Birthday Video by Bang Tutorial – The KineMasters
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Birthday Video by Bang Tutorial – The KineMasters

Open PicsArt to make four different images. Tap +. Tap Edit. Choose the first photo you want to edit. Tap Cutout. Tap the person to make a rough mask of the person in the photo. Tap the brush or eraser to edit the mask. When finished, tap Save. Tap Save as Sticker, then Save to save to your gallery. (We’ll use this later) Tap Frame. Choose a frame and position the photo in it. We’re going to make some framed photos for the card. Save the framed photo to your device. Repeat the steps for two more photos, and we’re done with PicsArt! Tap Start! Tap Media, then Background to add a background of any color to your video. You can also adjust the color with the color tool. Let’s get some assets for the card! Tap Layer>Overlay then go to the Asset Store. We’re going to download Happy Birthday, Children’s Day, and Popping Stars. Let’s place our assets and make it feel like a real birthday card! Use the top handle to rotate placements. Use the bottom handle to change size. Tap the middle of an asset to move it around the preview. Tap Layer, then Text to add some text to the card. Tap Shadow to turn it off. Then tap Font then Asset Store to download some fonts. Tap In Animation and choose Pop to make your greeting pop on screen. You can adjust the animation time as well. Tap Layer then Media to bring in a photo of the birthday girl. Choose a suitable in animation. Move the playhead about 1-2 seconds. Tap Trim/Split then Trim to the right of the playhead. Tap Layer then Text to add a birthday message. Change the settings as needed to match the initial greeting. Move the playhead to 4s. Tap the background. Tap Trim/Split and trim to the right of the playhead. This will limit the length of the project to 4s. Tap Share. Choose your export settings. Start a new project. Choose a background and color it as you did before. Use the various assets you downloaded to decorate your second scene. Tap Layer then Text to type another birthday message! Repeat the steps from before. Stagger your text lines in time so they draw the viewer’s eye along the screen! Now, let’s add the framed images. Tap Layer then Media, and add them to your scene. Position, size, and choose animations for them. Add some sparkle with these popping stars! Tap share and select your desired settings to save this video. Start a new KineMaster Project. Tap Media to add both videos. On iOS, these videos will be in the Internal folder. Add a transition to make it look nice! (On iOS use the + between videos and images.) Move the playhead to the beginning. Tap Audio to add a music track. Tap the Asset Store to choose a track from the many provided! Tap on your song, then + to add it! Tap share to export your final video. That’s it!


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