laughing) We had a full bar so
that the adults can drink and have a great time, celebrate families, celebrate motherhood, just
celebrate being parents. So I wanted to make sure
that we had a cocktail bar. Whenever I think of a party,
you know like a kid party, I always think about lemonade. So I knew that I had to have some sort of cute little lemonade stand there, even though there wasn’t a stand, but we had a section of lemonade
and the kids loved that. The food! (singing) Food, glorious food! Now you know I love me some food, right. Food for me is an important
component to any party. If the party is great and
the food is not so great, people tend to really remember that the food was not so great. (laughing) It’s like, yeah great party
but oh God the food. (laughing) So I wanted to make sure
that the food was delicious and I am telling you it was. I know whenever I show up at a party, I always show up hungry. Am I the only one? (laughing) I hope I’m not! Sometimes I get impatient
waiting for the food, you know you’re like,
oh my gosh I’m hungry, like please I want something to eat now! So I was like, we definitely
have to have some appetizers but I also wanted the appetizers to be kid and adult friendly. So we served three appetizers, one of then were these
mac and cheese balls, and I know that kids
absolutely love mac and cheese. So I wanted to do that
specifically for them. And then we had empanadas, and then we had some quinoa shooters, this is like more of a healthier dish maybe for vegans out there or vegetarians who didn’t want to eat cheese or chicken. I wanted to come up with
a kid friendly menu. So I decided to have chicken
fingers and potato wedges and some fruit. Chicken fingers happens
to be my son’s favorite, and is actually a kid favorite, so I knew that that would
go well with the kids. It was also served in cute paper plates with different types of dipping sauce, and it was definitely a hit. I also wanted the style of the preparation and just the way it was
served to be, again, very family, very relaxing,
and very intimate, so it was served, you know, family style with the choices of entrees et cetera. I was actually working
on my show Family Reunion when I was doing all of this. I’m telling you, I am a
hell of a multitasker, okay. I’m like, in between, you know, takes, okay, all right Cory, all
right, we gotta come up with a menu, okay okay okay,
wait, hold on, hold on, hold on hey, hey, okay Cory I gotta
go, I gotta shoot this scene. I’ll shoot the scene and
then get on the phone, all right Cory what did you want to do? So Cory and I we actually came
up with this menu together. We definitely said we wanted some chicken for the chicken lovers, and then people who didn’t
want to eat chicken, we wanted to provide fish. And then also for the vegetarians
out there or the vegans we wanted to provide a pasta dish. So that’s exactly what we did. We had this chicken dish that
was marinaded with olives and oh my gosh you guys
the chicken was so tender. (laughing) I can still taste it in my
mouth right now, it was so good. When I know it’s a good party
is when my dad goes, Tia, he’s like eating, he’s like Tia, this is first class, this
is first class. (laughing) I love you dad! But that’s when I know,
I’m doing a good job. And then the salmon came out, oh my gosh! The salmon had this
butter sauce with capers. Oh my gosh, it was so, incredibly good. And then we had wild
rice to serve with that, Cory definitely wanted wild rice, he’s like on this wild
rice kick right now, he like loves wild rice. And then we also had some
roasted vegetables, I mean and these vegetables were roasted
and charred to perfection. So it’s now time for dessert, right? Of course we’re gonna have
a cake but I wanted to do something special for the kids. I know that kids love
lemonade and kids love what? Cookies and milk! I am telling you the adults
truly enjoyed this section, it was called Cairo’s
Cookie and Milk Station. When we moved on to the
station, the adults would say, man, be careful about eating the cookie ’cause you can’t just
stop at one. (laughing) And then I’d run into another
guest and they’re like, dude I’m already on my fourth cookie. These cookies were so good they weren’t just your regular, average cookie man. They had several different flavors. So we had the regular chocolate chip, and then we had chocolate
chip with caramel and salt. (bell dinging) You had a choice to have either, strawberry milk to go with your cookies, chocolate milk to go with your cookies, or regular milk to go with your cookies, and then, only in L.A.,
I mean, I came prepared, we had some almond milk. (laughing) My favorite was the strawberry, oh my gosh the strawberry
milk was so delicious with the cookies, and, yeah I
had about four of those too. So now it’s time for the cake. I thought the cake was beautifully done. Susie Cakes, they are like my favorite, if I’m gonna indulge in some cake or some cupcakes or cookies,
I’m going with Susie Cakes. So they did her cake, and it
definitely tied into the theme. You had the flowers on top, and I loved the way the icing wasn’t completely all around the cake, you kind of saw little bits of the cake making it just seem
really nice and organic, so I thought that was very beautiful. And not only did she have a cake, she also had her own
smash cake. (laughing) But what was so funny, she didn’t want anything
to do with the smash cake. Like she literally looked at it like, hmm, what is this? She’s too much of a lady to,
you know, smash into the cake, but my son on the other hand, Cree, he dove into that on his first birthday. Alright you guys, so if you enjoyed
her first birthday party, and you want to relive the baby shower, Make sure you click the
annotation right there. What’s up? And I’ll see you over there. Bye, guys! (upbeat guitar music)


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