– Can we turn on the light? ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Tommy,
happy birthday to you. ♪ – Happy birthday!
– You’re so, you’re so cute. I just wanna kiss you so much. We have a delicious cake for
you, it’s gonna be so sugary, and it’s just for you, happy birthday.
– Whoa, happy birthday! – Mom get him out I
wanna see how big he is. – Hi!
– He’s huge. – Jackson thinks that as soon as it’s your birthday you grow immediately. – [Ellie] Cause you do, huh? – Is he actually one now? – [Ellie] He is. – Give you a hug. – He has
– He’s going boneless. (laughs) – [Ellie] Kay are we
going to have a great day? Oh he opened his mouth to kiss him. – [Jared] Oh a kiss,
can you give him a kiss? (lively music) – Do you see it? – Oh he sees it now. What do you think buddy? Uh-oh, he sees Penny.
– Oh he’s, Penny. He believes that’s Penny. – [Jared] Should we go get Penny? No matter what happens in the morning, Tommy has to say good
morning to Penny first. Good morning. Are you guys best buddies? You guys are, aren’t ya? Look at him just explore. (laughs) – [Ellie] This is a fun day. – I love this. Have you felt his death grip? Those balloons are gonna last
like five seconds. (laughs) – [Ellie] He’s gonna get scared and cry. – [Jared] Not interested in the dinosaurs. – [Ellie] Look. – I bet his favorite color’s green. – Oh! (laughs) Uh-oh.
– He starts crying. Kay while they get the balloon
I have to tell you guys, the last few days I have noticed Tommy has been so much more vocal. He is, he is jibber
jabbering talking so much. And he just, he’s so busy all of a sudden. – He can’t reach it.
– We’ll have to get the ladder What if dad throws you, you
grab it and then he catches you? – One, two, three. (laughs) He doesn’t even let go. We’ll get a ladder. – Oh sorry can’t pop that one. I don’t want that one to pop. – Pink? – [Ellie] Oh! – Tommy, Tommy! – [Ellie] He’s like what’s going on? – [Jared] Nothing like
taking a birthday dip in the birthday boy with
the birthday hot tub. – Okay, he, when I first put him in this he was like what the, oh put your head up! He did not love them,
like you’re the worst. He didn’t love this,
and then all of a sudden you should have seen his legs, he was kicking so hard
to get to the other end. – [Jared] Oh that’s so
fun, kick your legs buddy! – He’s tired already.
– Yeah. Birthday boy needs a birthday nap. – As soon as you wake up
from your nap we’ll celebrate kay bud?
– Yeah buddy. What are you talking about,
he’s celebrating right now, he’s in the hot tub! – We should get out, this water tempered. – [Jared] Oh, spoiler alert. Oh look he’s, look at him go! (laughs) That was good! (laughs) – Tommy here you go! – He’s going quick! – Can I tell you guys something? I just found out that one of my cousins owns a pool company in Utah. – [Jared] What? – They live in Idaho. And I thought what the heck? How come I one, didn’t know this, And two,
– And two, why don’t we have a pool back here? – When we looked for a hot tub, we never thought that this
would be a possibility. – Yeah.
