Baby Hamster Drinks Milk With Chopstick Since Her Mom Went Missing At Home?! | Kritter Klub
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Baby Hamster Drinks Milk With Chopstick Since Her Mom Went Missing At Home?! | Kritter Klub

Here!! Here Light on, light on!! Went under the piano
Under the piano There!! There! Where Catch, catch! Watch your feetX4!!! Who are you.. I am.. I am.. Hamsoon (Imma catch you fo sho) Trap (Grin) Moving.. It’s moving!! Watchu doing Watchu doing over there? She noticed.. Rushes [Opposite direction] [Opposite direction]
She’s out! [Opposite direction]
Out! (Is slow-witted lol) Yeah! Ready, get set.. Go!!! Chaotically caught on site Gotcha!! I got her!! Uh?! She’s not here.. Ahh..We could’ve caught her
Missed her.. Empty
We could’ve caught her
Missed her.. What happened.. [Video Assistant Referee] [Video Assistant Referee]
Outline Daughter : Ah… That pisses me off, daddy Where are you.. Where are you.. Hamsoon..! Ah, she comes out quickly out of hunger Yep, she likes cabbages the most She’s out!! Turns- You brat!!! Came out here!! Came out here!! Where, where!! Went inside! Went inside! What should we do.. The reason why they have to catch Hamsoon Daughter : She had 11 babies, but 5 of them were dead A week after birth The mama Hamsoon left her babies behind.. Ah.. We’re trying to maintain their body temperature and feeding them milk as well We’re struggling to raise them all It’s been 3 days w/o mom.. All family members feed them warm milk once in 3 hours Look after them with good care.. Are there any problems with their growth?! They don’t look healthy since they didn’t consume enough of their mom’s breastmilk Considering their condition, artificial rearing is not an option for now Catch their mom and put her in the cage with babies should be done first Gotta catch now If she steps on this(red paint), Yes( serious) then we’ll figure out where the hamster is as we follow the pawprints Trying their best It’s only a matter of time to catch you.. Pawprints! Found the pawprints!
the pawprints! There’s a lot! The pawprints are everywhere~ The pawprints head to.. Behind this(fridge).. Guess she’s hiding behind this An endoscope cam bro will check~ Sunflower seed! Go deeper.. Uh?! Legs! Uh!? Hamster’s feet! There you are What’s What’s going on You, Hamsoon~ are a rat in the trap☆ ※ Male hamster’s crying sound※ Squeaking.. The sound! Flustered CatchX4!! Turn the light on! Hold her tight! So that she can’t run away Arrested Hamsoon!! Sigh.. Gotcha! Is she Hamsoon? Hamsoon for sure? Daughter : Yes! She’s Hamsoon with big eyes! Henlo~ To prevent any accident Carefully put them together.. (pitapatting) Doing it right…? Soon.. No worries man
They’re my babies I hope Hamsoon to take good care of her babies, not running away Hamsoon~♡ Mom~ Mom~ Let’s live together!♡


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