Baby Jogger City Tour Lux Stroller Review | NEW 2018 STROLLER
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Baby Jogger City Tour Lux Stroller Review | NEW 2018 STROLLER

Hi everyone, its Kensie with The Baby Cubby
and today we’re so excited to introduce you to Baby Joggers newest stroller the City Tour
Lux. The City Tour Lux will launch in February
of 2018. We love that this is a light weight stroller
its really ideal for traveling and what’s awesome is the seat is modular which you don’t
typically see on light weight strollers. So you can have it forward facing or rear
facing. And the recline can accommodate a child as
young as three months. You also get a very generous canopy. Baby Joggers known for their very large canopies
on their strollers. And the foot rest is also adjustable. So this handle bar is a static handlebar meaning
it’s not going to be adjustable to accommodate different heights. It does have a hand break, which we typically
prefer over a foot break. Its usually much easier. The wheels are just small hard plastic wheels. They’re going to be more ideal for the city
life, walking around the mall, that kind of thing. They’re not going to be super Al-Terran. So the fold is fairly slick. It is a three step fold. You’re just going to bring the canopy in and
fold the seat first. Simultaneously push and slide the buttons
on the handle bar to collapse it and you get two different carrying options. You have the hand strap or the shoulder strap,
which is nice for when you’re traveling. We don’t love how many steps it is to fold
it but it does become pretty compact and from here it does fit into a travel bag that is
included. It does weigh 19lbs and I have to say it is
a little bit heavy when I carry it on my shoulder. I will say unfolding it can be a little bit
tricky but the best way I’ve found is to undo the lock, and from there walk out the inside
wheels and then simply pull up the handle bar, and replace the seat. If you have any questions at this point about
the City Tour Lux feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll answer your questions there
or send us an email at [email protected] you will also be able to shop this stroller
soon at it will retail for $299 and ship in February and shipping is
free on all orders. So like we mentioned before it does come with
the travel bag but there are additional accessories that you can get. It will have a belly bar, a cup holder, and
the cool thing is there’s also car seat adapters for Baby Jogger, Britax, Cybex, Graco, and
Maxi Cosi and there’s a bassinet accessory that you can use from birth. So the bassinet accessory will click in just
like the seat, it’s pretty straight forward and simple. Like so. You have the adjustable canopy and the canopy
also features a peek-a-boo window and you have the foot muff to keep baby nice and warm. You can fold this stroller with the bassinet,
however we’ve found it’s a little bit trickier than with just the regular seat. What you’ll have to do is pull this strap
in the middle to collapse the bassinet, fold down the canopy, and then back here there
is a button that allows you to collapse the bassinet and from there the fold is the same. And you have your automatic lock on the right
hand side. So unlike the previous model of the City Tour,
the City Tour Lux is not going to be approved as a carry on, on all airlines. You may be able to get it on some airlines. You can shop this stroller online at
it will retail for $299 and ship in February of 2018 and shipping will be free on all orders. If you liked this video go ahead and hit like
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