– And then when we saw it we were like well that makes sense with how many nieces and nephews we have. We’ve had both sides of the family, nieces and nephews come over. And then very recently I’m like, I never even considered that we would, or could, ever get a pool. And I guess the reason
why I thought we couldn’t is just we never had one. – Yeah, it is kind of enough but, if there was a chance that
we could put a pool in here, with a hot tub, should
we explore that option? I don’t know, maybe,
maybe we should Ellie. – So I messaged her, and
said, let’s talk numbers. – [Jared] Oh baby. But for now, we will enjoy this on the birthday boy’s
birthday celebration day. Right Penny girl, right Penny girl? Well unfortunately the dinosaurs were not a big hit for Tommy. The balloons on the other hand, (snaps) that was a banger, that was a winner, that was a surprise, that was
a welcome invitation to party. He loved those. But I think it’s time
we step it up a notch and give Tommy his very
first real gift, yes? Are you ready for this? – Are you talking to someone? – I’m vlogging here! – Where’s our brooms? I think
it’s outside of the house. – The brooms, I put, right there! Catch the broom! There’s a broom, and I’m gonna bring out
his first real gift. Behold, the water table. – This is very fitting because we’re about to bring out one of Tommy’s gifts for you, he’s sitting playing in Penny’s water. Which actually, I think
you’re gonna be happy. Because we got you a water table! – Happy birthday Tommy. – Do you boys wanna play with it? – Yes! – We gotta set it up. I don’t think it should take too long. – [Ellie] He likes it, he likes it, he likes it, he likes it, he likes it. – Why is it that the boxes are always so much more fun than the actual toy? You getting it in there okay? – Yep. – Let’s see, put this top one in, now try and snap it in those holes. Get it in, oh good work buddy! Calvin do you wanna do this next one? Good! Okay I think we are all set up, let’s get some water in there, mom hit it! Wait for it, hey! We’ve got some water. We’re gonna fill up the tub
with a little bit of water, and then I think we’ve got a fun challenge for you boys okay? A competition between
brothers if you will! Oh Penny, are you gonna
enjoy some of the water too? – We have, we have a
present for you too inside. – [Jared] Yes we do. – [Ellie] Look at her nose. – Hey hey hey, don’t you
take that, silly girl. She’s like okay I like
the water and the toys. Okay boys are you ready for
the challenge of the day? All right so here’s what I want you to do. Get to your battle stations,
you’re already there. Calvin, you are the blue team, Jackson you are the red team, and Tommy you are the yellow team. Now when Mommy turns on the water, we’re going to have
access to these sprayers. Your challenge is to spray in
these holes right here, kay? And to try and get your
ball highest first. Kay and whoever gets the
ball up first will get to give Tommy a birthday hug
and kiss, and maybe a quarter. All right Jackson, Calvin,
you’ve got your squirters. Uh oh, Tommy’s not, Tommy’s not involved. I’m in, I’m in the game for Tommy. Get up there, get up there, get up there! Oh Calvin, your ball’s
getting up there very quick. Oh no, it’s gonna be close! Who’s gonna win? Jackson,
Calvin, Daddy, in place of Tommy. Oh I think Calvin’s the winner! Calvin you are the winner,
celebrate, party, good job! Is this cool? Tommy’s like
no, I just like the car. Dude, Tommy, you’ve got a perfectly good water table right there,
this is Penny’s water. What’s on your mind buddy? (laughs) – [Ellie] This is his gift. A lot of fun.
– His gift. You just enjoy yourself.
– Have at it kid. – It’s clean, I just filled it up. – Penny’s like okay we can trade, I’m fine with that, we can trade, you can take my water, I’ll have yours. – We’ll share.
– We’ll share. – Now they’re (laughs)
what do you think bud? You like that? (laughs) Happy birthday buddy.
– She just soaked you. – She did. – That was so,
– Now he’s gonna do it, he’s doing it, he’s doing
it just like she did. Yeah! (upbeat music) – All right, all of you
guys that have been watching our videos for the last few years, know that our miss pretty Penny loves to splash in her water bowl. And a lot of people
laugh and they’re like, we’ve never seen that, we’ve had labs growing up,
we’ve never seen a lab do that. So, I ordered the kids
something this summer and I saw this on Amazon for
dogs that splash in water, and I thought is this called pretty penny? Is that amazing? – That got me way more than I thought. – I know, I was a little nervous about the camera, you guys okay? She’s going to love that, spray it Penny! – Come here Penny, look. – Like she always splashes in her bowl. So especially in the hot summer, you can hook it to your
hose, and that way, cause our dog, she’ll run out of water at one o’clock because she splashes in it. So this will guarantee she always has fresh water on hand if she needs water. Go drink it, she’s like not having it, but I know she’s gonna love it. (laughs) She’ll figure it out. All right, so we have our
little blue pool hooked up and the kids are playing in it. Ah, this is so fun, happy birthday Tommy. – Oh, are we kissing right now? – Cal don’t, do not
open it, wrapping first. (upbeat music) – Let’s see it, the finished product. – It looks good Jackson. (laughs) – Tommy, just woke up from a nap. – Happy birthday. – Hi happy, happy boy
on your happy birthday. We got a partier, uh oh it’s the WWE ring. Tommy, Tommy’s got Calvin pinned down, who’s gonna win? Who’s gonna win? – [Ellie] Hi. I know what you’re doing. I see you. You’ve been working on this, turn around. Yep, turn around, here you go Tom. Look, there you go. There you go, there you go, there you go, there you go, yay, yay! Good job. You just had to have a
little help getting there. There you go, watch him,
he’ll like fly down. Come on, good job, yay, yay, yay, yay! Yay, good job Tommy, woo hoo! Woo hoo!
