Bloomberg To A Pregnant Employee: Kill It.
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Bloomberg To A Pregnant Employee: Kill It.

>>Michael Bloomberg is a New York billionaire. So on the surface he has a few things in common
with Donald Trump, if you believe that Trump is a billionaire. Turns out he actually has more in common with
him though, and that has to do with how he has spoken to and about women. This information coming from reporting before
and during his time as mayor of New York and also from a number of lawsuits that were filed
against Bloomberg. So let’s jump into this. Michael Bloomberg allegedly told a female
employee quote, kill it when she told him she was pregnant, according to the former
Bloomberg executive’s 1997 lawsuit, one of several. So as a first thing to say that sounds pretty
bad, to tell a woman who’d just become pregnant to kill it.>>Okay, so I mean let’s go through all the
different layers of of how horrible that is, first of all on a human level. Putting aside every anything else, who says
that? So unfathomable, number two, she works for
you. Are you insane? Okay, number three, this is the guy who’s
electable because he’s gonna convince Republicans to vote for him? The guy who said about a woman who’s pregnant,
want don’t you kill it. I mean, look, that’s what the reporting is
that he said that so he should certainly be asked about it. Did you really say that? Because that makes you by far the least electable
of all the candidates, you won’t ever get a single Republican vote.>>I was really surprised too about the second
thing that it was reported he said to that exact same woman. In the GQ article they said that his next
statement was, what are you number 16? He was upset at how many women in his company
were pregnant or on maternity leave. Which is something that now you see a lot
of people saying, look at how many pregnant women we have. We love this. We’re so great to them. And that itself is really a rough thing to
say if you’re in a position of power in a company.>>It’s just an inconvenience to you.>>Yes, so sorry that you’re making more people
to populate the planet.>>It’s not just a rough thing to say, it’s
a totally unacceptable thing to say. He said great number 16. But okay, but you don’t get pregnant. You’re a guy so you kind of can be free to
be like, there goes women carrying the children of the planet again.>>Yeah.>>Right ,yeah and so look, you judge it for
whenever he said it and take it in context and we’re giving you all the quotes, etc. And again, there’s things that you say to
friends, there’s things you say in private, there’s other things and you could judge him
for that too it’s all on you, right? When did he say it, those are all different
factors, okay? Then there are things you say to the women
who work you.>>Yeah.>>That’s a totally different ballgame.>>Yeah and look, it’s really unfortunate
that the many times he ran for mayor that this didn’t matter to people. Hopefully we’ve evolved since then. Why don’t we find out through the course of
this election? Those first two things had to do with sort
of, it’s inconvenient to me as a businessman which is horrible, but also he just generally
speaks to women in a way that should be completely unacceptable. So, even prior to her pregnancy, the woman
who filed the lawsuit this is Akiko Sekai Garrison, she claimed that Bloomberg had antagonized
her when making disparaging comments about her appearance and sexual desirability. Quote, what, is this guy dumb and blind? He is alleged to have said upon seeing her
wearing an engagement ring. Quote, what the hell is he marrying you for? He also apparently pointed out another woman-
>>Yeah, I. No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I mean, look, the only fact pattern where
that isn’t immediately disqualifying is you know the person you were kidding around or
you didn’t actually say. So I don’t know how that got adjudicated,
etc.>>They settled.>>So they settled okay, and did he really
say it? Maybe he didn’t say it or maybe he’ll say
he didn’t say we have to see etc, right? But this one and everybody’s got different
metrics for how you measure how awful these comments are, etc. But this one to me, the last one is more unacceptable
at work on a gradation about acceptable. This one, just unacceptable on a human level,
who says that to someone,>>Yeah.>>To anyone? I mean, you shouldn’t say to a guy either,
you got married, if you really mean it, who the hell would marry you. You’re so ugly, Jesus Christ, who says that
on just a human level.>>Like you were saying, all these different
levels and what you say at work and what you say among friends. But the other thing that was in that article
that was really shocking was when it was reported that in 2015, he gave copies of his book.>>Yes.>>The autobiography that he wrote.>>Bloomberg by Bloomberg.>>Yes.>>And he’s too entitled.>>I wonder if he has an ego.>>But he gave that to all the employees of
every town his gun advocacy organization. And in that book, which was really old at
the time, he mentioned having a girlfriend in every city and there’s all these old quotes
that he made in public about how being a wealthy person in New York is a wet dream. I mean those are public comments that are
out there in his book, in his past interviews and those also should be way more scrutinized
than they are, and I can’t believe it’s taken until now,
>>Yeah.>>To look at them critically.>>Yeah, he just wrote that in a book.>>Yeah.>>Like Trump.>>And gave that book back out 20 years later,
and was, I still stand by this book, read it.>>Yeah, to teen anti-gun violence activists.>>Yeah, so look, guys, context matters. All these different things that matters. The book was written in 97, but he gave it
out in 2015. And so maybe he regrets saying these things,
that’s why people should ask him and maybe he has a good explanation. And unlike other people, I don’t wanna just
shut it off and go, no, I don’t wanna hear anything.>>Yeah.>>Right, let’s hear what he has to say. And, maybe also hear from the folks who he
said it to.>>Yeah.>>So those are all important context. What did he do? And by the way they have, and I’ll be extra
fair to Bloomberg, his actions matter more and in his actions and for example, stop and
frisk were horrible. But in this case, they do have 26 weeks of
paid leave, maternity leave, apparently, at Bloomberg. That’s fantastic. So you can give him credit for that. We do full context here. But I will tell you this. If any progressive candidate had ever said
