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Blocked | Newborn Moms

Rosie: I can’t believe
you’re getting a Western medical professional
to help you breastfeed. Julia: Her name
is Leslie Cantor and she comes highly
recommended. Listen, I have some fenugreek
in my purse, I can whip us up a tea
in no time, we can do
some visualization… Okay, you do the visualization
but I just need you to be with me when
this stranger enters my home and unclogs my mammary glands. I am so tired of you
dismissing thousands of years of women’s wisdom– Enough about the fenugreek. Julia: It’s my body, I can do
what I want with my own… [man clears throat] Rosie: Boobs…
Julia: Nipples… Leslie: Julia? Hi. Leslie: Sorry,
the door was open. I’m Leslie Cantor,
the lactation consultant. You’re a man. Yes, is that okay? Rosie: Yes! And you are? Oh, I’m Rosie,
I’m her best friend. I’m so glad that you’re here
to help her with your wisdom. So, Julia, you’re having trouble
with your breasts? Yes. Leslie: Let’s get you
sorted out then. (laughing) Okay. Oh, should we do it here? Yeah, this is fine. You have a wonderful energy. So, which one of the breast
has the blocked duct? The good one. Well it’s the one Chloe prefers,
so it’s the one I pop out the most. They’re both good,
I think. Oh they’re beautiful,
she has beautiful breasts. Thanks. Should I take off my shirt? Go ahead. [both women giggle] Just ignore… I wax, so gotta let it
grow out before I wax. Gotta make an appointment! (laughing) Mom brain! It’s fine. [whispering] Can I? Okay… Oh, oh, yeah, yup okay
I can feel the blockage. Yeah that’s it. Is this tender? Julia and Rosie: Yes. I mean does it hurt? Oh, a bit. Are you a Scorpio? Well it doesn’t seem
to be too inflamed so I think you just have
a garden variety blocked duct. Nothing to worry about. These things usually resolve
themselves on their own but we don’t want you
to develop mastitis. So when your breastfeeding,
just make sure that Chloe has a good central latch and
then you can encourage flow by stroking down from above
in a sort of stroking motion. Okay… Like this? May I? Julia: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, I can feel
how that’s working. Julia: Oh!
Leslie: Oops. You’re amazing! Leslie: Well, I guess
my work here is done. Julia: Is it?
Because I have food.


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