– Big one. – Good job. Ooh! Good job, woo hoo! That was the fastest he’s
ever done that, good job. So we have the baby gate there, the kids have like their little
marbles and legos downstairs and yesterday I went
through and made sure. Oh, we’ll do it again, I made sure all of their
stuff, even in their rooms, were kind of like in
tupperwares up in their closets cause Tommy is going
downstairs a lot more, so. That way it’s nice and safe for you, huh? – He blow out his candles? – You know what, I don’t
think he knows how. Maybe you and Jackson can help him. – Tommy, Tommy, do this. (blows) Like that, do this Tommy.
Do this, Tommy look at me. Watch, do this. (blows) – I bet he’ll learn, that was good. All right before grandparents come and Tommy gets dirty with
his cake I have to ask Jared. This exact time, – Yeah it’s like right about now. – We were about ready to push. What was your favorite memory? – Actually having Tommy? – Yeah, what was that
like, huh? I was nervous. – I,
– I couldn’t, – I, I felt comfortable,
like for the first time it was just like,
– You felt comfortable? – Yeah it was just like
we’ve done this twice, we know what to expect,
barring any complications, like this is, we’ve, this
isn’t our first rodeo girl. – I think I just remember
laughing, a lot with you. – I love that that it was just us two. – We laughed so hard. – It was like a date, is that weird?
– It’s not weird. – We were just like us two,
– It was fun. – Maybe date isn’t the
right word but like, just having the alone time where we knew what was coming, we
knew what was gonna happen, and just anticipating
the beautiful moment. – I couldn’t get my nerves away though. Like I was jittery,
– Oh yeah well, – And anxious and nauseous. – I mean like you’re going through, surgery.
– As fun as it was, I was also doing that.
– Yeah. – You were, your body was getting ready. You know, there’s a lot to it. – Jackson what has been your favorite memory this year having Tommy? – Going to Sanibel. – With him?
– Awh. We ready family? – We’re ready.
– Yeah! – Let’s go to the ocean! – Jackson what’s your favorite
thing about Mr. Tommy? – Kissing and hugging him. – Kissing and hugging him. – Oh my gosh. – Do you think he’s gonna
get that cake all over him? You know what, you had a cake
that you smashed and ate too. And then you helped Calvin smash his cake. – Oh that’s so nice of
Calvin to share with you. – You have to get your
brother tax in there. – Yeah!
– Calvin! Whoo! – Jackson and Calvin were
kind of timid with it. But I think a lot of
that was because like, we were very, very like, don’t
eat this, don’t eat that, don’t eat this, Tommy we’ve
been a little bit more lax like, oh you can have a little
bit of ice cream here, a little, you know just
like very little bit. So he knows like what this is. – I want an ice cream. – [Ellie] Of course you do. – He knows what this is,
so I think he might be a little more excited when he eats it. – Yeah, we’ll see.
– Yeah. I don’t think I will ever sit down in this with 100% confidence just yet, even though like I know it’s good. It’s just that one time, All right, here we go. (screams) Oh man, we’re just
sitting out here waiting for the rest of the crew to get here to celebrate little TJ’s birthday. – Yes! – Hey, I can’t believe you’re one. Where did the time go? The past 365 days have been awesome. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Tommy ♪ He always gets, he always smiles big, oh look at your little legs,
we need to put lotion on them. He’s rubbing them raw from crawling. – From crawling, that’s how
you get your kneecaps buddy. Did you know that?
– How they get them? – That is, yeah. – I think I knew that, cartilage. – Yep, that’s where the
cartilage gets built up. Bam, bam, bam. (gasps) – Who do we see? – Who’s that? – Momma!
– Ah! We have visitors. – Do you see his cheek? Like a bruise.
– I just saw that. – [Jared] Can you believe
Ellie punched him? (laughs) – Stinkin kid.
– Why would you do that? – Calvin’s, on Calvin’s one year too he has a big gray mark right here, cause he,
– On his forehead. – Cause he pulled the cord down and it popped him in the head. – That’s the hard thing about
first and second birthdays, they’re learning to walk, they’re crawling all over the place and pulling things on them. – He reached his arms. – Yes you did, didn’t you? Yes.
– Yeah. – Oh, he just hit me away. – He’s like, I’ve had enough of you mom.
– Did you see that? – Oh, snap! – We would play this game,
all day long with you kids. (laughs) Yeah. – Do you guys wanna hold him? – Sure.
– You bet. – Yeah dad hasn’t held him yet. And he’s just the smallest. – Little guy.