any one of these comments, every reporter in the country would have already disqualified
them and you all know it.>>Yeah, ask him, like Megan Kelly asked Trump
about his disparaging comments about women. They can do it to him, they can do it. And look, we get to watch his answer, and
see how authentic he seems to be. I wouldn’t have your hopes up too high, though,
because he has actually. I’m gonna get in just a second to one where
he has acknowledged that he said one of these things. And I want you to see his excuse that he gives. So let’s continue his comments, Garrison claimed
that Bloomberg pointed out another women to her and remarked quote, if you looked like
that, I would do you in a second. Now, that sounds bad. But wait until you find out what he meant
by that. So Bloomberg conceded that he did say about
another woman to Garrison, I’d do her. He insisted though that he believed that quote
to do someone meant merely to have a personal relationship with them.>>Dog, get outta here. Everybody knows what it means.>>Just do an honest apology doesn’t all right.>>Yeah, it’s like I go on Christmas to see
my family to do them, to have a relationship with them, what are you talking about you
lier.>>I do all of my coworkers all the time.>>Right
>>I wanna hear that on stage, exactly, Jesus. So there is more though. The suit accused Bloomberg of making racist
remarks including calling Mexican clients jumping beans. And telling a female employee who needed a
nanny, quote, all you need is some black who doesn’t even have to speak English to rescue
it from a burning building. I don’t know about-
>>Yeah, I’m not sure I even know what that means.>>But I understand there’s some racism there. So look, he did settle this particular law
suit. There were others, but this he settled in
2000. He claimed to have passed a lie detector test
in 2001 denying the kill it comment. He said he submitted the polygraph because
I expected that those allegations would surface in the news media as I began to explore the
possibility of entering the mayor’s race. Now look that is certainly interesting if
you passed a polygraph, he says he did pass it. They won’t let anyone see the results. They literally never let anyone in the last
20 years see those results.>>It is not how it works, okay.>>No
>>Now if you pass it it’s super relevant context, maybe he didn’t say it. Unlike all the rest of the media, we’re fair
if you actually, and by the way, the polygraph test is not dispositive, but it would be really
interesting evidence. But if you say I took one, trust me, I passed
it but I won’t ever let you see it. That makes me think, you didn’t pass it.>>But what does that mean that he was anticipating
these allegations would come out? Did he anticipate just any negativity would
come out or was he anticipating specifically a comment kill it that he didn’t say?>>Yeah, that is interesting.>>To be fair, he got sued on it. So that’s why it’s
>>Yeah. And they mentioned 40 different lawsuits and
look so some lawsuits are settled for a small amount, you could reach whatever conclusion
you want from that. Some are settled for a large amount, you can
reach whatever conclusion you want from that. And it’s not him necessarily doing all 40,
it is his company. He does have a giant company. We’re giving you all the context.>>Yeah.>>But I think there’s a better way to go
about this more honestly than Bloomberg is. And again, the double standard is what drives
me absolutely insane.>>Yeah, and by the way, so I have two more
comments I wanna read and so a lot of what I’ve told you, this comes from the late 90s. So I want to fast forward a bit. I forget exactly for this one if it’s 2012
or 2014, but he’s Mayor at this point. And you remember the news we told you yesterday
where they were passing a living wage bill, and he vetoed it and then sued the city twice
to make sure that workers didn’t get $10 an hour. Well, in that battle, he went up against New
York City Council speaker Christine Quinn, and he had apparently a pretty interesting
relationship with her. To give you an idea, and remember this is
like seven, eight years ago maybe. So she said, the couple of days a week before
I need to get my hair colored, he’ll say, do you pay a lot to make your hair be two
colors? Because now it’s three with the gray. Once she failed to wear heels at public events. She says, I was at a parade with him once
and he said, what are those? And I said they’re comfortable and he said,
I never wanna hear those words out of your mouth again. This is a New York City Council’s speaker. He also apparently told colleagues, if women
wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they’d go to the library instead of to Bloomingdale’s.>>Because he never goes shopping, he only
goes to the library.>>Exactly.>>Yeah, and there wasn’t a citation in terms
of the year but reporting says that at one point speaking of his Bloomberg terminals,
he said it will do everything including give you oral sex. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of
business. He said to his employees that were female.>>That doesn’t even make sense. Computers don’t do that.>>I like Lindsey fact checking.>>I’m so first of all, the whole thing made
me mad when I read that quote, but second of all, it doesn’t even make sense. You’ve set up a joke for a punch line to demean
women and your joke didn’t even work.>>Plus they have jobs. They work for you, you idiot. Anyway so look, some of this is business related,
some of this is just horribly misogynistic, some of it is recent, some of it goes back
a long way. And again he can be really apologetic about
this. Let’s find out on the debate stage. Let’s see how he confronts some of these comments.>>I’m glad it came out, I’m glad somebody
took the time to compile it. Laura Bassett, right? She’s the one who wrote it for GQ. I’m glad that she sat down and she got all
of this because now there’s a body of work to point to and be okay, let’s go through
this one by one sir.>>Yeah, but also credit to McArdle of Yahoo
Finance and Meghan Garber of the Atlantic. Thankfully,it’s been a couple months since
any of this was mentioned and most of it is from back when he was initially running in
the mayor’s race. And like I said in the beginning, it wasn’t
enough to matter in that race. But hopefully post #MeToo people take this
sort of stuff seriously, and he should at least address these things now that he’s running
as a Democrat instead of a Republican.


