Barbie – The Twin’s Concert Practice | Ep.113
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Barbie – The Twin’s Concert Practice | Ep.113

Barbie – The Twin’s Concert Practice Daddy! Daddy! We doing concert at preschool and I singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star! Mmmm… And I singing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep! Mmmm… And you and Mummy come watch us! It on Friday! Mmmm… Why you not say anything Daddy? Oh, sorry girls Daddy has a really sore throat The doctor said he’s got tonsillitis Tonwidis! Wow! That sound bad! Mmm mmm mm mm mmmm! What he say? I think he say he got big head Mmm mmm mm mm mmmm! No I think he say he caught big fish Mmm mmmmmm! Girls, I think Daddy is trying to tell you that he’s very happy for you Ohhh… I go practice my song Me too You go first Isabelle and I listen to you Thanks Annabelle! Now how song go…? Twinkle, twinkle… Oh yeah, I remember now Twinkle, twinkle little star Now I think where you are Up in the world so high so high Like diamond ring in the sky Twinkle, twinkle little star Won’t you show me where you are… Yay Isabelle! You really good at singing! Really? Oh yeah! You sing better than Katy Perry! I thought I sound pretty good Alright, your turn Annabelle Sure! I hope I good as you Baa, baa, black sheep, have you got any wool? Yes sir, no sir three or four bags full… …one for the pasta and one for Ellaine, and one for the little boy that walked to
Spain… Yay! Mmm mm mmmm mmmmmm! I know, I know
It’s not very good Maybe I should go help them Mmmmmmm… Please Chelsea! That would be great Anything to make them sound better than that! No problem! Ok, one more time I think we sound pretty good! Twinkle, twinkle little star… Hold it, hold it, hold it! Chelsea… We busy practicing for our preschool concert! Well you guys sound terrible! What! Well that not very nice! Sorry, but it’s true Taffy sounds better than you two How rude! Luckily, I’m here to help you Let me show you how it’s done We ready… Huh hmmmm… Twinkle, twinkle, little star How I wonder what you are Up above the world so high… …like a diamond in the sky Twinkle, twinkle little star How I wonder what you are… Mmmmm… Oh boy… Go say goodnight to Daddy But don’t get too close to him Ok! Goodnight Daddy! Hmm hmmmmm (Kiss!) Mummy said not too close to a Daddy! It ok, I just kiss him on top of head Oh, that ok (Kiss!) Bye Daddy! Mmm mmmmm… Girls! Chelsea! Annabelle and Isabelle! Time to get up! Come on you two You better get ready for preschool Mmmmm… Mmm! What’s wrong with you? Mmm mm mmmm! Oh no! You’ve got tonsillitis like your Daddy… Mmmm… Mmm! Mmm mm mmmm! You’ve got a sore throat too? Mmmm… Oh well… Looks like you’ll both be staying home today… Mmm mmm mmmm! Oh, your concert… Mmm… And you don’t want to miss out on practice? Mmm… But you’ll make everyone else sick! Mmm mmm! Come on You’re going to be late! Mmm mmmm! What’s wrong with you two? You’re not sick are you? No, they…umm… Want to save their voices for concert practice Huh? They want to make sure they sound their best Mmm… Ok… Well hurry up Now you’re sure your both fine? Mmmm! They’re fine… Because I don’t want to take you to preschool if you’re not well! Mmm mmmmmmm mmm! Well I must say you take your singing very seriously! Mmmmmm… (1 hour later) Well, I’ve got the whole day to myself now Maybe some shopping… Maybe I’ll get my hair done… Oooh! A manicure! Perfect, I’ll have plenty of time to… (Phone ringing) Hello? Hi Barbie It’s Miss Clarke from the preschool… So you do have tonsillitis? Mmm… But you didn’t want to miss your concert practice? Mmm… Oh girls! Let’s see if we can get you better
for the concert tomorrow! Mmm mmmmm! Good morning Mummy… Well you sound a lot better We are Thanks for medicine Mummy! You think you’ll be ok to sing in the concert? Yes! (Phone ringing) Hello? Oh, hi Miss Clarke! The twins are both excited for… Oh… Really? Oh… I’m so sorry… Ok, bye What Miss Clarke want Mummy? The concert has been called off What? Apparently everyone at preschool has tonsillitis Oh… I wonder how that happen? Yes, I wonder! Chelsea, why aren’t you dressed? Mmmm mmm mmmm… Oh no! Not you too! Mmm mmmmm…


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