BCH Foothills Community Midwives – Patient Stories
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BCH Foothills Community Midwives – Patient Stories

Each and every one has a different
energy and a different personality and yet each and every one is incredibly
skillful at what they do; incredibly confident in what they do and it’s all
about mama and dad and their preferences.>>I feel like midwives are the guides
through this big event in their life. We get to watch this beam come into the
world and all of a sudden there’s a new person in the room. It’s not just about
the more like medical aspects of the pregnancy; getting your labs done,
ordering your ultrasounds, but it’s about the emotional transition that people are
going through. But becoming a parent is is at the very top of life changes that
people go through.>>During the labor and delivery process I was encouraged and they
kept telling me that I was doing well I was doing great
and that was encouragement too because I needed, you know, support too.>>The
second I met with the midwives, I felt like they were so sincere and so genuine.
They listened to me, they got to know me, I never felt rushed. It felt like they
wanted to take the time to get to know me and my baby but also my husband and
my mom who are gonna be in the room with me.>>Just having somebody you trust is really
important in your corner, especially when you’re you know when you’re pregnant and
you feel vulnerable and you know you’re kind of in a fragile state and I was
definitely in a fragile state during my whole pregnancy. I would never have been
able to have the birth that I wanted without her support.>>I would say try it.
You have to try it because it gives the safety net of you’re still in the birth
center, you still have, if anything were to go wrong, where you need an OB or
something beyond what you know a midwife can provide, it’s all here.>>So when they
come into the office it’s about spending time with them, sitting down, getting to
know who they are and where they’ve come from and what their journey
has been and what exactly they want in that process. I’m gonna be there for
them to guide them through the process of the pregnancy but also there to
answer questions and to help build a relationship that
way there’s trust. We make decisions together because we are a team, it’s not
me dictating care to somebody else. It’s me
making recommendations and us making decisions together
to provide what’s best for each person. Every patient has a special story.>>I love
what I do with a passion. I think it is like holding space with them and being
present with them and listening is huge. In labor, I’m at the bedside,
sometimes I’m just standing there holding your hand, helping you breathe,
reminding you to relax, rubbing your back, making recommendations of what positions
might be best. We’re at the bedside pushing with you the entire time. But I
think the most important thing for women is to know that they have options. That
they were supported. That they made choices without being told what to do.

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