Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby | Ep.234
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Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby | Ep.234

Barbie – Raquelle’s New Baby In London? When will he be back? Oh dear… What’s wrong? Will you be alright? Barbie, what’s wrong? Ok, well ring if you need anything Bye Raquelle (Click!) What wrong Mummy? Raquelle’s baby is due any day now and Ben is stuck in London Stuck? There’s some sort of storm and he can’t fly back just yet Mummy, Auntie Raquelle think of name for baby yet? I’m not sure Tommy Hmmm… Maybe I help her I got some good ideas I feel bad for her She’s all by herself I’m sure she’ll be fine Ok, first idea is… Mickey (Dialling) I can’t leave her home alone Woah! Woah! Woah! What are you doing? I’m… Raquelle, I’m coming to pick you up You can stay here until Ben gets home What! No, no, no! That’s ok I’ll be there soon (Click!) But…! What if she has the baby? We’re all here Ken Don’t worry You want to come for a drive Tommy? Sure Mummy Donald… You didn’t have to do this Well I couldn’t leave you home by yourself What if you have the baby? You’re right I hope Ben gets back soon Well until he does, you’re staying with us Auntie Raquelle, you got name for your baby yet? Not yet Tommy Well I got some ideas for you Oh right What are they? Well I thinking Mickey Mickey? Yeah There a mouse called Mickey and I like that name, so… We all know Mickey Mouse, Tommy I don’t think so Ok, that a no for Mickey… Now, what about Donald? Donald? Well there a duck I know and his name Donald But what if it’s a girl? What? It could be a girl? Oh great! You must be so excited! Very excited, but I just wish Ben was here Well if it’s a girl, you can call her Stacie No, that your name Auntie Stacie Tommy, there are other people with the name Stacie in the world What?! Well I happy no one else got my name You mean… Other people have the name Tommy? Yes Tommy Oh boy! That terrible news Let’s go Stacie Woah! Where are you two going? Stacie and I are going ice skating Auntie Raquelle’s about to have a baby and… It’s ok girls, go ice skating But… It’s alright, I’m still here Bye Raquelle Don’t have the baby before we get back Oh great… What about Pluto if it a boy or Daisy if it a girl? No Tommy Girls! Come down and say hello to Auntie Raquelle We coming We ready now Ready? Ready for what? Let’s go, Mummy The party! Party? What party? Matilda’s party Come on, in the car What! You can’t leave me What if Raquelle has the baby? We’ll only be a few hours But…! I’ll ring Skipper and get her to come over Oh… Ok… Thanks Bye! Ok, Goofy if it a boy or Elsa if it a girl I think that means no… Now you just sit here and don’t move Ken, you don’t have to… Ah! I am not taking any chances! What about Buzz for a boy or Cinderella for a girl? Definitely not! (Dialing) Come on Skipper Pick up…! Sorry I can’t get to the phone right now Please leave a message (Click!) Oh dear… (Ding!) Great news! Ben’s on a plane Yes! Thank you! Thank you! See, nothing to worry about I think I got it Olaf if… Owww! Olaf if it a boy… Yowzah! …and Rapunzel if it a girl No! Ohhh… You not have to be mean about it No, not you Tommy I think it’s the baby What?! I think it’s time, Ken No! Ken, it’ll be fine Just… Everyone in the car! Come on! Come on! Daddy Not now Tommy But Daddy… Tommy! Please just let me drive Ok, but you not going to be happy… Why’s that? Because you forget Auntie Raquelle… Arrgh! I’m so sorry, Raquelle Ken, it’s fine It’s not hurting that much anyway Really? Owww! No, it’s hurting Oh no! (Toot! Toot!) Come on people! Auntie Raquelle, what you think about Woody or Jasmine? No, Tommy Bambi or Aladdin? Tommy… Ok, Dumbo or Anna? Tommy, I’m not naming my baby after a Disney character (Scrunch! Scrunch!) Ok, well that a waste of time (Toot!) Move it lady! (Siren) Oh man! Afternoon, sir Hi Officer You look like you’re in a bit of a rush Yes, my friend here is about to have a baby, so… Oh, congratulations Miss Thank you I remember when my wife was having our first baby… That’s great, Officer, but… I was so nervous but… We really have to get going… …but there was nothing to worry about It all turned out fine Terrific! Now… When we had our second baby, my wife… (Screech!) Sir? Miss! My friend here She’s about to have a baby That’s great Go take a seat and… Maybe you didn’t hear me! She’s about to have a baby! She’ll be fine Just sit… Get a doctor now, please! Ok, ok! I’ll get the doctor (1 hour later) Raquelle! You had the baby! Hi Barbie! Look, it’s a boy! Oh! We want a girl Let me see! Congratulations! Wait, what happened to Ken? The doctors had to give him something to calm him down He was very stressed Whoops! Ok, this my final offer You can call the baby Tommy, like me if you want Mmmm… You know what, I was thinking of Timmy Hmmm… Not bad… What about… Tommy, his name is Timmy But… Timmy! That’s it Just Timmy Owww! Ok… Huh! What about…


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