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– So I know what this next
little bit holds for me and that’s exciting and scary. (hopeful music) Well it is 11:30 at night and I am contracting. And we’re currently trying to
decide if it’s time to go to the hospital or if these
are going to go away. My contractions started about two, maybe three hours ago. I went shopping to target with my mom. We were just picking up a
few things and I had a few contractions and the last one
was pretty hard and I said let’s just go home, I’m
gonna put my feet up. So then we come home and the contractions aren’t super consistent but they’re really intense when they come. And so I can’t decide
how long to wait on that. So I wish I had a magic crystal
ball that could tell me when this little girl is gonna come. – So with the contractions I’m
getting a warm bath going to try to help Kendra. (water running) The contractions seem to be
really intense for Kendra. I think she might be progressing to labor. – Well it is now one AM
and my contractions are becoming more regular. They’re about every 10 minutes apart. Alright, well it is definitely time to go. – Let’s go. (laughs) (hopeful music) – Well we just checked
into the hospital and I’m seven centimeters. And the contractions
are definitely strong. (chuckles) So, I’m feeling
emotional because my last several babies, from seven to
baby has been really fast. And so I know what this next
little bit holds for me. And that’s exciting and scary. – One of the scary parts is
that the doctor isn’t here yet. (hopeful music) – I’m in between contractions. I can smile when I’m in
between contractions. (breathing) (hopeful music) (baby crying) Hi, sweetheart.
– There you go. – Hi. Oh. Oh. (baby crying) Yeah. Yeah, that was rough. Hi. Hi. Hi. Guys I had a baby. (sighs) – [Jeremy] You did amazing. Good job. – Thanks.
– Yeah, hello. (lighthearted music) – She’s cute! That’s the first time I
like, saw her face kind of across the way. Aww, I like her. (laughs) – [Woman] Think you’ll keep her? – Yeah. – [Woman] Six nine. – Six nine, she’s our littlest peanut. Oh, sweetheart. – [Woman] She looks great. – You’re on the outside of me kicking me. That was a little bit rough, huh? He’s got the magic touch. She’s all calmed down. (lighthearted music) – [Jeremy] I’m so proud of
Kendra and I love our new little baby girl. She’s beautiful. The kids are gonna love her. Kendra was just making sure
that she had all of her toes.
– Fingers and toes. Gotta count those things.
– And fingers. – Hi, beautiful. Look, she’s opening her eyes. Oh. Are you thinkin’ about havin’ some milk? Well we’ve gotten to get a
little bit of rest and she so far has been a really good eater. So we’re looking forward to a
day of snuggling and sleeping and healing together. Say, “J House Out.” – [Jeremy] She waved. (laughs) (lighthearted music) – Guys, that definitely says pregnant. I am, I’m pregnant. – Laura, you’re gonna have a little baby. – [Kendra] Is that a baby bump? – Girl! It’s a girl! (screams) – [Kendra] What do you think
we should name the baby? – A star. – [Kendra] Star?

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