Blind (Since Birth) Drawing Challenge
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Blind (Since Birth) Drawing Challenge

In this video, I drew this. But what the heck is it? [swoosh]
Who wants to draw again? I do. I do. I asked you over on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram what you wanted me to draw and this time you gave me some harder answers, so I have no idea how this is going to come out, but I think we’re going to have fun. Well, you know what, we are going to have have fun. Oh, somebody asked for a stick figure of a human, okay. I’m going to assume that a stick figure is sort of just a stick version of a person. I’ll try it. Okay, let’s draw like the shoulder, okay… and then sort of the neckline. The plunging neckline. And then the shoulder back here, okay. Then we’ll put one stick down here for an arm, okay… and then we’ll come back over here and hopefully we hit it right. And we’ll get one stick here for an arm, okay. Now, we’ll make a bigger… like, the body will be a bigger stick I think. So kind of like this. Right? And then off it we can put the legs. One leg here. One leg here. Let’s give you some hands there. So we’ll just put a quick little hand on the bottom on that arm right there. We’ll come over to this arm here. Hopefully that’s the bottom. A little hand here. I should give you some fingers, right. And over here. Two, three, four, five. So just a little stick leg here. The foot on the bottom with the toes… two, three, four, five. And a leg over here. So we’ll start from about here. Take it down. A little thing will cross for the feet. And one, two, three, four, five. Boy, that was a nice foot. Alright, and finally we’ll put a little stick figure head on him. He’s a big man… with a decent size head. A couple ears over here. An ear over here. Oh, a couple over there. Eyes… just little… basic. Nose. And a smiley mouth. I think we’re alright. Let me show you. Hey, he’s pretty good. I think he looks good. From here, from this angle right here he looks perfect to me. I think they’re doing a new movie… Stick Figure Man. He’s going to be like a new superhero. It’s going to be like a new $100 million picture. Coming this June… Stick Figure Man. Watch out. He’s going to stick it to the bad guys. Once and for all. Let’s get this ready for the museum. How about another one? Let me draw something else for you now. Somebody asked for the New York City skyline. Okay, again, this is one of those things I’ve never actually touched. This will be weird. Alright, here’s how we’re going to do this. I’m going to draw what I imagine what it would look like. For a skyline. So you’re just going to see the tops of things. You know, the rivers aren’t in the sky so I don’t have to worry about those. So, let’s try it. Okay, so we’ll just draw some things that sort of stick up in the sky like a top of a building here. Okay. This is Manhattan, right? So here’s a building top there. That’s like the Chrysler Building. Here is um… a little taller building. You see that? Oh, that’s tall. And then there’s Empire over here. Alright. Let’s say it’s at night. So maybe a moon. Okay. And it’s like a half moon tonight. It looks nice, right? There’s about half the moon. See, so you could see that above these buildings here. But when you get over towards the tall building. The big skyscraper. You can’t see the moon because that’s how high the building is. [laughs] Alright, you want to see? Let me show you. Beep, beep. “Hey, get out of my way!” “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” That’s my imitation of the New York City streets. And the fun thing about New York too is every time you go there you feel like you’ve seen it before in some movies and stuff, so I’m sure this looks very familiar to you. [music plays] Look, you could make a post card out of this and people would know exactly what it was. If the New York City State Bureau of Tourism wants a copy of this… forget it. You could never afford it. You have to raise taxes. [laughs]


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