  • Tasha Kelly

    It's hilarious that the most unappealing men says shit like that to other people. man with the weird toupee an alien like skin tone and a little peanut head gnome! Oh right billions of dollars turns ugly to the most beautiful….but they have to wonder if I was not a billionaire would they still find me attractive. HELL NO!!!

  • zeprush

    Centrist Democrats will still vote for Bloomberg despite his misogyny, racism, homophobia, and corruption.

    At least Trump's supporters are honest about their misanthropy. Centirst Dems are too cowardly to admit it themselves although they are very quick to point out the misogyny of the far right (real) or the imagined, non-existent misogyny of progressives (Warren's baseless allegations of sexism against Bernie). At this point, centrist Dems can never be taken seriously ever again.

    All this supposed fear of Trump was nothing but a lie. They would be far more comfortable with the thought of Trump winning again rather than having a progressive in the White House, otherwise they wouldn't entertain any thought of electing a carbon copy in Bloomberg. But at least he will have a (D) next to his name!

    To you Bloomberg supporters out there, you better get a move on and start gaslighting people of color away from voting left. It will be interesting to see how you will rationalize Bloomberg's "Stop And Frisk" as you pile on the voter=shaming. I can see it now: "Progressives are so unreasonable! Can't they see that the only way we can get a Democrat to win is if we appeal to far-right, ultra-conservatives?"

    Bloomberg can't win legitimately. No matter how much centrists beg , he won't get any support from black voters. Of course there might be some corrupt, unconstitutional way that the establishment could find to give him the office, and of course centrists would find nothing wrong with destroying democracy to get it done. But hey! It could be a lot worse, right? I mean, the alternative would be unthinkable. Better fascism than people having affordable health care, decent wages, and tuition free college!

  • Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος

    I don't think that saying "being a rich man in NY is like a wet dream" should be disqualifying, I think it shows his extreme privilege and way of life which should have been disqualifying on their own before him even saying anything.

  • Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog

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    Fact is the this channel has thrown its support behind Bernie. I too was a huge Bernie voter until Bloomberg got into the race. These Turks are terrified because Mike is the single threat to Bernie Sanders. He's strong. He's fair, and most of all Mike is electable. There are plenty of Republicans and independents looking for strong leadership that will jump the Trump ship in favor of Bloomberg. As an African American male New Yorker I fully throw my support behind Bloomberg. He turn the city around. He owned his mistakes. He brought about real change and hope for the black community among others. Mike will be the only candidate that will effectively bring the legislative branch together. Who Mike Bloomberg is as a leader is the reason why New Yorkers voted for the first and only time in history to give a mayor, Mike Bloomberg a third term. It speaks in tremendous volumes.

  • J S

    Bloomberg like Trump has an history against black and brown people. Bloomberg believe going around country apologizing will erase his past in order to get him those black and brown votes. I believe if he is elected he will be no better than Trump.

  • Stevie Pisaro

    Pigs like Bloomberg have a void to fill–they have absolutely no personality and people generally find them boring and repulsive. So, how does one with a little brains (because truly gifted people don't behave this way) get the admiration and attention he/she desires while being an absolute vomit? Money. Because when you have money, everyone needs something from you, and the most desperate are willing to do a lot for it. These billionaires are really pathetic human beings. Some earned it and deserve to be rich, but there's a great deal of them who are just sociopaths and vomits who game and corrupt our economic system for their own personal gain.

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    Is the best state of affairs was never to have been born in the first place?

  • Aegix Drakan

    Cenk: *Says inappropriate things many years ago, then changes and disowns his past self for saying those things, THEN goes out of his way to try to make up for it (having women high up in management at TYT, helping start an organization that got a fierce squad of progressive women elected, etc*
    Media: This is outrageous he's a monster he must not win he is evil and unelectable waaaaaaaaah!!!
    Bloomberg: *Says inappropriate things more recently, does not walk them back*
    Media: *Kyle Kulinsky rich person impersonation voice* Ohhhh, glorious bloomberg, the most electable, how dare anyone bring up his paaaaast!

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    My income has gone up under Trump so if it’s Bloomberg vs Trump I’ll be sitting the election out. If it’s a choice between two racist billionaires rather not go for the pseudo woke one

  • KW000d9 West

    So Mike Bloomberg is a tough nasty man. But this liberal could care less as long as he whips Trump's ass. He still don't measure up to the sins of Trump. We need someone tough and unyielding like him instead of the soft tissue of Bernie. I'm a black liberal and agree with his comments about frisk & search in black neighborhoods. Just get Trump out.

  • LionInSunHeart

    Can we pay the NYT and WPO to put all these facts about Bloomberg on their front pages? and how about just letting people know that Mayor Pete is gay…that should about do it..I am not homophobic – just amazed that the people voting for Pete don't know?????? Bloomberg..Oh Lord..Please!

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    Is it too forgiving to wait and see if he regrets saying these things? If it's proven he did why forgive him or take him seriously as a candidate?

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  • Shawn Redshaw

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  • eatmorenachos

    Bloomberg's media company was often referred to as a "slave ship." People were expected to work 10+ hour days. I interviewed for a job there years ago and one of the bosses bragged to me that he never saw his family. I turned them down. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Bloomberg said something like this.

  • Tyler Rossman

    I’d don’t care about this because I don’t care about Bloomberg. I don’t want to see him on the debate stage and tired of seeing his bullshit ads.

  • Morgan Proft

    8:13 Guys polygraphs don't work that's why they're not accepting in many courts anymore plz don't give them credibility they don't deserve.

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  • hdtvwatcher

    Looks like Progressives will have to vote for the Bloomberg-Clinton ticket in November! The same thing that happened in 2016 is happening again.

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  • Christy Lewis

    America is the only country in the world that gives any validity to the easily fooled and unreliable polygraph test.
    Even if Multibillionaire MB passed it, it cannot reasonably be seen as valid evidence of innocence.
    When will Merkins stop using this pseudoscience and give the long held practices of law and order already in place a genuine chance to work.
    Stop clouding the waters with BS science!

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