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– We got a big surprise for everyone. Come on. – [Kelsey] Oh everyone gets a surprise. – Okay, ready? Here we go! ♪ Baby we’re children of summer ♪ ♪ We’re meant to be free ♪ ♪ Honey we’re not like the others ♪ ♪ No reason to be ♪ – Good morning everyone. I am running to get a
birthday cake this morning. So we are in full on panic mode tryna get the house ready for the party. It’s not- we’re almost done. It’s not that bad but I’m going to get her cake right now. I’m so excited to see it. I cannot wait. Kels showed me the picture
for the cake inspiration but it will be really cool to see what it turns out to be. I also brought these
animals to put on top, and a cake topper and a candle. So, Kels has it all figured out for this cake. I’m just the messenger
going to pick it up. Hopefully I don’t tip it over. Or drop it. That would be bad. (“Children of Summer”) Alright you guys we just
finished decorating, the party is starting. People were actually coming
in while we were deorating. (coughs) Rick. But people are here, so
we’re gonna have some fun. – Birthday party has officially started and we’re just eating the food. – Everyone’s outside.
– Everyone’s outside and like okay we’re gonna eat the food and be hanging out by
the chocolate fountain. So. – We just finished decorating. – Yeah we’re pretty hungry
– And now we’re hungry – But everyone is pretty much here, everyone’s just kind of
relaxed and playing outside it’s a beautiful day out there. There’s lots of fun things to
do in our backyard right now, so yeah. It has begun. (“Children of Summer”) – [Corbin] You building your binoculars? Let’s see. Oh you have stickers. Avery let’s see yours. You’ve got a safari hat too? – [Kelsey] What color do you want Juni? – [Corbin] Wow! What are you doing? Oh, a lion. You like the lion sticker? – [Kelsey] What color do you want Juni? – [Corbin] I think she made one for her. – [Kelsey] Oh she did? Oh good, thank you. – [Corbin] Did you make your own? – [Avery] No. I’m going to. – [Corbin] Better hurry, we’re gonna start the scavenger hunt. Test it out Juni. Are you gonna be able to
find some animals with those? Do you see elephant? Oh those look so good Juni. It even says your name. – [Juniper] Chocolate. – [Corbin] Chocolate.
– [Kelsey] She goes right for- – [Corbin] Are you stealing Gigi’s food? Was that yummy? Junipers-
– [Grampa] A day for a party – [Corbin] There’s Grampa. – [Kelsey] Hi Grampa.
– [Corbin] Hi Grampa. Go give him a hug, go give him a hug. Hurry. Say hi Grampa. – Jump, jump. – Happy birthday. – Happy birthday. – Happy birthday, I love you. – I love you. – Okay. You want to do a scavenger hunt? – Hunt. – You want to do a safari scavenger hunt? Okay, I think we’re gonna start soon. Where’s your safari hat? Can you go get a safari hat? Oh look, Avery got it for you. Oh cool. It’s a little too big huh? We can make it smaller. – [Kelsey] Are you ready for your safari? What’s down there? Wow!
– I can see you. – [Kelsey] I see you. – [Grampa] Oh look at that Ohhh. – Hi. – [Corbin] She sees and old
dinosaur over there waving. (dinosaur sounds) So there’s four animals that escaped. And you guys have to find them. And you have to find the one that I say. Okay? If you find a different one,
then just leave it there and save it for the next round. So the first animal that we’re gonna find, this one’s kinda easy. There’s gonna be four. And there’s an adult and a baby. So the first one is a rhino. So first person to get the rhino, and it’s in the backyard. Not in the chicken coup, it’s just in the backyard. Chicken coup is off limits. (“Children of Summer”) Everyone’s real hot. I may have hid these animals too hard. – I think so. Oh right- you guys are right there. – [Corbin] You guys are
right there, look all around. – [Kelsey] Look all around. Up and down. – [Corbin] First one to
spot it, gets to keep it. The next animal is a lion. – Lion! – [Corbin] Lion. Hurry Jun, run. Look for the lion. Whoever finds it, gets to keep it. (“Children of Summer”) Hurry! You guys are in the right area. Can you find the lion Juni? Okay, where is it? Did they get it? Oh! There’s a baby too. – [Girl In Demin Jacket]
Here, give it to Juni. – [Juniper] No, I want the baby. – [Corbin] You want the
baby? You can have the baby. – There you go. – [Corbin] There you go. Good job. (“Children of Summer”) (singing happy birthday) – [Corbin] Can you blow it out? Blow it.
– [Kelsey] A little harder. (everyone applauding) – [Corbin] Good job! (group) It’s a giraffe. – [Corbin] That’s a cool cake. – Giraffe. We’ll clean them off. Okay we’re gonna cut the cake. You wanna eat some birthday cake? – [Corbin] You want some cake? (“Children of Summer”) First slice is all for you. (indistinct chatter) – [Gigi] That was quite a cake. – Isn’t it? Okay Juni. Juniper! – [Corbin] Let’s open your presents. – [Kelsey] You ready to open presents? – [Grampa] Open your presents. – [Corbin] She’s like,
doing her own thing. Come on, let’s go open your presents. First present. – [Kelsey] First present. – This one. – [Corbin] Okay, open it. – Go ahead. – [Corbin] Pull it out. Hurry. (indistinct chatter) What is it? Pull it out, what is it? – Trying to get it out. – [Corbin] Do you need some help? (everyone in awe) Moana necklace. (indistinct chatter) – [Girl in Yellow shirt]
There’s more stuff in it. There’s more stuff Juni. Jun there’s more stuff. Look in there. – [Corbin] Oh there’s
other stuff in there. A book. A notebook. Say thank you. Jun what is it? Oh a bunny! (indistinct chatter) – [Avery] Juni, open that one. – [Corbin] Who’s that from? Oh it’s from you guys? Oh thank you. – [Avery] Juni open that one.
– [Corbin] Of this is from- – [Kelsey] That’s from dad. – [Corbin] Oh swim lessons. – [Kelsey] Swim lessons! – [Avery] Juni look! (laughter) – [Corbin] She wants to open. – [Kelsey] Yeah. – [Avery] It’s the little
bunny that she wanted. (everyone in awe) – [Corbin] Is that cute?
Can you give it kisses? Aww. (indistinct chatter) What is it? A book! Do you want to open this one? – [Kelsey] Wanna open the next one? – No stop. – [Corbin] Oh okay. Sorry. You wanna read the whole book first? Okay, read it to everyone. Settle in. What is it? Whoa. – [Kelsey] Whoa cool. – [Corbin] Say thank you aunty Jen. – [Kelsey] Say thank you. – Thank you. (indistinct chatter) – [Corbin] Is it a bear- is it a tree? – [Aunty Jen] It’s a little tree and then those little animals. – [Corbin] Do you see something in there? (indistinct chatter) – [Kelsey] What’s in there Jun? – [Gigi] What is it? – [Corbin] I don’t know. – [Aunty Jen] Oh wait,
maybe she’s just seeing their legs. – [Corbin] Yeah, I think so. Look, look. There’s a bear in there. What? What is it? What’s in there? Look! It’s a book. (indistinct chatter) She’s like, scared. Juni, mama and papa have
one more big surprise. – [Kelsey] One more big
surprise for you. Okay? – [Corbin] Are you ready? – [Kelsey] Come on over this way. – Okay, everyone’s gotta
stand over here on the grass. We got a big surprise for everyone. Come on. (“Children of Summer”) Okay. Ready? Here we go! (cheering) (“Children of Summer”)

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