– He is. – Oh he reminds me just of you. – [Jared] What the heck wind,
we just planted these trees. Stop blowing so hard. (whistles) Yeah, oh, is that someone at the door? Should we see who it
is? Who’s at the door? Who could it be? (gasps) Hi! Come on in guys, you’re just
in time for the wind storm. – I know isn’t that crazy? – Holy cow. – Someone’s happy. – [Jared] He is excited
to see you. (laughs) He’s like yay, grandpa! – Yeah, there you go. (laughs) – Hey let me get in that beard. – Grandpa!
– Hi Grandpa! Hi Grandma!
– You got him to cry! – Hi.
– Oh my goodness. – Are you gonna cry? (laughs) – Stop it. – That’s your grandson! – Oh look at that,
– He’s so cute. – He’s so beautiful, he’s so perfect. – I know he’s perfect look at that. Hello little Tommy. – He is like wide awake right now. – [Jared] Are you guys ready? Are you gonna help light them boys? Okay. – Now remember we’re gonna
let him try and blow it out. And then you can. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Tommy ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Kay, make a wish. One, two, three, (blows) – Yay!
– Yay! – [Ellie] Show him how it’s done. – [Jared] Yeah. Good job. (laughs) Look at that smile. – Do you see him licking his lips? – There ya go, what do you think? Is that good? Yeah. Yeah, get it bud! – He’s getting with the program now. – [Ellie] Is that good? – I want it.
– Oh now he’s got it. (laughs) – Should we try it?
– Yeah. – [Jared] Oh you’re gonna make him so mad. Okay, that’s enough. – Well your birthday’s over. (cries) – That satisfying. (upbeat music) – I can’t believe Tommy has turned one. – I know.
– I know. – It’s been a whole year. – One whole year of pure joy
and happiness, hasn’t it? (upbeat music) Tommy is all bathed and clean after totally smashing that cake. Hey bud, how was that? Was that wonderful? – Do you wanna grab it in there? – [Jared] Now it’s time
to open some presents. Who’s this from? – Grandma and Grandpa Mecham. – [Jared] Oh, Grandma and Grandpa Mecham. He’s like I’m more interested
in this bag and this paper. (upbeat music) Calvin is just taking control, this is from Grandma
and Grandpa Griffiths. Do you want–
– A hat! – Oh my goodness. – He needs a hat.
– He does! – [Ellie] Are you kidding me? – And a golden coin. – [Ellie] Are you kidding me? – [Jared] That’s so cute. – Tommy we wrapped the present. – We wrapped it. – Tommy don’t you wanna unwrap this thing? – Do you wanna rip a little bit? – [Jared] Yeah, show him
how to do it a little bit. His hat is so stinking cute on him. (yells) Calvin is trying so hard, good job! What do you see? Can you grab one? This is from your brothers. – This basketball.
– This is actually, – Here’s a football. (laughs) – That’s not a football. – [Jared] Oh good grip Jackson. – Dad here.
– So what kind of balls do we have? – What do you think Tommy, do you like it? – You look so sweet.
– He does. Happy birthday buddy. Well hopefully he has
some of Grandpa Griffiths genes and gets tall huh? Are you just loving all of your toys? You are having so much fun aren’t you? Yeah, happy birthday Tommy. (laughs) Oh he is being so good today. Can you say thank you to Grandma and Grandpa
Griffiths and Mecham? (Tommy babbles) – Oh good.
– So while Tommy’s playing with toys, I’m
showing mom’s our winter line that’s coming out at the end of August. – We haven’t shown anyone anything yet, I don’t know if we should!
– Oh yes you can. – I don’t know Ellie.
– Jared. Just show the top part of this. – Just the top part of this.
– Just like, thick, lucious, soft
vest, isn’t it beautiful? So,
– It is beautiful. – We have our mini robes and some things on our website at
if you wanna check it out but these will be coming soon. Before we knew it, it was time
to put Tommy down for bed. He was exhausted, we’ve
been out in the sun all day and I think it zapped him. I just wanna say a huge thank you guys for not only following our
family along our journey, but especially this last year. I feel like, there’s been a
lot of ups and downs this year, definitely mostly ups, and
Tommy has been the highlight, like he has brought so much
happiness into our home. I love seeing the siblings,
I love seeing my kids just take care of each other in that way. I just, I’m so grateful
that they have each other. And I wanna say thank you guys. – Happy birthday Tommy, we love you.
– We love you. – And we’ll see you guys next time, bye!
– Bye!

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