Birthstones from Private Pawn
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Birthstones from Private Pawn

Do you know your birthstone? Birthstones represent
the twelve months of the year. Each month is designated with a specific precious gem,
and each carries a special meaning. Birthstone jewelry can be extremely sentimental. Many
mothers and grandmothers have jewelry containing the birthstones of their children and loved
ones. Here are the 12 birthstones: January is the garnet, February is the amethyst,
March is the aquamarine, April is the diamond, May is the emerald, June is the pearl, July
is the red ruby, August is the peridot, September is the sapphire, October is the opal, November
is topaz, and December is the turquoise. If you are looking for a precious birthstone
gem for your child, spouse, a loved one, or to add to your collection, you may consider
going to your local pawn broker. Private Pawn offers friendly prices for precious
gems. Our company offers Arizona residents the option to sell, pawn, or use their precious
gems as collateral for a loan. If you’re in need of quick cash and have unwanted or unneeded
gems, Private Pawn can provide you with a fair price. Simply come into our store or
set up an appointment and one of our experts will travel to you to evaluate the value of
your precious gems. Our company provides discreet, quality service
to clients across the Arizona Valley. If you are looking for a specific piece for your
collection, or if you have questions about pawn services, call Private Pawn today at
480-807-5599 or visit our website for more information:

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