Baby Gorilla born at Melbourne Zoo!
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Baby Gorilla born at Melbourne Zoo!

[ High Pitch Animal Call ]>>I have often wondered
why father’s cry when they see babies being born. I now understand it completely. [Laughter] Myself and the supervisor
of primates, Harna, we were lucky enough to be
there for the actual birth, which was very exciting,
and made us very proud. But other than that, we were
keeping back and allowing her to do what she does naturally.>>Helen.>>Mum has been absolutely
excellent. She has shown all
the right behaviours. We have noted some suckling
occurring, which is one of the most important
things that we want to see. She is holding the baby
in the right position. She’s being very
protective and she — we couldn’t ask for a
better first-time mum.>>It’s about this big. Very, very cute. We’re not sure if it’s
a boy or a girl, yet. So we’re obviously
respecting Kimya’s privacy and not intruding too much. So, yeah, as soon as we find
out, we’ll let you know.>>I think it’s a girl. My supervisor, Harna,
thinks it’s a boy. So stay tuned for the
near future and we’ll find out which one of us
is actually right. Which will be me. [Laughter]>>Definitely, most amazing
thing I have ever seen and I am so proud of my team, and
— yeah, it’s been amazing. [ Animal Calls ]


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