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(upbeat music) (laughing) – He’s like, what is going on? One, two, three. Do it, do it, do it. Not bad. – We’ll take it. – I think I pushed too hard. – Yeah. – A little better. – Is that better? A little better. All right, one year ago to now. A little wiggly baby. All right, I’ve been
doing this for one year. Every month I bring Tommy in. I lay this little blanket down and I take a picture of him and I would say the last two months have been the hardest trying to make him stay. So, we are gonna see what we can capture and see what we can get him to smile at the camera. (child noises) – Perfect. (children laughing) (upbeat music) – Peace. – Your looking. – Let them see your shirt – Oh yeah, look at that. I actually really,
really like these shirts. – I love this shirt – They are so fun. Tomorrow
is Tommy’s birthday. He’s gonna be one. We are gonna have a one year old. Isn’t that insane? So we are doing all the
birthday preparations, well actually you are. Your taking the kids, you’re gonna get some birthday preparations going – And pick a boss. – And pick up our other kids and this is gonna be a fun time. My Dad is playing his
little musical rendition at a place called the Tabernacle in town so I am going to go listen to him play – Oh fun, I will take you guys with me. I have to say, I think, I don’t
know if I logged this yet. Why is it before the baby’s first birthday they always fall and get a big bruise. Calvin for his one year birthday has a big bruise on his forehead. I’m pretty sure Jackson had something going on to. – Right after I think. I can’t remember what it was. – And today Tommy, as I was getting ready, and he was right at my feet in the bathroom as always and he grabbed the drawer
that he pulls up on and he was trying to walk and he fell and the knob hit him and he cried the hardest he’s ever cried. And I felt terrible. And he has a bruise. – Felt so bad, but luckily we got the picture before
it happened, right. But that doesn’t mean it’s not sad. – I’m so sad. – Poor little guy. I hate when babies get hurt. – But he took it so well. – The kids are like bye, goodbye. – We are ready to go. Because they are probably gonna get a little treat. – I know. if they’re good, right – Today’s fun. Okay, Let’s go get birthday prep done. While Tommy naps, hangout, I ‘ll come home, get Tommy. You go to the thing. – I’m literally gonna
hang out in the hammock. ‘Cause I’m setting up the other one. – We’ll see you, love you. – Love you, bye. – All right, we have a one year old that we are shopping for right now. What do you think he would like to get. There are so many cool things. This is so cute. Calving would love that. All right, nobody tell Tommy. But I think tomorrow he is gonna have a good birthday. (upbeat music) – There really good, wash them good. – Hey, we are getting ready to make Tommy’s birthday cake. I always make their first birthday cake it’s so fun and their little smash cake. So we have helpers that are gonna make his cake. Does that sound good Mr.Tommy? – Can I be a helper, please. – Yes, I’m gonna wash his outfit so he wears this tomorrow. (baby talk) Yeah, your so cute. Do you see Daddy? Daddy’s outside doing yard work. – I know now how to use a camera. – You do? – My Mom gave me a red one. She bought me a red one. – I want a camera. You want a camera? Guys do our kids need more cameras in their lives? – I got red one. – I think, yes. You know I make four wheels. – Yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna just what it’s gonna have on a red one. – Will it film stuff? – It can’t film, I can use it, later but it can’t – Hi Jackson. (mumbled conversation) – All right, while
everyone eats their food I’m gonna get going on making this cake. Everybody is exhausted. We’ve been playing outside in the sun. – I’m not. – You’re not? – Jackson are you really tired? – Yeah, I am . – I know. – You’ve all eaten some food – Not me. – You’re not tired either? – We’re probably gonna
get ready for bed soon. Even though it’s light outside. Summer, I still put my kids to bed kinda early. So we’ll make this and all head to bed. So okay, one cup of water. Who wants to do that. (upbeat music) – You didn’t even get any shells in. – I’ll wipe you up, okay? – Got it on the first try. – All right, it’s a little pan I’m using. I got at a local kitchen store. I’ll try to find a link on Amazon. It’s the cutest little pan and I put the cake in there and when it’s cooled off I just undo this right here. And I lift this off and the cake just sits right there. I really liked having this. I’ve use this for all of my boys first birthday smash cakes. So I’m excited for that. Guys, Tommy’s gonna
smash his cake tomorrow. What do you think? Are you gonna smash it? Can you blow out the candle, go (air swoosh). (baby cry) Today has been such a good day but I’m not gonna lie. The kids are in bed and I am I about lost my cool today. I always do so good in the days but come evenings I am just like uh, go to bed. But, I have a few balloons. The kids came with me and so when Tommy wakes up he’s gonna wake up to those. How cute are these? They are like rubber dinosaurs. He’s gonna love that. Tomorrow we’re gonna
spend all day with Tommy. Hanging out playing,
splashing in the water. Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s blog that is coming out. The first year’s birthday is always fun to rewind and have a
flash back of their year. So it’s gonna be really sweet blog. Stay tuned for that. And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Can I say something? – What? – I’m sweaty again because I’m hanging in the second chair. So get it? – You are so sweet. Thank you so much for
hanging up our hammocks. – And I got he lawn mowed and I got the lawn edged. So we can have a legit first birthday party for our son. – I hope this, I have to quick say, I love our neighborhood. There were a few kids outside like riding their bikes and Jarod’s like – Hey, do you want to
make a hundred bucks. – Do you want to make some money? And they’re like, yeah. So all three of them
came and helped pick up dog poop and sweep up the porch while he mowed the lawn, so. – Thanks guys. – So, super cute kids, made a little bit of money. So be nice to your neighborhood. And maybe your neighbors will have you come over and help. – Hey, See you guys tomorrow. – Bye. – Bye.

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